Pele Brazils Soccer Superstar Rises to Heaven

I had a vision of just flashes of time like watching pictures play out in front of me. It was a sports figure. Someone who made their space so warm, so happy, so giving, so kind. He brought ’warmth’ to his craft. The craft was Sports and he was a Titan like no other. The vision showed how utterly much this one person helped so many others. They showed pictures of him always at a field, on the grass, smiling with others, always helping others around him, always bring warm love to everyone, a teacher, so happy. Each image showed huge happy moments of such absolute splendor. Then the Spirits all tipped their hat. The vision ended by me standing outside a hospital room. You could hear the people in the other room, nurses in a panic ”We are losing him.” Then it ended with one epic greeting from the Spiritual Realm all these Spirits begin to gather and greet the Titan, to pay him respect. To Thank him. They all lined up to personally thank him. This was going to be another Epic party I am going to miss on the other side.

World Predictions 4-18-22

My hat off to a true legend. This prediction happened.

I apologies for my previous post at the Cup. The Spirits have made it clear to me this was for Pele. My hats off again.

One thought on “Pele Brazils Soccer Superstar Rises to Heaven

  1. It’s a sad moment for us Brazilian people, we’re all so proud of him and what he done for so many, the body may perish but the king of football (soccer game) will live forever in the hearts of the people not just in Brazil, but in the heart and mind of many through out the world. The local news on Brazil even say that he and his team of players stopped a war in Africa on the year of 1969. Farewell Pelé the world will miss you

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