Sam Bankman-Fried FTX

Cryptocurrency.. fraud.. Pyramid.. deceit.. your money gone.” Then I had a visual of stacks and stacks of wallets then about half of them disappeared. The impression was that one of the rising cryptocurrency was doing some very shady. I had a visual of a large pyramid made of stone, but it wasn’t made of stone as someone ripped off the paper that it was made of. Underneath was metal bars.

In my opinion it’s talking about a massive Ponzi scheme, investment scandal or financial fraud. Another Bernie Madoff or Enron moment that is presented as massive as the size of the pyramid was huge. Metal bars could go two different ways, jail perhaps or just showing how there is no value left.

World Predictions 5-5-21
Notes on 7-17-13

What an absolute fraud, Sam Bankman Fried. He is Bernie Madoff and Enron combined. He stole it! 51 Billion gone! He bought Democratic politicians, put them in his fat pocket. Wow what utter corruption on all levels. I know your getting tired of me saying this, but go back to May of 2021 and ask yourself would this prediction be important information to share and have. We can alter the future. We can change tragedy.

FYI, I am stocking my food shelves just a tad extra, save a buck. A wave of economic nightmares are rising. Russia first. China..

Happy Holidays everyone!

5 thoughts on “Sam Bankman-Fried FTX

  1. This is what happens when you spend real money to get fake money.

    Mr. Eric, thanks for the heads up about the food. I wish we could stop the famine.

  2. Eric,
    This is off topic, but are there any updates on the spider prediction, or the train?

  3. Thanks for the heads up, I have stocked up canned food for my own family and my parents. And started growing perennial edibles too.

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