Life Changing Diabetes Treatment

“Cancer.. Cancer.. The treatment of cancer dramatically shifts.. a lot!.. massive medical breakthrough.. dark community no more.. so many lives around the world saved!” — Spirits Voice
“AIDS, Diabetes, Ebola, and now Cancer all major medical breakthroughs.. such a better, safer, healthier world on the horizon, this year and next. ” — Spirits Voice

Notes on 10-14-14

This prediction has happened. I will be excited to see the rest happen. This positive news feels good. You and I should do it more often.

🎁 A very unique Christmas present

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  1. Tirin Avatar

    I have a question, do you see the predatory housing crisis coming to an end anytime soon? Its been a problem all across the country in the USA.

    I wish we could be more like the Scandinavian countries that have laws to protect tenants.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Your more than welcome to ask that during a personal reading. But the Spirits that do the world predictions don’t normally look at housing. I was surprised we predicted Crypto. I thought how did this prediction get in there. But that actually ended up being a major news story.

  2. Tom Avatar

    Brain Cancer was cured 21 years ago in Texas.
    The drug companies & FDA has been trying to destroy the Doctor who discovered the cure.
    The attached documentary tells his amazing story and the terminal cancer patients he cured.
    The documentary is worth the watch.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Tom you have got to get off this computer and get some fresh air buddy.

    2. Interested Avatar

      Thank you for that link. Awesome video.

  3. Tom Avatar

    Colorectal Cancer has been cured by a new drug called Dostarlimab

  4. Tom Avatar
  5. Kim Avatar

    As a cancer patient and the mother of a diabetic I couldn’t be more excited to hear this one!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Me too! All of those plague our family.

  6. Shakugan Tan Avatar
    Shakugan Tan

    Is another mRNA vaccine the cure for AIDs and cancer too?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      First I strongly question the MRNA, that fits ,but not entirely. AIDS and Cancer are slotted to end, but not because of this.

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