President Joe Biden has Covid

Nov 3rd Biden “50′ 20-0
With doubt you ensure chaos
The thief will try and take the election and make it theirs. The light on them is too
bright, their actions become overly obvious.

Something odd is coming around the corner. It sounds like Biden gets the votes. Spirit implied one of the US leaders falls ill. They implied one of the leaders fights the law and loses. They are consistently showing the military one as the eventual president. When seems to be the larger question. 

World Predictions: November 3rd

Today, President Donald Trump fights lawmakers on Capitol Hill and President Joe Biden has fallen ill with Covid. The other looming prediction that we hope does not happen in the US is below. The one that describes the sum of 2022 by saying our leadership on a global scale will radically change in 2022.

I had a vision. I was looking at a chessboard; then, I became a part of the chessboard. I walked through this large beautiful marble, cold, stony floor at night. There were life-sized pieces, then on both sides, black and white chess pieces fell. First the king, then a queen, then another king. They all begin to fall. They were replaced by pawns and bishops. I could hear ticking, ticking, ticking, as the board circled like a clock, then the board was forever different

Whats Coming in 2022

I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2. “An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.  I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.

World Predictions 10-6-19

In other news I am back to work. Thank you all for your support during my heart attack. That was rough. If somehow I missed your message request or if your interested in a reading, please email Bea! Looking forward to talking to all of you.

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29 thoughts on “President Joe Biden has Covid

  1. As much as I can’t help but wonder if Kamala Harris is the military figure given her hawkish behavior as a DA, I also can’t shake the deeper feeling that the prediction is implying that the US will effectively face a military junta. Would a cruel irony for the states to face the same fate it has pushed so many other countries into, would be poetic in a very deeply depraved way if it weren’t the fact so many would suffer so much brutality and trauma under such a fate. The US has pushed other countries into such a fate while facing arguably smaller problems in comparison to ours currently.

    Given the there is active fatigue and annoyance amongst military leaders in the US armed forces in regards to growing partisanship, I think it’s likely that in any nightmare scenario of any kind of armed insurgent level conflict happening if the military did step in to quell the violence and they’d honestly just refuse to give up the power they suddenly had. Kind of a “some people talked during class so no one gets recess!” outcome, with much more horrific implications.

    Something that I feel I am missing though and I apologize if you have already discussed this, but is it elaborated at all in the sense whether or not this military leader is virtually objectively “bad” or not? Like, will he leave the US in a worse place after than before, or abuse the rights of the people within the country?

    1. The Military one is considered one of the greatest US presidents of all time. By that I mean they try and make room for his head on Mount Rushmore. Thats literally a distant prediction. Very Nobel, honest, blunt. He is called the military one only because he has military service background. They have nick names for all the leaders of the world based on their positions or background. This one became an actual prediction. But I wouldn’t put to much into “military’ part.

  2. Hi Eric,

    As for the Trump prediction that you had mentioned a few times back. Since it’s almost getting towards the end of July, does this mean that the house of cards are now falling on Trump in a dramatic fashion or is it slowly tumbling but will eventually come crashing down?

        1. He said it. And today they said he had Covid. I think it’s BS. They said he had a runny nose and something else that was minor. They used that as an excuse to keep him out of the public eye. He has had 4 booster shots for Covid. Assuming that you believe what you hear. Supposedly, his wife gives him a pill to perk him up every time he makes a pulic appearance. . Sleepy Joe doesn’t even know what day of the week it is. I honestly hope that he can continue to fake it til he makes it and run out his tenure in the presidency. Because the only thing worse than Joe Biden’s current situation is getting Kamal Harris as president.

          “It’s been quite a month for the president: falls off bike, fist-bumps MbS, lies about cancer, gets COVID, and hits new record low approval rating.”

        2. The above video also shows a tweet by Glenn Kessler, (at 0:31) that said Biden had non-melanoma skin cancers removed before he became president, and it was in his medical report, so that could be what he was referring to in his speech.

          I know Biden makes a lot of speech blunders, but considering he used to have an issue with stammering in his childhood, this doesn’t seem unusual to me. Even with all his practice and years of giving speeches, some of that’s bound to come out sometimes. Stuttering doesn’t always go away completely, and can still resurface now and then.

          Whatever his health issues, I just hope he makes a full recovery. The country doesn’t need the grief and uncertainty of a president dying.

          1. Sara,

            I’d like to point out that stuttering, and being a pathological liar, are two very different medical/ mental conditions. A stutter is an impairment that affects proper articulation of speech. Pathological lying is the compulsive urge to lie about matters big and small, regardless of the situation. The two conditions have no relation, nor do they occur simultaneously with one another.

            Being a Melanoma survivor myself, I find his intentional lying incredibly offensive. He has no idea how bad this psychologically affects someone dealing with a deadly form of cancer, and how terrifying and lonely they feel. Nor does he have the disfigurement of a giant scar, or the fear of it returning. His gaffes are truly disgusting and down right disturbing.

            Yet you all praise him. Why not show disdain for him as you would if it were Trump? It’s no secret he, nor Trump, were fit for office. Let’s at least have an honest discussion and an honest dialogue regarding said presidents.

            1. You actually raise a very important point. What medical scrutiny do any of your presidential candidated undergoe by independent medical teams before they can take office?
              And because your nation completely dominated world politics with the US military stationed in almost every region, shouldn’t those independent doctors be nominated by the UN’s WHO, or a similar body?
              And maybe a similar panel should determine how truly political parties adhere to democratic values.
              To the people, for the people and by the people.
              Maybe all governments should sign a legal contract with the people of their nation to stay they will do what they have promised prior to an election. Pete

              1. Pete,

                Unfortunately and surprisingly, presidents are not required to undergo any mental, psychological, or physical evaluations. Doesn’t seem honest, does it?

                Also you mention adhering to democratic values, and that’s fine if you’re a Democrat, but the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. A “democracy is run by people and republic is run by the laws of constitution.”

                I definitely agree with you as far as your thoughts on holding politicians to their word. All the leaders and governments of the world are corrupt. We average citizens are always left chasing the bus of uncertainty. I would love to see a revamp of our government in particular. Term limits, age limits, banning lobbyists and outlawing politicians from collecting on bribes and becoming millionaires in office would be where I would start. Also get rid of the two party system and vote for the best man/woman willing to get the job done. That would stop the us vs. them attitude. George Washington was right when he said “A two party system would be the death of a America.” Boy does that hit home in our current times.

                1. I love your comments, they are so true.
                  However, not all world leaders are corrupt, although I know that is what the American media feeds you. But I will say that every nations’ systems needs reviewing and refining.

                  I believe the US could follow our model::
                  1) Introduce compulsory registration and voting for all levels of Government and a specific day selected to allow for easy voting. We have Saturday as our chosen day.
                  2) Preferential voting, where a person can preference others if their primary candidate doesn’t get the majority vote.
                  I also believe, besides what I have already posted above, politicians should sign contracts with the people, and if they don’t achieve that within a given period, then another election be called.
                  The world’s people should have more input to their Governments.

                  1. There certainluy seems to be confusion amongst Americans as to your country’s status:

                    “While often categorized as a democracy, the United States is more accurately defined as a constitutional federal republic.”

                    “The United States is a representative democracy. This means that our government is elected by citizens. Here, citizens vote for their government officials.”

                    “In a Republic, power is in the hands of individual citizens. In a democratic system, laws are made by the majority. In the Republic system, laws are made by the elected representatives of the people. In a democracy, the will of the majority has the right to override the existing rights.”

                    These are all from a simple Google search.

    1. Given the serious allegations of Jan 6th up to sedition and murder of police officers, why was this ever handled by a powerless political commission? Why was it not immediately a criminal investigation with the full force of the law behind it? The police more than any one would have wanted justice for their colleagues.

      Will Mr trump and co accused be appearing in front of the commission? Do they get to give their evidence/defence or have legal representation?

      The law requires a person to be assumed innocent until proven other wise.

      If the commission makes public all the evidence of alleged crimes then there can’t be criminal proceedings.
      No one can get a fair trial and it would be thrown out of court.

      It just seems a strange way to go about matters.

      1. There are many aspects of American systems, constitution and laws that leave me bewildered. The fact that it takes so long to determine right or wrong, relating to the big end of town, has many of us shaking our heads in puzzlement.

      2. Also the committee does not address Ray Epps, who was on the FBI’s most wanted list after Jan. 6th but has not been arrested and was filmed inciting violence @ the Capitol, plus Nancy Pelosi who had intel that things were going to get bad and did nothing to step up security or why Capitol police open doors for the protestors?

        1. Have you reported any of this to the Hearing Committee? Has anyone from the comspiracy theory mob reported this to the Hearing Committee? Where is the proof to these made up claims?
          Facts: 1) Trump Lost 2) Refused to concede 3) EVERYONE of his in house council told him so 4) The days of Trump lies are well and truly over. Next topic please.

          1. I wish you’d stop jumping down people’s throats the moment they voice an opinion different to yours. It’s relentless. Chill out – with your attitude and your self promotion.

            1. I very much support Eric’s slow arriving Truth Turtle. Anything I can offer that promotes it’s arrival, as opposed to ill informed false news, I’ll will post. Assuming Eric doesn’t mind.
              Oh and Tom’s comment came more as a statement of fact, rather than an opinion.

            1. Tom, you’ll only find the truth if you go look for it:
              “Ray Epps became the unwitting face of an attempt by pro-Trump forces to promote the baseless idea that the F.B.I. was behind the attack on the Capitol.”
              “Ray Epps has suffered enormously in the past 10 months as right-wing media figures and Republican politicians have baselessly described him as a covert government agent who helped to instigate the attack on the Capitol last year.”
              “Mr. Epps, 61, was not just a bystander on Jan. 6. He traveled to Washington to back Mr. Trump, was taped urging people to go to the Capitol and was there himself on the day of the assault. But through a series of events that twisted his role, he became the face of this conspiracy theory about the F.B.I. as it spread from the fringes to the mainstream.”
              And there’s more at:

              1. I Don’t know about his links to the FBI but I have seen him all over youtube telling the crowds to go to the Capitol to cause trouble. He was never arrested and he is not an innocent bystander as you make him out to be.

                1. Tom, the link is to an article in the NY Times. Surely when you see an article on Twitter, Youtube or similar you’d do a Google search to check it’s background and authenticity. That’s what I do. I’m looking for the Truth.
                  And where exactly do I ‘make him out to be’ an innocent bystander?
                  I’m neither for or against the guy. I’m simply promoting the Truth Turtle, and the means by which we can promote it.
                  Surely you can see that the whole Jan 6 fiasco was created by those that chose to support lies and liars …. and NOT to search for the truth. How close did they come to destroying your core of Government?

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