Shinzo Abe Assassinated

I had a visual I was staring down the barrel of a gun. Then everything went black and I heard the weapon fire. I heard screams and then someone scream out. ”He has been shot!” Then Spirit said, ”Assassination.”

World Predictions 12-8-20

I had a vision that two more ’Kings’ on the chess board falling. It will happen very soon. One leader forced to step down and another leader who passed.

World Predictions 2-16-22

We mourn with you Japan. This prediction has happened. Under the same prediction is the Ukraine war.

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  1. benmadigan Avatar

    was shocked to hear of the assassinaton this morning.

    “One leader forced to step down” might refer to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

    Yesterday he was forced to resign but is continuing in office until his party, the Conservative party, elects a new leader, who will be the next PM

  2. petemedium Avatar

    This week’s Blog: Earlier predictions that have come true, and some, as yet, that haven’t.

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