Roe Vs Wade

I had a visual of the US Supreme Court building. Then I heard the word “vacancy”. Then Spirit tipped their hat to a titan of our time. No matter what side your on this person brought a force of change with them

Ruth will pass. Such a great loss for the US. Such a righteous woman. In the area around DC there will be a major flood. The balance of power shifts towards the elephant. 30th or the 3rd.


This World Prediction has become complete. The world prediction WORLD PREDICTION: SUPREME COURT VACANCY was posted September 8th 2020, a few days before Ginsburg passed. The supreme court leak of the Roe Vs Wade took place around the 3rd. Today the elephant has achieved their goal. The balance of power has shifted.

Together is the only path to solutions.

Spirits message.

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  1. How do we do anything together. This ruling makes me feel hopeless where before I had hope in my country and our civilization. Over the last few years I have seen such hatred grow for our fellow humans that no other opinion will be heard. Its always “my” way or the highway.

    I always wondered how progress, knowledge and technology could be lost to time. Now I know. Abuse of power, plain and simple. Little by little we stop moving forward. Little by little things start getting taken away. Little by little science and knowledge is pushed aside because of someone in power who has no willing to hear or learn truth and/or facts because its “my” way. Then little by little we find ourselves being ruled by a tyrant and we only have ourselves to blame.

    My heart hurts for the women and their families who were so happy to hear they were to have another baby, only to find out that the embryo didn’t leave the fallopian tube and now the mothers life is at risk. Explain to her existing kids that sorry, mommy’s going to bleed to death because her life isn’t pro-life or worth while to us. Or the 10 or 11 year old who was raped. Yes a 10 year old can get pregnant. We’ll give the rapist a fine but we’ll jail her parents and doctors who try to help her.
    This is madness.

    I understand Eric if you need to take this down. I am just so very disturbed by this. To be clear, I don’t think abortion should be used in place of birth control. But there are real dangers to taking the right away.

    Some might find this all too dramatic. But I see, history repeats itself. Just with a different font. I could to on, I won’t though. Does it matter?

    1. I know how you feel; I’m worried about how this will effect women, especially rape victims or people who could have life-threatening pregnancies–which is still an issue in the US today, despite some improvement in medical care.

      What the Supreme Court isn’t acknowledging is that every pregnancy carries a risk of something going wrong, and a woman should be able to choose whether she takes that risk or not. Besides, even normal labors last hours and are excruciating for many women, and they should have the choice on whether to go through that or not. The men on the Court, at least, have no idea what that’s like.

      Basically, a politician’s beliefs should not dictate whether women risk their lives to carry a pregnancy.

  2. I’m from northern Europe and we have never been faced with a similar dilemma, but I fully understand and agree with both of you. It’s a shame that Trump divided your great nation with his decision. We are undergoing challenging moments, and the world needs your leadership. Blue and red should go together, as in your flag.

  3. Clarence Thomas, in his opinion concurring with Dobbs, calls on his court colleagues to next overrule Griswold (on contraception), Lawrence (on same-sex sex), and Obergefell (on same-sex marriage). Funny how Thomas – who is in an interracial marriage – doesn’t want to overturn interracial marriage as well. If Thomas were a gay man in an interracial marriage, he wouldn’t be advocating to overrule same-sex marriage.

  4. It really bothers me that it seems they made this decision without any honor. It is said that 2 of the justices assured Congress before they were appointed that these laws were precedent and they would not overturn. Or at least made it seem like they would let the law stand.

    And I found it unconscionable that ACB would accept the position under the circumstances that she was offered. They wouldn’t allow an appointment when Obama was president because of timing and yet she jumped right in when offered under completely hypocritical circumstances. I just don’t think I would have felt right about it myself. It was without honor.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion. I could go on and on but I won’t. Very strange times we are living in.

  5. Sara,
    My thoughts are the same as yours. What’s next on the list? I’m horrified, ashamed and embarrassed at where my beautiful country is at and where its going. Through all sides of my family history have fought for freedoms here and on foreign soil. For what? These people say they are pro-life, then show up at a public library to yell at little children between the ages of 7 and 1 that they are going to hell for listening to a book with two knights who are in love. Its ridiculous.

    I will be doing what I can but its scary because I don’t want to be shot up by these wackos! They do it too. I don’t want to jeopardize family members jobs either. Maybe i shouldn’t be too worried about that since Ginny Thomas can help with an insurrection?.

    I keep going from sad to angry. I don’t see how we can avoid civil war. I cling to the hope and Eric saying he doesn’t see that happening. ( maybe I’m mixing up his predictions and comments, but, I think he said that?😬) I do try to keep an open mind and see both sides. Its like reversed magnets. One just pushes the other other away. How in the world do we come together?

    I think I’m rambling now. Sorry

    1. Angieraye03,

      I think you’re correct, if I’m remembering right, Eric did say something about there not being a civil war, but he warned a while ago that there could be a problem with violence in general…it was mentioned in the June 9th post.

      I don’t know if that’s still a looming threat, but just to be safe, (I worry about getting shot, too), it’s probably a good idea to be cautious when out in public and note the nearest exits.

      I hope there won’t be violence, from either side. Aside from extremists, I think most Americans can sort things out peacefully.

      1. Sara, thank you. You are right, most Americans can keep it together and the extremists can be on both sides so being safe is the top of my list.

        Stay safe.

    1. This is without a shadow of a doubt the most brutal day in American history and I never thought that the Supreme Court would even follow through with this. So much fear on top of fear along with anger. Summer is starting to get more brutal and it’s ridiculous that rights that women have are now taken away.

      Eventually, it’s going to backfire. Just a matter of when.

  6. I couldn’t believe I saw this when I woke a few hours ago. I started writing comments and replies for here, but none of them were worthy of how I truly feel.
    From an outsider’s perspective, it’s like I’m seeing a very, very slow earth quake running through all aspects of the US Republic and it is no where near finished.
    Like Eric, I too got less of a civil war coming, but rather large pockets of decent and anger that will spill out in so many area of what have been stayed and set aspects of America’s civil laws.
    So in one sense, yes a civil war. But in another, it won’t be two separate forces fighting like the previous American Civil War. This will be more like major pockets of civil unrest, and outside of political party lines.
    Wish I could say more with a positive tone. Pete

    1. Yes Pete, That’s how it feels! like a slow destructive rumble. I can envision what you describe, not so much as boundaries but pockets of violence. Still scary, still shameful.
      January 6th was scary and so unbelievable. Eric’s truth turtle is working really hard in doing what’s right. This ruling plays right along with the shenanigans of Jan 6th.
      Letting things like this slide means other things slide as well. As others point out too.
      With something like this, like with Jan 6th and the election nonsense and the other rights that Clarence Thomas spoke about being taken away, does this help set the stage and make it easier for the future evil leader that Eric has been warning about to take or come into power? I may be off base with this one, if so please let he know. I might just be tierd. Lol

      1. I see the mess so huge that it’s almost impossible to rectify. Like most democracies, the US has Representative Governance. That was fine when there were independent candidates representing their constituents. But then came Political Parties with either written allegiance of those representative to their party, or an understanding as such. Basically you have two representatives in your Congress … Republican voice and Democrat voice. Britain and Australia are similar. That is not Democracy, and it’s needs to change.
        So now can you see why I’m saying it’s almost impossible to rectify?
        Wish I could find my magic wand ……

  7. Okay, seriously, it makes me sad to read these comments, because at this point it seems that every post above casts the decision NOT kill children in a negative light. I am not a Republican, nor am I a Trumper. But I DO BELIEVE that all life is precious. I would venture to say that for anyone who reads this message, SOMEONE in your life believed the same, or you most likely would not be here. Killing babies is wrong, and there can be no rationalization that can justify it. If you believe in abortion, you believe in murdering innocent children that cannot fight back. I know that every one of you reading this is better than that. Children are not a “problem to be fixed,” and killing babies has nothing to do with women’s health. It is true that we need to take care of women, especially pregnant women, but we should be talking about proper paid family leave time in the workplace, and all the different ways that we can support women and their children in need, now how awful it is that we can’t kill children.

    1. Yes, all life is precious. I think Saying “Children are not a “problem to be fixed,” and killing babies has nothing to do with women’s health. ” shows you may not know of real and absolute dangers of pregnancy and actual real problems that can occur within the uterus. And that has ABSOLUTELY everything to do with woman’s health.

      Pregnancy, sometimes, doesn’t happen by choice or to adult women. Adoption is amazing, beautiful and life changing to all parties if the person who is carrying this baby doesn’t die first because of her REAL health issues.

      1. I am aware of these things, and please do not dismiss what I have to say based on a false accusation or assumption. The matter IS far more complicated than a simple post on a blog can address, but I certainly understand the depth and intricacies of the issue. That being said, there is still no excuse for equating the term of “women’s health” with some kind of justification for the murder of children. We could go into the weeds on specific cases where there may be crossover, and there may be rare legitimate circumstances where a choice must be made between a mother’s life and her child, but I think we all know that this isn’t what the real debate is over. I am not sure whether you were intentionally trotting out that argument as a strategy to dismiss the idea that murdering children is wrong, but the “life-threatening medical circumstance” is commonly used by abortion advocates as a blanket argument to justify the systematic murder of a generation of children under any circumstance they see fit. The pregnancy by choice thing doesn’t do that much for me for two reasons: The first is that if you’re having sex (by choice), pregnancy IS a possible outcome, and we should all be prepared to take responsibility for our choices – though I will always advocate for better policies supporting families (especially young families) by giving them the resources they need to be successful. In the unfortunate and tragic event of rape, killing the child is basically one victim turning and victimizing another by committing yet another terrible atrocity. Don’t get me wrong, I think a great deal of support needs to be given to any woman in this awful situation, and anyone who commits rape should absolutely face harsh and swift justice. I just believe that the one who committed the crime should be punished, not an innocent child (and it is worth noting that while the rapist in a situation like this usually gets prison time – abortion means that the innocent child gets the death penalty – talk about harsh!). Sorry Angie, I know this comes off kind of strong, and I’m not trying to be terrible, or uncompassionate, but I see killing babies as murder. If it makes you feel any better, I would do my best to defend anyone if I thought that they were about to be murdered.

        1. The cases that you mention are not rare at all. I myself know several women who if pregnant would lose their own life and that of the baby. Such rulings cannot be taken by men who do not know what is pregnancy and its risks. We do not live in a unicorn world. At least yet, sadly.

          1. Abortions performed to preserve the life or the health of the mother are so rare that they do not register statistically, according to Alan Guttmacher of Planned Parenthood, who did more to promote and spread abortion on demand throughout the world than any other individual. In 1967 he commented, “Today it is possible for almost any patient to be brought through pregnancy alive, unless she suffers from a fatal disease such as cancer or leukemia, and if so, abortion would be unlikely to prolong, much less save the life.”

        2. I am really sorry, but no, you are not aware of many possible pregnancy risks. There are much more of them than you mention. There are even some that are in the grey area for doctors. Just to give you an example – do you know there are some heart conditions without a cause that mean that your heart ejection rate (pumping strength) is like 30% instead of 80% (usually for healthy people it is 70-80)? It can many times be left undiagnosed and pregnancy damages further the heart. I know an example when it was undiagnosed (doctors thought it is asthma or something else, because the woman was young) and the pregnancy damaged the heart so much that she barely was a live at the end of the pregnancy and on top of that had to get out of abusive relationship. She survived, severely disabled and wanted the child too, of course. What happens if such a lady is raped? Not only she and her baby in the belly is dead, her already living child is bound to a life of suffering.

          1. With all due respect, hielina222, who are you to tell me what I do and don’t understand?

            In the states where reasons for abortions are reported, less than 1% are due to incest or rape. Only 1-2% are reported for risking the life of the mother. I’m not saying that these issues don’t need to be addressed in a compassionate manner, but the data does not support the widespread, unlimited killing of innocent children.

          2. With all due respect, hielina222, who are you to tell me what I do and don’t understand?

            In the states where reasons for abortions are reported, less than 1% are due to incest or rape. Only 1-2% are reported for risking the life of the mother. I’m not saying that these issues don’t need to be addressed in a compassionate manner, but the data does not support the widespread, unlimited killing of innocent children.

    2. Thank you brightraven, I wholeheartedly agree but I am so tired of the arguing that typically I just chose not to voice my beliefs anymore to avoid the confrontation. For what it’s worth, the lawsuit from Dobbs was about limiting abortion to under 15 weeks… and then Macron condemns the US in his comments when they have a 12 week limit in France. The hypocrisy is stifling. It is like our average American life is currently just a game for political points and election wins to help these politicians flourish while they do nothing to help the people they supposedly serve. It’s so disgusting, especially when our nations morality is at stake. The US abortion laws have been significantly more expansive than any other developed European country for decades. They didn’t outright ban abortion, and even in states that opt out of elective abortions, most still leave room for medical emergencies. Abortion was never intended to be used as birth control though, and we’ve seen that take hold throughout the nation. Regardless, they left these decisions up to the states and their local elected officials to better represent the views of that population. I look at it this way; my child was in a huge school and began to struggle academically. Unfortunately with an entire sea of students, his struggles were missed until it was too late and he was on the verge of being retained. We moved to a smaller school, with classroom sizes half of the size of the previous school, and his needs were noticed and met immediately. Sometimes it leads to better outcomes and representation when the population of each state independently gets a hand in deciding what is best for their locality instead of forming blanketing laws for an entire nation; especially when the complex philosophical views of ethics and morality are involved.

  8. The Elites are trying to stir up **** on purpose in order to bring chaos to create another form of government that is more detrimental than the current corrupted one, they never been about the people for a long time.

    Bunch of Elites that think they can run the country by forcing everyone to be serfs under them forever.

  9. The most difficult aspect of this whole debate is centred on when life first begins and actually what is human life. On one side is the belief that from conception, human life begins. That is, the physical and spiritual aspect of a human begins at conception.
    On the other side is the belief that the spirit of a person doesn’t enter the physical form till long after the physical has developed.
    That can inferr that in the case of the former, a miscarriage is the death of a human being, and to the latter, the discarding of a non intellilgent fetus.

    I don’t believe either, or differing, arguments can be solved simply by oppposing side pushing their own barrow.

    Contrary to what has been inferred by some, I have not put my point of view on the topic, for this reason.

    My comments relate to how this whole discussion, along with other more serious clashes to come, are splitting the US like never before, and I believe it is because there aren’t mechanisms in place to allow each and every individual American to vote personally on such serious matters.
    Representative Government was fine when there were numerous representatives in Congress …. or in our case, Parliament.
    But with only two outlets in the US, Democrats and Republicans, the inevitable result seems likely to be serious clashes and possibly civil disobedience, coupled with the US gun laws, meaning more murders.

    So I put it to you: Is this, and other highly contentious matters, going to get solved by simply arguing in public forums?
    Please America, look at the bigger picture before it’s too late. Pete

  10. Have you considered the possibility of the Supreme Court being expanded, Mr. Leigh-Pink?

  11. The demonic agenda had to be stopped, it had no regard for human life.

    How does Planned Parenthood profit from selling foetal tissue?

    The TPO model virtually guarantees that the Planned Parenthood clinic will profit from supplying foetal tissue, because the TPO handles all of the costs of procurement while still paying the abortion clinic a fee per usable body part harvested.

    An***a++ are being mobilised for what comes next.

    1. This makes me sick in the stomach, especially when I see what he has done to Ukraine and to people and when Lavrov told BBC very recently that Ukrainians are shelling themselves. And here am I, being not able to sleep, because I cannot decide if it is safe to go to my home country to see my family. THis is where I fail to understand what this Earth is that it allows people like those to walk on it.

      1. Hielina, if I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate to go; it’s virtually impossible that the predicted attack would be military, as that would automatically lead to WW3 – which has been predicted for a later point in time. In the meanwhile, we cannot do anything about the Russian propaganda: accusing others of something one is guilty of is also typical of some mental disorders (paranoia), but it also happens at the state level. I read a report that, on one occasion, Chechen mercenaries and Russian soldiers from some Asian republic (Tuva?) shelled each other over the division of booty.

        1. Thank you Itk, I am really so grateful for your comments, thank you for giving me some personal advice, it means a lot and made me cry and nod in agreement. I think I have written a couple of comments here on this site that are too emotional, but my heart is breaking in thousand pieces many days in a row for the future of our world and for my fellow people…and it is so painful. I wish we were all in a different world where cruelty and violence was not possible at all, but we are not there yet. As I have personal family history that is connected with our Eastern neighbour in a negative sense, yes, I have seen so many occasions of blunt lies and this is why I do not want this horror again for my country, we have just had enough of it…

  12. It looks like not only will Brett Kavanaugh resign, but also Clarence Thomas.

  13. I am very worried for rape victims and children and teen victims of child molestation in the states that do not allow exceptions for rape and incest victims.

    Rape and incest are not rare, exceptional things. Maybe 1/3 of women experience some form of sexual abuse over the course of a lifetime. And a lot of time we’re talking about 12-15 year olds.

    Other than that I’m mostly pro-life.

    The other concern is separation of church and state.

    1. In the states where reasons for abortions are reported, less than 1% are due to incest or rape. Only 1-2% are reported for risking the life of the mother. I’m not saying that these issues don’t need to be addressed in a compassionate manner, but the data does not support the widespread, unlimited killing of innocent children.

      1. Those numbers add up though. And forcing a rape victim or incest victim to give birth to the baby of a person who has been terrorizing them is a good way to break that person psychologically.

        Break, as in, will never be healed. Break, as in: would be better to be dead than go through that.

        Also rape is not rare. Not at all.

        1. Thank you. I seldom make comments especially since I know it’s hard to present your case to people whose mindset is tied up in religious dogma.

          As a WOMAN, I know what it’s like to watch so many of my fellow women suffer an unexpected pregnancy due to rape and incest Coming from a third world country where abortion is illegal, they had no other alternative but to go through unsafe practices to abort the baby, Many of them suffered and had lasting damage from getting them done in unsterile conditions. Apart from that, if people found out what happened, their reputation is forever tarnished. They are psychologically damaged forever as well – many feeling guilty about what they have done even if they were the ones who were violated. In the meantime, the perpetrators got away scott-free ; their reputation intact.

          If the woman delivered the baby, you’ll not only have the mom messed up, you’ll have the child damaged psychologically as well. There is no universal healthcare in my country, so there is no counselling provided and even if there was, they wouldn’t go due to the shame of being raped.

          It makes me furious when people say there’s only a small percentage who get pregnant from rape or incest. The woman who is carrying a child of her grandfather is not a statistic. Apart from that, 1% still means thousands of women having to carry a child who was created from violence and hate.

          I am not going to argue about this as I know it’s not going anywhere. You can keep your god who can not understand the internal turmoil of a woman who has been raped by her uncle. You can keep your god who will let the child of this abhorrent act suffer for the rest of his life.

        2. So your answer is to kill an innocent child?! That’s not wisdom. That’s one victim victimizing another. Will that dead child heal? And the statistics are what the statistics are. If you use them to justify murder, then I just don’t know what else I can say to you. It’s murder. It’s killing and innocent child…a baby! Anyone who thinks this way should always finish their post with “Oh right, and one more thing…unborn babies can’t fight back. Heh heh heh!” Because that’s what you’re really saying isn’t it?

  14. The Russian madman has now hit a shopping center in Kyiv:
    By the way, I remembered the Morton Salt prediction today. As you know, there is a summit (or more than one of them) going on in Madrid. So, let’s pay attention. Of course, it would not be far off to see that prediction coming true here: Morton Salt could represent ordinary foodstuffs, which people buy on a daily basis.

  15. The Russians are now claiming they didn’t target the shopping mall, which they claim had been non-operating for a long time, but an alleged stockpile of Western weapons next to it – and, of course, as expected, deny the casualties as a fake and provocation.
    However, IF this is true, it would completely match Eric’s view of a human error or misunderstanding of some kind behind the predicted missile attack.

  16. American instability showing in recent Australian poll:
    “77% agreed with the statement: “Australia’s alliance with the United States makes it more likely Australia will be drawn into a war in Asia that would not be in Australia’s interests”
    Though three-quarters believed the US “would come to Australia’s defence if Australia were under threat”, the Anzus alliance, which came into force 70 years ago, does not explicitly guarantee that, but instead promises consultation.

  17. I was thinking. You predicted Trump’s downfall in July. Does yesterday’s hearing have anything to do with that?

  18. Eric,
    Are you doing okay? It’s been a while since you posted. (I don’t mean to be pushy, just checking in.)

  19. Together is the only path to solutions.
    Spirits message.

    I was reading this a few times, and I think I understand somewhat.

    The problem is American Media is out of control and benefits from division, if people like Hannity can be investigated and thrown in jail for Fraud it would be a start. I know its easy to point at Fox News all the time, I’m aware most American media is also a problem in their own way just that FOX creates the most chaos.

    I hope a new leader will set the US Media straight and stop the people from trying to spin stories because they been getting away with too much already, Karmic lessons can only go but so far until it needs to reign in.

    1. you hit the nail on the head with this, the media on both sides has caused a lot of these issues especially with division, the question to ask is why, what is there goal?

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