Egyptian Mummy Discovery

I had a vision, bones were protruding from the ground, then a group of excited people pointed to the bones. ”Discovery! History changing.”  I am unclear, is this Jimmy Hoffa or some unique Dinosaur however they would add this additional piece:  The visual shifted to show a toddler lining up a set of blocks, then he discovered a new one but it didn’t fit, ”It’s because what you thought you knew.. was wrong.” 

World Predictions: 2-6-22

The Distant Past and Future: When the ice melts and ravages our current seashores, when climate change is at the height of its wrath, an unexpected gift, for archaeologists pure gold, hidden are treasures so huge your entire history will change. Then it shifted to show a very large Pyramid so old it had become a mountain, frozen surrounded by ice and snow as far as the eye could see, As I got closer to the frozen pyramid deep underneath the ice it was melting, drip, drip, drip.

World Predictions: 2-6-22

This World Prediction has happened. The distant prediction attached will happen much later.

Eric- Its been a long time coming. But we are finally moving towards the new World Prediction site. The next post will have the very first ”Telegram” version of World Predictions. The plan is to build it slowly piece by piece so that we can test, and adjust accordingly.

Telegram? I have asked you to share my World Predictions. I understand what I am asking is an enormous feat. Share this? How would I even begin to explain it? So the display of my work is about to change in the coming month. Soon there will be no need to pull individuals here, instead you can just show the short telegrams of our work. There is also the nod to the great seer John Hendrix. The Tennessee man I use to be.

17 thoughts on “Egyptian Mummy Discovery

  1. What is it with humans and pyramids and why are they all over the world? Did the first pyramid builders – those that predate humans who built the pyramid that is still under ice – influence the rest of the world with their idea behind pyramids?

    1. According to Spirit, we use to be a very evolved Humanity, we haven’t discovered that part yet, then it all fell apart. Then the old humanity mirrored that society.

  2. Is the pyramid that will be discovered from melting ice, the one in Antarctica; or is it in Alaska?

    1. I think that many things about our past have been covered up because it doesn’t fit the accepted historical record, or because it challenged the status quo. I can’t wait to see what they learn from the new discoveries in Egypt. I love hearing new things about ancient Egypt and older civilizations.

      1. Humans have a tendency to plug in the holes with what they feel fits. I am reminded of the Mayan Code. How it was eventually understood and was really their history and language. So many holes where plugged into that.

  3. They’ve found ancient batteries and generators—plus all kinds of architectural and engineering wonders. Can’t help but think that there were very advanced ancient—older than we date them now—civilizations that ended due to some sort of catastrophic event. And all we have left are remnants of their technologies that shouldn’t exist according to conventional theories.

    1. Since a child I have always been convinced there were previous advanced civilizations, even when I knew nothing about ancient, or even modern, history. Don’t know how I know but nothing shakes that conviction inside of me

    2. There are lots of legends in human history involving lost continents, like Lemuria or Atlantis, and while those have largely been debunked, it still raises interesting questions. Maybe somewhere in our history, there was a lost continent or landmass, maybe the legends get the name and location wrong, but are accurate that some type of advanced civilization was there at one time.

      I can’t imagine where any lost continent would be, I’ve heard people suggest under Antarctica, or deep in the Pacific, but in any case, it’s a neat thing to think about.

      If we did have an advanced civilization in human history that we don’t know about, it would be so cool to find out more about it.

    3. It was a very different advancements, their focus was not ours. We are overly focused on material things they did not. They had eyes for understanding medicine and astronomy.

  4. I’d like to ask Eric and/or Pete about their views on Atlantis/Lemuria, i.e., if you think they existed, as this topic certainly fascinates many of us. Some of the disasters of our time have sometimes even been attributed to collective karmic debt originating from people’s past actions in Atlantis. It is surprising that, in this case, the legend has gained so much popularity; as Cayce put it: “Atlantis will rise again”. However, I don’t want my question to be a digression from the main purpose of the site, as Eric certainly has more important issues to work on.

    1. This was amazing: note that Eric had answered my question one minute before I finished writing it.

  5. Eric, I’m not sure if you are aware of the messaging app “Telegram”. I felt in my chest, heart chakra wide open, that Telegram is about the app. It’s a way to connect people via a “chat room” or group text but you can approve who is allowed into the group or not. Feels very much like maybe a small group of people who are exchanging information to get a fuller picture of some predictions. As I’m sure you know, the entire WORLD is in the process of awakening, and vibrationally. The folx needed to help you sort out, in their entirety, these predictions, will show up. I’d look into it and see what works for you. Feels like group of 25-30 people just exchange information.

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