World Prediction 5-21-22

An unexpected twist. For a very long time now I have woken up every night to perform the task of doing these world predictions. I wake up in the twilight, I burn the lavender, the frankincense, hold the hematite sphere you see in the corner of my work all the time, and meditate my way to the world predictions you read all the time. Its a routine process I have cemented.

Yesterday I was in the car with Bea and my wonderful father Robin who served our country proudly in the military for almost his entire life. He is the most loving husband to my mother Bea. The two of them have been married for 52 years now and were high school sweet hearts. I was helping them with their medical appointments. It was a day of errands. I started to fall asleep as I was listening to music, in the car. Then I had a vision, In the window:

I had an a image Xi Jinping in full view of the window of the car as we drove by. Then a voice said ”The Leader of China is Falling ill.. Soon” Then an image of a kings chess piece falling.

ELP Vision

Then I woke up. A sad moment coming. A world prediction without a need to meditate in the dead of night. Without the need of my room or lavender or the sphere.

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    1. Thats so embarrassing when that happens, millions see my error. I feel sheepish. On the other end. Really? Do you honestly think they engage in the murky BS of judgment of others. So Human. The ‘sad’ part of the message goes to the tone of the prediction. It is what will be felt in the moment. Sadness.

      1. I think Craig Hamilton Parker also said some time ago that Xi Jingping soon will be changed by another, unfortunately worse leader. What crazy times.

      2. Eric, what error? Honestly, I don’t see any error; the picture is just becoming more complete. If the passing of two kings does not concern Ukraine, I’ll be most relieved.

        1. I made a grammar error in the initial original post. I actually went back in and adjusted the post which is blogger ‘sin’ to alter ones post. But with millions reading your work, I can’t have you read the word “county” when it suppose to read “Country”

          1. Having failed school all those many year ago, my spelling leaves very much to be desired. And because of a lack of spell check at WP, do we stop posting very import and very informative information for fear someone will misread? I think patients and tollerance is very much needed in our world community now, more than ever before. Just my take.

          2. Hi Eric, it’s just a typo error. People do it all the time. Nothing to worry about. You have far, far more important concerns than that.

        2. Same. I so very badly do not want that to be Ukraine. We need more people like President Zelensky, he a charismatic leader that unites. Pray that if we lose Xi Jingping, he is not replaced by something worse.

  1. Kinda looks to me like it’ll be Putin and Jinping to fall, looks like that horrible prediction is on course -.- I pray not though but I’m getting those vibes, apparently Putin is getting treatment for blood cancer (Leukemia maybe?)

  2. I don’t’ think the Chinese will miss Xi Jingping. Especially the Uighur Muslims in the west, where 1 million have been imprisoned to be reeducated, sterilized and submit to forced abortions. Or the people in Shanghai that were ordered to stay in their homes for several weeks without access to fresh food etc. when the government locked down the city. Or the many people that have been arrested for making statements in public that were contrary to the views of the CCP. The only thing we need to worry about, is who replaces him. And whether he will be as evil as Xi. Xi is not a friend of the West or the people of China.

    1. You’re right, the Uighurs have suffered horribly under Xi’s reign. If there’s another leader, I hope it’s someone who will free the prisoners from those concentration camps.

  3. Eric, could this mean that, instead of Russia, we should start watching China regarding the most evil person in history? Remember our discussion some time ago about the possibility of this person coming from East Asia instead of Russia…

    1. Itk – Your comment reminded me of something I experienced once. At one time I would go on astral walk-abouts. Not sure how to explain how it works. We would visit locations or world leaders, ect, just to observe and gather information, like a reporter. During one walk-about I found myself standing next to then VP Gore. He was sitting in a wing back chair, sleeping. I noticed a concerned look in his Spirit. I was able to telepathically communication with him, asking what are you concerned about? He said, “China, don’t ever trust China, they are dangerous”.

      His comment has stayed with me all these years.

      1. He’s been suffering from health issues even before the pandemic began, now it seems that his condition has been worsening substantially.

        Later this year will be a very important moment for China as the ruling CCP is going to celebrate its 20th congress, according to some reports the party might seek to replace Xi before that.

      2. Last week, he is refusing treatment, been in all the global news so pretty easy to predict and get right for a fake psychic like you

        1. Fake? A bit behind that now. Covid prediction is there. Jan 6 prediction is there. Au prediction is there. All of it cemented. Proven. Recorded. Move on. Your slowing down our mission. Standing in my way of helping our world so please either help or get out of the way.

        2. All of these stories link back to one news story from ANI News Service of India.
          According to Media Fact Check:
          “Overall, we rate Asian News International (ANI) Right-Center Biased based on favorable reporting of Prime Minister Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which promotes right-wing nationalism. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to several failed fact checks.”
          No reputable news service has run with this story. I’m sensing fake news report. Pete

        3. It’s easy to hide behind anonymity to post your negative comments. What are you doing here if you think the psychic is fake?

        4. Fake????
          For the last 8 years I have kept a journal of every reading I’ve had with Eric!! When a prediction comes true….. I literally mark it off by highlighting it! Some predictions happen right away where others have happened in a years time! Fake??? I think not!!!!
          Eric shares his gift with us all! If you don’t care for his website/blog and feel its not for you….then move on! This is a place to embrace the light and positivity for us all!!!

  4. For those interested, Australia voted out our conservative Government of 10 years with a huge swing towards the left/moderate Australian Labor Party, Greens and pro environmental independents.
    Counting is still on going, but the ALP has the 76 seats it needs to form a Government. It now depends on how many more seats they gain to determine if they will govern in their own right, or will need Independents and Greens to form a stable government long term.
    Traditionally we’ve had two to one conservative Governments since the end of WWII so this is quite a big deal here in Aussie.

    1. Dear Eric,
      I think it’s so remarkable when and how you get messages, but for you to receive a message just so plainly and from doing errands with the folks makes the message about Xi Jinping even more momentous. No, I’m not a fan either but his death may cause ripples— hopefully good ones now that we’re in the Aquarius Age.

      Hey Pete, thanks for sharing the outcomes in Aussie politics. I got curious from your blog.

      1. This year has a moment of ultimate change. The chess board prediction has heavy weight now. They are right it looks like the entire board is really changing.

    2. The best non partisan Australian political researcher is Antony Green. He successfully predicted the election outcome last night, long before the counting had been done. For those interested in how our system works, in relation to this election, I’ve dropped this link for you. It’s going to be a very interesting few months before we know which way our Government will run:

    1. The Spirits have a new system now: What is coming Next. What is coming next for the world, the headline. That way we can cover all the earthquakes all over the world. All the time. Thats the hope anyway. But catching them all is another problem. The hope is to have a more organized set system. Honestly its starting slow, but already it works better. We will always have eyes for my great friends of New Zealand. The home of Sam Neil one of my most beloved actors and then there is your leadership. It is refreshing. Ours suck here. We get Trump. I assure you I have eyes for the great NZ.

      1. Thank you Eric for all you do for everyone. I live in New Zealand myself, beside a Super Volcano.[ Lake Taupo] and sometimes fear earthquakes and eruptions. Especially when I read things about massive quakes predicted for NZ.

      2. Okay thanks Eric. Appreciate that. If u could keep eye on NZ. Your past predictions alot mentioned NZ so look forward to youe future updates since i myself live in NZ. Cheers. And thanks.

  5. Please be aware that both the British Daily Mail and The Sun are sensationalist right wing tabloids who have been sited as creators of news more than reporting it.
    As an example,The Guardian has just posted this:
    “The UK tabloid the Sun, said in an editorial Australia had elected “anti-Queen left wing PM Anthony Albanese who tried to remove monarch as head of state”.
    “The 59-year-old had previously threatened to crumble the Commonwealth, sharing his desire to get rid of Her Majesty,” it said.”
    None of it is true and nothing in law says they can’t make things up …. but there should be.
    The Truth Turtle sure has a hard time ahead of it, sadly.

    1. I’m enclosing the following link to a Georgian prediction about Ukraine and Russia, allegedly issued back in the 1990s.
      It’s about Ukraine joining the EU in the future and the significant weakening of Russia as a military power. Just for your interest, and to be taken with a pinch of salt; however, this is not the only prediction about Ukraine regaining its occupied territories at some point in the future.

    1. This is the first World Prediction. Presented by them. I pick up things all the time. But they never presented things without the coal burning. Seems we are moving into a mobil moment.

  6. I mean China president falling ill is not really a bad thing in my opinion but whatever

    1. This years one major moment is that the “Chess board of the world will forever change” They predict that this year the world will be riddled with massive world leader change on a massive scale. Several leaders will change.

      1. I sure hope Brasil’s next leader will be the better one than the one in power right now, and that the chessboard changes indeed. The present one’s remarks on poor people being dislikable is inhumane.

  7. Even when the day Xi is replaced I fear the Chinese people will just have more of the same from a new leader that could potentially be a more hardliner unless they’re willing to stand up for themselves but then is the fear of their brainwashed military that would protect their powerbase.

    To have real change in China might be a complicated struggle for them unless the Chinese Military miraculously stand with the people instead of their leadership, but I see no signs of that..though there have been protests in the past but was always stopped quickly.

    I will admit China could had a much more ruthless leader the past some years, and Xi wasn’t exactly like Mao in a couple of ways but doesn’t excuse for the terrible things Xi has done.

    I hope there is some piece of him to realize the mistakes he has made up to this point in his life. I think Xi could have taken China into a different direction decades ago and could have been seen a great leading power when he had the chance to do it and tried to be more kind to his own people, but instead he chose to take into a fear-based direction.

    Given that fear-based direction was caused by other countries, there is always a reaction.

    Idk if Xi Jinping was ever spiritual, but given his actions I wondered if he been more so he could have created a more kinder government under his reign?

    1. In 2018 the Trump administration announced that the United States was withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council. Does anyone know if the US has rejoined that Council?

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