Buffalo New York Shooting Spree

Predictions 4-9-17  7 then 15 “Bad News.. the spider is in New York.” (That implies the 15th or a countdown) I had a visual of bodies laying on the ground. There was what I believe an airport tower in the background. I also heard a popping noise, gunfire? Later they would show a Buffalo. Also: I had a visual of the clock striking 12. I had a visual of someone using their finger to push the world button on Facebook. I had a visual of a large explosion by buildings. Followed by waves of people running away. Then I heard the word Russia. Then Danish

This prediction from the year 2017 has now happened. Unfortunately we are one day off. Again they imply in this timeline Russia plans some massive bomb, its attached to several of the old predictions.

What is the Spiritual Realm planning now?

I had a visual of the ground being unearthed, large boulders were turned over. “Our father will expose the hidden lies and deceit, share them with all of you.. hand it to you.. saying do with it as you wish.”

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  1. Stephen Avatar

    Is Russia going to drop a tactical nuke on Ukraine? And what is the West’s response if so?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The predictions talk about a moment of utter shock. Shock from the whole world. In one prediction its called a “Mini Nuke” in another its a chemical weapon. But most of the predictions talk about “The missile” . The problem is the timeline, everything points to Russia, for that reason I keep bringing it up. However is this happening years from now? That is what I use to believe. But now every prediction happening has that added, Russia is dropping a bomb message. My hope is for clarity before it happens.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The west cuts Russia off. But thats the worst thing they can do. It opens the door for him to rise. The absolute worst human being the world will ever meet. We so need to turn this around. I need to find the right string on the tapestry to pull.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We still have our own Spiritual Armada at the door. We just need to let them in. It is massive, I have come to believe that can’t just be for me. There has to be others like me trying to crack this door open. We can turn this around.

  2. Raymond Avatar

    Sanctions won’t effect Putin or Russia one bit. They have been isolated from the West for most of the last 100 years. Living with less is a lifestyle they are accustomed to living. It will only drive them closer to China and other rogue nations. We cut them off from SWIFT, but that will only accelerate the birth of the financial center being established by China to compete with SWIFT. There are ways around everything.

    What about the Danes / Denmark? Is there going to be a massive shooting or a terrorist attack? It’s hard to imagine Putin dropping a bomb on them.

    1. Itk Avatar

      This is a dilemma. For the West, at present, the only alternative to cutting Russia off would be “doing business as usual”, or to understand and accept their goals related to Ukraine, not to touch the oligarchs’ funds and property, and to accept their “post-truth” worldview, in which external reality is modified to serve political goals through propaganda. Any change in Russia can only come from within. I think the minimum demand should be Russia stops threatening the very existence of other countries, and this is just what the most evil person in history prediction is about.

  3. Sara Avatar

    The US politicians and pundits from certain news channels in this country who pushed the racist ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory will continue to push it even after this, doesn’t phase them one bit that the shooter was motivated by the same racist conspiracy theory.

    1. Sara Avatar

      You’re right, it’s like the people spreading this hatred can’t–or won’t–see the danger they’re toying with. They actually believe this craziness. Sometimes it’s hard to fathom there are people out there who actually buy into ‘Great Replacement theory’ or any type of white-supremacist/ anti-Semitic beliefs, but they’re out there.

      It reminds me of Germany pre-WWII, how Hitler got Germans worked up about Jews, Romani, gays, the handicapped, etc…telling Germans they were a threat to their country, getting them all riled up to hate them. It’s no different than the rabid anti-immigrant, anti-color, anti-gay hatred that’s being spouted right now. I just hope people come to their senses before things get worse.

      Prayers for all the victims at that store yesterday, and their grieving families.

  4. hielina222 Avatar

    There is no way to keep the faith in goodness of Spiritual realm if we are left alone heading for WW3. Maybe really we are on a prison planet and are been lied to about good Spirits. There is no other explanation

    1. hielina222 Avatar

      Why do we need to be born here to be killed and bombed? No rosy future can justify present or near future suffering. If those powerful Spiritual beings can see possible massive bomb and WW3 and still allow it to happen I am truly scared from them, I think the conclusion about them is obvious. I will simply pray, I hope at least there is God somewhere.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        It seems to me that there is confusion as to the different handles we use for the Deity and for those we medium’s commune with.
        We have God, Creator and The King so far that I’ve noted here.
        Then there is spirits, Spirits, Spirit Friends (my handle) and Holy Spirit.
        As my Spirit Friends offered in one of my earlier Blogs, until we can sort out to whom … or Whom … we are actually praying to, that is, to identify what our specific Icon stands for, much of what we pray for may be getting lost.
        Maybe a discussion on such a topic may help to clarify what we all mean when we use such terms to identify the Deity, and Conduits, we are referring to.

  5. Carlo Enrico Avatar
    Carlo Enrico

    Hello Eric,
    there is a prophecy that has always sounded like “the correct one” to me regarding WW3. It is by Alois Irlmaier, a simple farmer from Germany that made this prediction after WW2.
    I just wanted to share it with you since it’s very detaild and maybe you can “test” it with your spirit friends. Also, I can send you more prophecies, if you are interested.
    The central theme of the prediction is Russians attacking Europe by surprise in mid summer, moving on three main attack directions to hit the heart of Europe and deal the most damage in the shortest time possible. Also, very impressive, it sounds like it’s talking about the Red Rising. Link below:


    Let me know what you think!

    1. Itk Avatar

      I think that given the losses the Russians have suffered in Ukraine, this will at least not happen anytime soon. I also think we should be skeptical about very detailed predictions à la Nostradamus, which often have conflicting, even mutually exclusive outcomes. We have seen at Eric’s site that true predictions unfold slowly and are like pieces of a puzzle. A highly detailed account of a future war is therefore likely to be inspired by fear and/or creative imagination.

  6. Carlo Enrico Avatar
    Carlo Enrico

    Sorry, the part on the “Red Rising” is actually from a prophecy of Pope John XXIII:
    “The lonely man on the banks of the Newa (Saint Petersburg River, my note) speaks to the world and kills himself. God will have mercy on him, who created him for that moment. These words will be collected, they will be rosary.
    And others near the Newa will kill. Today the never found body of the holy monk comes out of the river unharmed. And his secret children praying in the ark will count each other. They will look to the city with golden roofs and their dead prophet in Newa, the last word on their lips, will be heard wherever the flag is made red.

    1. Ed Avatar

      Carlo Enrico, that doesn’t sound at all like John XXIII. What’s your source?

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for the information. That was interesting. Does that mean the Pope is dying?

      1. Carlo Enrico Avatar
        Carlo Enrico

        In my opinion, the (alleged) prediction from pope John is about the WWIII you are predicting for 2036. The lonely man on the banks of the Newa would be the Red Rising, that kills himself before starting the war. The holy monk sounds like Rasputin, but I don’t really know… Instead in Irlmaier’s prophecy, the Pope flees from Rome when the Russians invade it, but survives and returns after the war is over.
        Also, very interesting, Irlmaier speaks about something that really looks alike the nuclear torpedo tsunami that Putin tis threatening England with:
        “A part of England disappears when the pilot drops that thing into the sea. Then the water rises high like a tower and falls. What this thing is, I don’t know”

  7. Carlo Enrico Avatar
    Carlo Enrico

    Hello Ed,
    there is this beautiful site in Italian (I’m from Italy) that blogs about prophecies. Lots are on WWIII and the famous 3 days of dark. You should be able to understand it by Google Translat-ing the whole page. Here is the link:


  8.  Avatar

    Wow, that gets you thinking Eric.

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