Roe V Wade

It is the 3rd and as we predicted the shift of power has officially happened. Also again Mr Turtle, he is just opening all the doors that hold all the secrets.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-28-19 Ruth will pass. Such a great loss for the US. Such a righteous woman. The balance of power shifts towards the elephant. 30th or the 3rd.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-28-19 Ruth will pass. Such a great loss for the US. Such a righteous woman. The balance of power shifts towards the elephant. 30th or the 3rd.

Here is the Turtle Story, the prediction was earlier in the year. Turtle Power: World Prediction Covid Update

Below is the previous Supreme Court prediction, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg passed 10 days later on September 18th. Spirit must have known when the shift of power would be noticed by the public of the US, the 3rd.

WORLD PREDICTION: SUPREME COURT VACANCY Posted Sept 8: I had a visual of the US Supreme Court building. Then I heard the word “vacancy”. Then Spirit tipped their hat to a titan of our time. No matter what side your on this person brought a force of change with them.

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  1. Sigh (depressed sound). Can those who have crossed over aid us in anyway to change things? I have no concept, no understanding of the “right” side of politics. My faith states that those who have crossed over can “intercede” for us to Jesus (as I can intercede for others to Jesus). Is this possible? Sigh. I am sad.

    1. I take it you are Roman Catholic. I am a Christian who is not Roman Catholic or Orthodox. We believe Jesus Christ is our intercessor because this is plainly stated in our Bibles. I ask that you try praying directly to God, praying in Jesus’s name. Then take notice how your prayers are answered. This is a suggestion. I hope you have a great day.

  2. I will say it. The woman known as Roe was pregnant with her third child. As the case made its way through the judicial system, she decided to keep the child after learning how abortion procedures were performed. She is anti-abortion. The child was born BEFORE the Supreme Court made its ruling.

    The leaked Supreme Court draft found that the right to abortion is not protected by the US Constitution, it is a state’s rights issue, & the Supreme Court overstepped its bounds when it heard & ruled on Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

    I believe the new ruling is legally sound. As I watch the news I see people making this an emotional argument. If a woman’s life is in imminent danger she and possibly the unborn child might die if the state she lives in outlaws all abortions. I think we all can agree on that.

    I thank you for reading this.

    1. You left out the part where Norma McCorvey – aka Jane Roe – admittted before she died that she was always still pro abortion and that she had only pretended to be pro life because pro life groups were paying her so much to say what they wanted her to say. As shown by tax documents, McCorvey was paid close to half a million dollars by pro-life individuals and organizations. Watch the documentry “AKA Jane Roe”.

      And she didn’t decide to keep the child because of how abortions are done, she did it because 1) she didn’t have the money to go out of state, and 2) by the time she met her lawyers she was likely already at 20 weeks—too late to have an abortion even in the few states where it was legal. She was pro abortion before, during and after the Supreme Court’s decision.

      1. Why so rude. You assume I know what you just typed here. I did not. How can I leave out information that I did not know? Can you please provide several links so I can become more educated about this? Thanks.

  3. I am personally against abortions mainly due to I am sterile and cant have kids of my own and have a huge value for all life, but with that said we are entering a slippery slope with these so called religious bigots on the right who believe they way they believe in God is the right way and all others are wrong. God gave us all free will and it scares me how one group can decide what is right.

  4. This is a tough one. I have always believed in a persons right to choose what is right for themselves. But in the case of abortion your talking about a human life. Our greatest responsibility in this life is to protect children. I think the focus should be on getting women who think they need an abortion the help they need.

    1. What ” help” would women need to proceed with an unwanted pregnancy and bring up the unwanted child until adulthood?
      Think about what would be required for the material, emotional, psycho-social well-being of both

      1. The woman can abandon to others, to a fire station, to an orphanage, on church steps, etc. The woman can legally place the child up for adoption. There are options. Having said that, if the woman’s physical life is in immediate danger, I can that an abortion is warranted in that case, as two lives would be lost if nothing is done. Again, the important words here are “immediate danger.”

  5. I think its interesting and quite profound that the majority of the pro-life protesters also protest masks and vaccines; that don’t want to be told what they can\can’t do with their bodies and their rights are being violated. It’s a huge step backwards. Everyone wants to think pregnancy happens with someone who is willing. It’s profoundly not, in the case of abortions. It’s flippant to say, “well, you should seek help”. How easy that sounds. Options are, in fact, available to women when they go to a clinic. I don’t believe abortion is anything i would ever choose but i have never been in a situation where i have to make such a decision. To make a decision like this should be up to the woman and her Dr. Im afraid there will be grave consequences if this is overturned. I also understand that this is not everyone’s opinion.

    1. There are some women who desperately wanted to have a child, but having a child would result in very likely death for both or at least one of them, I am one of such women. I think women should be able to choose, because it is not a question of some kind of “help” it is a question of life and death. Men never will understand it.

      1. Agreed. You don’t have to like abortions, and they probably make others extremely sad and disappointed (Bcs of their own views). But what we can’t do is disrespect the people who go for abortions. You can’t take it away because you don’t like it. Your emotions are not someone else’s responsibility. I’m all for pro – life to go out and advocate for safe sex Bcs they dislike abortions – that is their right! but again not because they think it’s wrong. (Bcs it’s going to be happening regardless 😩). You do not need to like abortions to be pro-choice also.

        **side note – when writing you or your I mean The individuals who 1. Don’t have a woman’s body or 2. Individuals who agree to overturn Roe vs Wade

    2. How do you know it is the majority of pro-life protesters? Please provide the source of your statistical data. Thanks.

  6. If the government is going to insist on regulating a woman’s body. Making her bare a child. Then the government should fully and financially support that child until it reaches age 18. Continuous insurance, food, shelter, educational cost ,clothing etc. What if the child is born with a medical problem?
    It seems that a lot of these people just want you to give birth, with no responsibility after that child is born. Which makes it “PRO-BABY “ not pro-life.
    Once it’s born it’s not their problem!

    1. A. you took the words right out of my mouth the religious right only cares about the child when it is in the womb once the baby is born your on your own jack. As I previously said I am not for abortion neither am I a Republican or Democrat I am an Independent American who wont be swayed by either sides Kool Aid. I am also glad I am not part of any religious organization who in my opinion all have there own agendas and cause more harm than good. I am a spiritualist who believes in God and the free will he gave us all.

  7. The irony is that the draft Supreme Court opinion striking down Roe v. Wade heavily references Sir Matthew Hale, a 17th century Brit who dehumanized women, supported marital rape and executed “witches”. Also ironic is that the 17th century English legal precedent Alito cites to overturn Roe doesn’t even support the pro life’s view of life at conception and only views abortion as a crime if it’s an abortion of a “quick” child — a fetus developed enough to kick in the womb. So 20 week plus pregnancies, which is a lot later than the abortion bans being argued for today.

    Despite abortion being legal throughout the US for its first 100 years, despite abortion being legal today in the UK, these originalist justices are going to use 17th century English laws to justify overturning laws in 2022. What’s next? If these originalist justices don’t think Roe is “deeply rooted in history” & therefore doesn’t pertain to the “original” meaning of the Constitution, does that mean civil rights, women’s rights, same sex marriage or interacial marriage are next up on the chopping block after Roe is gone?

  8. I just find it funny to watch how far people will go to justify the murder and bloodshed of innocent unborn children. Life is precious.

    1. And yet we all had no problems throwing small babies in prison cells because how dare they want a better life in our great country right. Nothing funny here.

          1. I am not sure. It has not been in the news recently that I am aware of. But the practice is and was (if still occuring) reprehensible, as was breaking up families in order to deter immigration.

  9. I just find it funny to watch how far people will go to justify the bloodshed of innocent unborn children. Life is precious.

  10. Hello Eric,

    I posted my thoughts on Roe vs Wade. I’ve never seen it published. I don’t believe that I was hateful., Just curious.

    Appreciate what you were doing here.

    1. Found it! You should be able to read it now. Sorry I have security tech system in place. It blocks mostly people selling things, porn and curse words. Now your message does not have curse words, I clearly see that but my handy dandy computer seems to think you cursed. Sorry we are in error. I will look into it. I did in fact check to see if anyone else was being blocked wrong, but almost all of it was just vipers and snake oil salesmen. Sorry I will ask WP were the rub is. Sounds like my google car crashed.

  11. I am going to be in the minority here but I think the Supreme court decision is the correct one. I am a woman but the liberal feminists have for too long held sway with the frankly erroneous belief that we can do whatever we want with our bodies. There are consequences to every action and that includes abortion. A fetus is still a human being but in a prenatal developmental stage in the body. As a woman, you are the host.
    It is a baby, not a parasite, not cancer or anything like it.
    As a society, we need to seriously Start questioning the current status quo about the casual sex culture and divorce. We need to reframe sex in the proper context of being part of a loving and long term relationship and focus on better protecting the family and supporting the family so that parents can raise their children properly. A stable family is the best foundation for a healthy nation and governments need to realise that.
    It takes two to tango and both men and women need to be more conscious and responsible of their sexual activities. Plus we have so much contraceptive choice at our disposal. So unless the woman is either a child or there are very serious complications, then there is no excuse for an abortion.
    We have much bigger problems to deal with right now, inequality, climate change, and the war in Ukraine and we seriously need to grow up and start tackling them now. Okay thanks for that, rant over.

    1. But why must we remove free will? Isn’t it OUR choice as humans to decide what we want to do in our own life?! (My logic is that yes they have a choice for an illegal one – but we made it so she can die now too) Let God handle that, wrong or not. This will not stop. There will be abortions regardless and we cannot control others – this will only cause more death to women going for abortions who will find backdoors and very unsafe conditions.

      And only saying women deserve the right to pro choice only if they are kids themselves or raped is inferring that women can’t have choice of their bodies unless they have been violated first.

      I hope I don’t sound attacking over text – it really isn’t that way and I can respect you and have a different opinion at the same time.

      1. The pregnant woman has another life inside her body that is relying on the woman to protect it. No one is removing free will. The Supreme Court draft is saying the Federal Government/previous Supreme Court rulings overstepped their bounds (Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey). In short, each individual state has the right to decide whether or not abortion is legal within the state and under what circumstances. Rest assured all states will not ban abortions.

        Again, free will is not being taken away. I am sure Planned Parenthood will find a way to finance out of state trips for women seeking (whether medically necessary or not) abortions when their home state bans all abortions or limits abortions. Planned Parenthood makes money from the remains. That is one reason pro-lifers AND pro-choice people are against Planned Parenthood.

    2. Nina,
      If you’ve been raped. You might not want to carry your rapers seed in your body. Period.
      Not everyone has a happy life that they can provide a safe, happy home for a baby.
      I worked in Social Work. Some of these Parents should of never been parents.
      One kept his children locked in a dog cage in his pick up in 115 degree summer heat.
      That’s just one of our cases.
      There are many more where this case came from.
      It makes the case for legal abortion in my mind.
      By the way, the children were damaged beyond repair and we are now paying their bills through correctional facilities.

      1. An embryo is not a seed. A fetus is not a seed. Embryos and fetuses are not clumps of tissue or an extension of body parts. They are life forms. An entity does not need to be sentient or have a heart beat to be considered a life form. If sentience and/or heartbeats are required for something to be considered a life form, then plants, bacteria, fungus, etc. are not life forms. Yet we kill them every day.

        1. Yah! Thank you for saying so, Longtime Lurker! A fetus is a human being. Couldn’t agree more!

  12. it is as always some do not appreciate what they have… Listen to this. A story of someone who could have not been born…

    A friend of mine has a gift. She can perceive that a woman is pregnant – a sort of see it. Once she congratulated a colleague who had just learned it herself and had not told anyone. She also talked to her child before he was born. She told me she perceives it as if the child’s soul like a balloon attached to the mother somewhere up there… Thus it takes 9 months for the soul to attach to the body…

    Then I know a woman who had her second pregnancy shortly after the first child was born. She had an abortion and could not conceive ever again. Her only child – a daughter is now in her 50s without children, afraid to have them.

    My own mother had spontaneous abortion before me and after me. I cannot imagine what she must have gone though. I have read articles of women going through spontaneous abortions or miscarriages for dozen times…

    Once I saw a man cry when he told a story how he learned that his girlfriend had aborted his child.

    I can go on and on of experiences that shaped my views.

    Yes, I am one of few who is against THIS vaccine and abortion. Apologies to those who despise me for that. We are all influenced by our personal journey, so no legal nonsense can change that and it is relevant what human justices decide. It is in God’s hands – divine justice. There is a difference between those who can kill and those who cannot. Most abortions are in fact murders in my opinion.

    Ukraine… I am on their side but has anyone noticed how many pregnant Ukrainian women there are whose wombs were rented to rich western citizens… Is this love? Is this normal in 21st century?

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