Nine Tailed Fox Legend

Has this prediction happened? This stone of the legendary bones of Tamamo no Mae? The timing of the earthquake is incorrect. But Japan was a focus of Spirit, with the earthquake, and flooding, now this??

World Predictions: 2-6-22 I had a vision, bones were protruding from the ground, then a group of excited people pointed to the bones. ”Discovery! History changing.”

World Prediction: Japan Earthquake Coming I had a visual of the ocean then it shifted to show a seismograph running horribly wild. Then a map was made, from an ocean point a line was drawn heading towards the area of Tokyo Japan. Then it shifted again to the ocean and it’s waves moving back and forth.  
Again they showed 22 as if it arrived? Perhaps the 2nd? 

Last time we predicted a set of rocks, before anyone knew: Notes on 3-10-15 Mars   “History in the making.. water!” Spirit’s Voice I had a visual of the planet Mars.

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      1. I actually study mythology, and Japan is one of my most extensive ones I’m still studying.

        Here is a quick wiki summary (conveniently on this yokai) –

        Tamamo no Mae (Japanese: 玉藻前 or たまものまえ, meaning “Lady Duckweed”)is one of the most famous kitsune in Japanese mythology. A nine-tailed magical fox, she is also one of the most powerful yōkai that has ever lived. Her magical abilities were matched only by her trickiness and lust for power. Tamamo no Mae lived during the Heian period, and though she may not have succeeded in her plan to kill the emperor and take his place, her actions destabilized the country and lead it towards one of the most important civil wars in Japanese history. For that reason, Tamamo no Mae is considered one of the Nihon San Dai Aku Yōkai—the Three Terrible Yōkai of Japan along side Shuten dōji and Ōtakemaru.

        There is more to her if you’re curious to read, but it would be way too big to post here.

        My studies –

        Kitsunes come in two varities

        Holy Foxes – These Foxes as the name implies protects people, and are servants of the goddess Inari, and you can find these shrines still today in Japan with their Fox Guardian Statues.

        Wild Foxes – These foxes are the mischievous kind, like to do pranks, and sometimes evil acts. They also like to trick and sometimes possess humans. Not all Wild Foxes are bad as some keep their promises, form and remember friendships, and repay their debts to others.

        Finally Kitsunes have ranks, and the number of tails they have are a indicator of that (also reflects how old a Kitsune is sometimes).

        1. Just to add a little more, but Kitsunes belong to a group of yokai called Henge which are basically animals that can shapeshift into humans or objects after they live for about 80-100 years.

          Not all animals gain that ability, but they do transform into yokai after 100 something years but are not considered a henge if it cannot shapeshift.

  1. Eric, do you think the bones are from the sarcophagus they just discovered in France?

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