The US Bans Russian Oil

The United States just helped cut the head of the snake off. The advice they gave has been taken. Not that Biden is taking advice from us in this moment, but the tide will now shift.

We are still testing our look on the site. instead of a news video I wanted to test a picture of the news. But again I need to make it appear like we are a newspaper from the 1900s. Not entirely there yet but I will sort it out.

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  1. I hope everyone realizes this is NOT a good thing. Cutting off imports from Russia without reopening all avenues of oil and gas exploration in our Country is suicide. And their answer is to go beg Iran? Venezuela? Are those countries better to their people than Russia? Seriously? So obviously to this ignorant administration, some tyrants are more equal than others. God help us all. Hope you all are preparing. I hope you also remember that when Biden assumed office, that we were energy independent. He then proceeded to close down everything Trump did to get us to $2/gal gas. Our children will suffer the worst from our inability to make sure that our elections have complete integrity.

    1. What is your solution. You are missing that part. How do we help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine considering it is the righteous thing to do.

      1. My solution is in my original post. Open up all the avenues that we were just using to become energy independent. On day 1 Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline, he also shut down leases on gov lands among many other things that have made us a net energy importer. Insane. We had the solution and were implementing it. As far as Ukraine, we cannot be the world’s policemen. In addition, you cannot trust much of what you are seeing over there, as all people involved are a part of the WEF Great Reset agenda. How does wrecking our economy help Ukraine? Ukraine is the 4th most corrupt Country in the world. Russia is #7. We have no business doing anything in Ukraine. It is sad what is happening, but worse things are happening all over the world. Why aren’t we doing anything about the Uyigers (sp) in China? They are being cut open while still alive for organ harvesting. There is no shortage of people we could be helping, but I fail to see how destroying our economy helps anyone at all. The US is the MOST generous country in the world. If we have nothing, we have nothing to help with. Just sayin.

        1. You do know that the keystone pipeline, which btw wasn’t in working order long before Biden cane along, is a pipeline for Canada. It does not produce oil. There are 9000 approved permits to oil companies for drilling oil. They aren’t doing this. Ask yourself why. Maybe corporate greed? I’m pretty sure Biden and his administration thought it all out before announcing this, also we get about only 7% of our oil from Russia. There a lot of reasons why we have to get our oil from other countries, but I don’t go into that. Boils down to the same old thing. Corporate Greed!!! Research it. It’s really disgusting. I stand with Ukraine🇺🇦

          1. I hate to be ugly, but things are too important at this point. Thank you for parroting Jen Psakis talking points, revealing yourself to be uninformed. I would suggest you do some research into the process of oil and gas exploration. Not every hole they drill produces oil, hence the term “dry hole”. When she ignorantly says they aren’t producing off the 9000 permits they have, if there is nothing to produce, there is nothing to produce. They (this “administration”) have, however, closed off to drilling known areas that produce. We were energy independant when this moron took office. Remember the gas below $2/gal?
            Regardless, hope you enjoy your $10/gal gas. In addition, you might take a few minutes to read a highly intelligent and resourced note from Msgr Vigano. It lays out all the corruption with our government and with Ukraine. Multiple reasons for what they are doing. Not the least of which is to force the Great Reset on you. Another thing you should probably read up on. They spell it all out for you so you don’t even have to wonder if its true. Corporate greed indeed. Ask Nike why they employ chinese uyiger slaves to make your shoes. The ONLY reason we have to get oil from other countries is because the idiots in charge are turning all of ours off here with regulation. It will not end well for us. Please stop falling for the lies of the talking heads.

            1. “Vigano” and “Great Reset” (uh, no)
              “They spell it all out for you so you don’t even have to wonder if its true” (whaat?)

              Conspiracy theories, anyone?Have a cookie, julie.

              1. Those with eyes will see, those with ears will hear. Clearly my comment was not directed to you.

                1. Please stop promoting disinfo, conspiracy theories, and “Only I Have the Truth” extremism proffered by your personal-favorite talking heads.

            2. The conversation is about Ukraine, helping Ukraine people. Thats the objective here. I am a bit unclear what yours is? Solution let us here your solution?

              1. One of my main points is asking how do we know who is the good guy here and who is the bad guy here? Ukraine broke treaty with Russia and has threatened to join NATO, which obviously will ruffle Russia’s feathers. Helping the Ukraine people is a fabulous objective, but how do you propose we do that? Because right now, the tact being taken is to destroy our economy, send Ukraine a bunch of our tax dollars, which will never see the general population BTW, and to continue to say things like “no fly zones” which are acts of war from the US to Russia! I am sorry that people in Ukraine are being killed, but it is not our place to interfere. Our posterity are not helped by starting wars all over the place. Erik, you have children to consider now. Trump started zero wars. ZERO! But somehow his approach to Russia was worth impeaching him over?? Russia was kept at bay when we didn’t have an idiot running things. The solution was peace through strength, but that was not good enough for the war-mongers in power, on both sides of the aisle. If we want the world to be a better place, we have to project strength, and leave the rest of the world alone. This current “administration” is out for regime change, just like the Obama admin. Remember Libya? Egypt? Afghanistan? Are they better off now that we had to go in and give them regime change? Are they now peaceful “democracies”? Why should we be telling other countries who their leaders should be? All you hear on the news is talk of “democracy” and “protecting democracy”. First of all Ukraine is NOT a democracy, and never has been, and what could be more democratic then letting people choose their own leaders? They are so concerned with Ukraines “borders”, what about ours?? Is your life better with an open southern border? How does that help anyone? How many women and children are trafficked and raped in the process? Until we clean up our own house, we have no business interfering with the business of other countries. THAT is my solution.

                1. I see what you’re saying, but it’d be a mistake not to help Ukraine. The world made the mistake of not standing up to Hitler until he was an even worse threat than before. In their attempt to avoid getting involved, they ended up getting involved anyway because Hitler eventually threatened their countries.

    2. Russian oil imports accounts for 3% of our oil in the US. We were paying them $75 BILLION a day for oil. So please tell me how this is a bad idea.

  2. I agree, there are 9000 energy leases in the country but regulations prevent many of them being exploited.
    Allow fracking, open Alaska and off shore sites to drilling, and negotiate with Canada to import more oil.

    Increase the standards for new homes to consume less energy ( homes consume 40 percent of the energy in the country ) and allow a reasonable standard such as 2030 or 2035 to mandate that all new homes produce as much energy as they consume.

    I don’t understand how he thinks that funding Venezuela and Iran with oil purchases is going to improve our situation. If we are fighting against them for their support of terrorism, why would we fund htem with dollars?

  3. I know the Keystone pipeline would have brought thick sludge oil where it would be refined, and put on ships. We would get nothing from it. The pipeline was a threat to the water table. A leak could contaminate the water. Fracking causes earthquakes. I know this from living in Oklahoma. We went from two or three earthquakes a year to having hundreds a year. They have had to put limits on the fracking.

  4. Which countries are involved in this WW3? Will China, India, Japan and Australia be involved?

    1. Buddy you need to read the predictions. On the right side is a search engine type in WW3 or Red Flag Rising . The problem with nations is we are going to see the map change but Asia? But everything points to east vs west. Like it is now.

  5. You said WW3 starts in 2036? But conflicts and battless all the time before that? No peace with Russia?

      1. But you said WW3 starts in a year or so, you also said now and there you say 2036. We arent facing global famine right now.

          1. I see you have said East VS West. Will you be able to go into the specifics of the countries? Is it NATO vs Russia and China?

            You said the Evil blue one would Rise, Kazahkstan has a blue flag, used to be a part of Russia.

            Is Austrailia and New Zealand considered west?

            1. Nice catch yes my expectations is Blue will come from there. Uyger The nations are different. It would be like comparing nations from 1930 to 1950. It would be in error. From what I gather we return back to our roots of conquest. Boy did we just set that off. So there are mega nations of factions of west vs East.

              1. Nepal is my small country between India and China. Do you see them being take by either?

                1. Nepal! Your army is known for its ability of stealth. So i think that would be a huge mistake. Right now we are on a set system that only allows me to see what is coming next. So unfortunately only if Nepal is in the Global news would I know the happenings. I had several lives in Nepal. That entire region use to be my home. Nepal Tibet.

      2. Mankind should use strength and money to help this planet and nature, and not to weapons for wars!

        1. Ps. If famine.. absurd to use nuclear weapons, and destroy all green, nature.. suicide..

  6. What do you suggest is the best course of action from the west government to stop this war and the future worl wars?

  7. I was wondering if you know if I should be worried about a large earthquake in South Carolina, it concerning since we have had 20 earthquakes strike the midlands since December 27th

  8. Hi Eric, I was just listening to Russian political analyst and he said that Putin with his family are in underground city. It is an actual small city in Altai region where his palace was discovered last year. He thinks he is a messiah and will return back Russian/soviet power and not even closest circle can say anything otherwise.
    He is more than ready to press the nuclear button if necessary and is very very well protected.

    1. i think he has not that button, he only can give orders?.. I just wonder why any others listen to Putin any more,
      he is mad.

    2. I worry about the same thing. Putin’s actions remind me so much of Hitler before he was stopped. And his being isolated, with only sycophants to feed his fantasies, can’t be a good thing.

  9. Why does the US military have high level biological labs in Ukraine? Russia and China have voiced this concern, and then our government website deleted all records and the “fact checkers” from Reuters etc labeled it a conspiracy theory and said the us did not have labs in Ukraine. Yesterday, Nuland from the cia testified to Congress that Russia may be trying to overtake the bio labs in Ukraine (that supposedly don’t exist) and now it’s just supposed to be common knowledge that they are there like they didn’t berate anyone for questioning it a week ago. I’m mindblown by the in your face lies from this administration. It’s so brazen and callous. Who knows what to believe anymore?

    With all of that being said or rather vented, I wondered if that had something to do with the triangular vials from your predictions? Thoughts?

            1. I’m not talking about being under oath. I’m talking about people lying generally, be it in your media, in the street, in business and in general conversations.
              In most other countries a person can be bought to court for deliberate and wilful lying, but no so in the US as I understand it.

              1. Legal definition of lying: The most widely accepted definition of lying is the following: “A lie is a statement made by one who does not believe it with the intention that someone else shall be led to believe it” (Isenberg 1973, 248) (cf.21 Feb 2008 Google

            1. Were you talking to me Eric? You don’t think the vials are related or were you talking to Eric about being brought to court for lying?

              The only type of court that would persecute for lies would be if someone sues for defamation or libel in the US Pete, and our media has a profound way of avoiding those lawsuits knowing they intentionally lied by labeling it as “their opinion” instead of actual “news” like they try to sale it as. It’s honestly pathetic and is one of the main sources of the US’ downward spiral.

              1. ashton —
                “our media has a profound way of avoiding those lawsuits knowing they intentionally lied by labeling it as ‘their opinion””?

                No, ashton. Just ask Fox News.

                    1. I fully agree with that sentiment, Eric. Typically, I avoid conversing with Ed because I know we don’t share the same logic, but he makes unnecessary shallow digs at me virtually every time I post on this site. We don’t have to think the same, but we can agree to disagree, be respectful of one another, and simply move along.

    1. When Nuland was talking about the possibility of Russia overtaking labs in Ukraine, he might have meant Ukrainian labs. They aren’t necessarily American labs; surely Ukraine has science labs of their own. I could be wrong, but it sounded to me like Nuland was worried about Russia overtaking Ukraine’s labs, and then using the supplies to create a bio-weapon.

      The rhetoric coming from Putin, accusing America of planning something like that, suggests to me that Putin is really the one considering it. After all, he’s insisted over and over the last several months that he would not invade Ukraine, then he did just that. He insisted that Ukraine was threatening Russia, but they weren’t. Often, what Putin accuses others of doing, he himself is guilty of.

      I hope he’s not crazy enough to actually use a bio-weapon, but the fact that he’s deflecting the blame onto us before anything’s even happened yet suggests he’s setting the stage for it. I hope to God I’m wrong.

      1. They are funded by the us government. I could screen shot the documents but it won’t let me post photos here. I will try to find a link for you.

      2. I also think he is suffering from paranoia. Look how far he sits away from people visiting with him. His tables are unbelievably large. He didn’t used to do that. I don’t know if he genuinely feels threatened by the idea of Bioweapons being used against him or if he’s suffering from a mental break, but I feel that one seemingly simple sign really shows the state of his mentality right now.

        1. You’re right, I’ve seen those pictures of Putin sitting far away from everyone else–do they have to yell across the tables to hear each other?–and it could very well be paranoia.

        1. I don’t doubt that at all. Im not standing up for Russia by any means, I just don’t understand why our government seems to be hiding/withholding and suppressing information; yet again. Then they wonder why everything is shrouded in so much mystery and even conspiracy for that matter. They just outright lie regularly and it almost feels like they don’t see us as worthy of knowing the truth.

  10. In fact Putin plans biological and chemical attacks. There is also a risk with nuclear plants..
    He provokes larger war! It is a war crime to bomb innocent people, children, hospitals, infrastructure!!
    Zelensky said he is ready to discuss and give up Nato. Putin go on killing! He is mad!
    Everyone waits this nightmare end!

  11. I can’t even imagine what the Ukrainians are going through right now–entire cities are being shelled, children are dying, families split up, people have to flee their homes. Putin is a monster to have started all of this.

    And it’s not like this war benefits ordinary Russians in any way either, soldiers are dying because Putin views them as expendable, the soldiers’ families must be devastated. This war helps no one, but Putin clearly doesn’t care about that. I don’t know if he thinks he’ll get glory from occupying Ukraine or if he wants to bring back the USSR, but he’s hurting countless lives for it.

    I hope he’s removed from power, or at least forced to back off. I hope the world can come together enough to protect Ukraine.

  12. There is change happening in the world that it seems many Americans are not being informed on, and I put this especially as a response to Julie’s comments above.
    When Donald Trump started closing down trade agreements with China, insulting world leaders at G7 forums and rallying the ‘America for American’ banner with MAGA, the world didn’t stop still. She simply diversified her trade agreements and in particular, grew closer ties to China, India and Russia.
    With the removal of Trump and the tumultuous aftermath that has splintered the US to a point where it is highly unlikely any semblance of unity is again possible, world investors are looking for more stable markets to put their trillions.
    Currently, Russia is not perceived as a reliable place, but China and India are.
    Germany, in particular has strong trading ties with China. France is cautiously linking closer there as well. Australia’s trade with China is worth more than any other trading nation when it comes to raw materials.
    The Chinese Belt and Road program has almost all of South East Asia directly or indirectly signed up.
    That is a very powerful number of nations NOT fully backing the US any more, though many are hedging their bets now.
    America’s internal wrangling is heading her to a point of implosion and all the justifications under the sun of the many factions will not prevent this from happening.
    As my Spirit Friends said two years ago, The US Titanic is sinking while the passengers and crew argue about who was responsible.
    And from an outsider’s perspective, it grieves me so to see how such a wonderful nation is self destructing. Pete

    1. Pete your hate for Americans is starting to get boring and does nothing but undermine your stance on world events.

        1. Pete you just proved my point saying I have no love in my heart when you know nothing about me. No man of God that I know would do that.
          I base my previous statement from observations of your many many statements about Americans. If hate is not what you feel than you at least come across with a strong dislike towards us. That’s ok, I have traveled throughout this wonderful world of ours and have found some incredible people everywhere I’ve been. Seen some horrors but mostly really good people.

          1. “Pete you just proved my point saying I have no love in my heart.”
            I said no such thing. Did you miss the ‘IF’?

            “No man of God that I know would do that.”
            Please explain?

          1. My apologies Eric, I support what your trying to do here. I don’t want to distract from that. I’ve always tried to say only positive things here. I failed this time. Sorry.

    2. Adding to my original comment above comes this:
      “The US, the UK, Canada, South Korea, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, the EU: beyond this fortified coalition, very few nations have chosen to take part in the economic warfare set against the Putin government.

      On the contrary, many of the world’s largest nations – including China, India, Brazil, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, and even Nato ally Turkey – have refused to join in.
      “We will not blindly follow the steps taken by another country,” said Indonesia’s foreign ministry representative at a recent press conference.

  13. Julie, please stop promoting disinfo, conspiracy theories, and “Only I Have the Truth” extremism proffered by your personal-favorite talking heads.

    1. Conspiracy theory? Ed, you can go to and read all about it. Klaus Schwab has written multiple books about it, they sell them on amazon. They produced a video (actually multiple)…”you will own nothing and be happy…”. Its so easy to say “stop promoting conspiracy theories”, much more difficult to do the actual work of reading and educating yourself.

  14. hey eric. i stopped posting and reading comment sections on so many sites, because nowdays, everyone is a expert, reading articles on the internet, which does not have all the facts intact, everyone, can now pick apart any articles, that will match their belief systems and post it now as facts. everyone now have opinions, and get very angry, when someone else give their opinions which are different. so i try to bypass all peoples comments, and just read your main post. It gives me much inner peace! Thank you Eric and Pete, for all you do!

      1. Russia even tried to push bio-weapon propaganda when they invaded Georgia. So they have a history of this –>>

        A lot of the same people regurgitating Russia-China propaganda about Ukraine biolabs are the same ones pushing Covid disinfo about how Covid was a Chinese bioweapon created in Wuhan or that it was created in a Wuhan biolab and leaked out, whether intentional or not.

        1. Then why not just leave the information readily available? Why intentionally wipe it from the internet? Why say these labs don’t exist when clearly they do regardless of their purpose? That is what really bothers me. Plus there is an agreement from the DOD from approximately 2014 floating around that shows they were working with some of the worlds most dangerous viruses. Everyone is contradicting themselves, but that’s beside the point. In a weeks time, we have gone from no they absolutely don’t exist to oh they actually do exist but we’re only doing this and that. It was dishonest from the start and we are supposed to believe them now after they blatantly lied about it. It’s just frustrating. I want to believe our government works for the greater good of humanity as a whole, but in the past decade, I’ve really started having my doubts.

            1. What do you mean? Pretty much every news outlet, political podcast etc was discussing the fact that it was deleted. It’s not some big secret at this point and if you Google, I’m sure you can see the fact checkers saying it was only a conspiracy theory to begin with until the testimony before Congress.

              1. ashton, please cite the “pretty much.”
                Esp since you previously told us that “news outlet[s]” lie.

          1. Adventuersofashton

            You are much brighter and stronger than you have thus far realised.

            ” I’ve really started having my doubts.” Engage else where with people who sahre your doubts not those who don’t.

            All the best with a big smile.

  15. Julie, you insult people in every post with your claims of implied superiority, as if only you can discern Truth and all others are dismissables incapable of reading, research, and discernment.

    And I haven’t called you a single “name” — just requested that you refrain from the above behaviors.

  16. Many countries have all kind of labs and research, most Russia, China.. Russia wants to destroy Ukraine´s independence, steal all resources .. demilitarizate, make Ukraine weak, under total control.

      1. Eric how could we even survive a nuclear war, those weapons are so much more powerfull than what we bombed Japan with, a full scale Nuclear war would be a mass extinction level event, lets pray it never happen.

        1. It’s like Covid19 when the sh!# hits the fan we race to fix it. We do. Everything from living in places we would never live right now. To medicine designed for the moment.

      2. The most precious treasure.. Nature´s diversity, beauty.. plant diversity!! If it will be destroyd!
        I do not like virtual reality even now..

  17. Ukraine warned of intel that Russia plans to bomb Belarusian towns & villges, in a false flag op, for a casus belli with Belarus.

    “NEW: Russia has “inflicted airstrikes” on Belarus in a possible FALSE FLAG operation blamed on Ukraine to draw Putin’s ally into the war: Ukrainian internal affairs ministry. Russian assault aircraft bombed Ukrainian targets before launching airstrikes in Belarus, per stmt”

    Leader of Belarus had just met with Putin before this. Hopefully this will lead to the fall of Belarus’s leader if they get involved militarily now because he’s resisted getting involved militarily because he’s wanted to put on the appearance that Putin doesn’t control his actions.

    1. Ukraine says the Belarusian military is set to cross the border at 9 p.m. Kyiv time today. The Western branch of Ukraine’s Armed Forces urges all Belarusians to defy unlawful orders and stay away from Lukashenko’s stupid stunt.

  18. The Russian embassy claiming the maternity hospital they bombed was actually full of Nazis and the pregnant women seen fleeing it were just crisis actors is incredibly familiar to anyone who paid attention to the way war crimes denial played out in Syria.

    It’s amazing to see the formation of a new propaganda effort in real time to excuse murdering civilians. Fake hospitals, crisis actors, bioweapon labs, it’s almost textbook as this point. So transparent it’s hard to believe those buying in aren’t trolls or on the payroll. It’s pretty clear what these people would have been doing in the 1940’s. An army of Lindbergh’s crying out “fake news” at photos of death camps.

    I’ll add a favorite historical fact: there were people who didn’t believe the concentration camps were real and pointed to WW1 propaganda as the reason why it was a made up story. Fortunately for those people, there didn’t exist a platform to publish their thoughts to the world. Lol, realizing now some of these people talking about crisis actors are likely Holocaust deniers or revisionists as well, so maybe not as strong a parable as I would have liked.

    Can’t take Russia or its defenders serious when they keep saying with a straight face that they didn’t attack Ukraine and haven’t invaded it. Living on a different planet.

      1. Eric, Tulsi’s video that I have linked above is what I was talking about with the vials and the whole reason I brought it up here. I’m not trying to start drama, but sometimes it is so frustrating being treated like a incompetent fool for holding different beliefs based on my analysis of the events unfolding. Our country is sadly so divided, I hope and pray we can eventually overcome this division and come together in light of truth.

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