Мировое предсказание: война в России 

Please share this with our friends in Europe. Its a screen shot of all the Russian Predictions.

7 thoughts on “Мировое предсказание: война в России 

  1. Eric,
    Rather than do screen image shots, can you cut and paste the text instead?
    The reason I’m saying this is that text will not come up in google search results, if ithe text is in images

    1. I tried that it didn’t work. I will try and find a solution. Because your right its a bit cheap solution. I tried Google translate but then we lose the link. I am very open to a better way. Let me ask WordPress.

  2. Once you use Google translate, can you just cut the text and then paste it in a new WordPress page? (Control A followed by Control C to get the text, go to the other new wordpress page, control V to paste)… sorry if I’m writing something you already know about.

      1. I always do it that way. Just pay attention to this. Your text has 7635 characters. What Google Translate does is to translate the first 5000 characters in the first page and for the other 2635 you don’t have to copy/paste again that part, just click “next” and you’ll see that the translator already did the job in another page.

        There are always mistakes and misunderstoods… sorry, misunderstandings… but that’s better than nothing. 😉

          1. Yes, very acceptably.

            There are two ways to do it with youtube videos. A quick and easy one with a “poetry” format result, and a slow one with text format in which the translation is achieved in the duration of the video.
            It would be very convenient for you to learn these methods if you want to communicate many things orally or in writing. You would only have to concentrate on speaking clearly in front of the camera. The Youtube Transcriptor and the Google Translator would do the rest.
            This site in spanish tell how to do it. You could translate into english to understand it or do your own searching with the same question in english.


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