Future: Everything is Awesome

I am that man who predicted the rise of Covid19 and all the horrors that came with it well before it ravaged the world. I predicted the raging fires of Australia, the explosion heard during a sports game at the Paris Attacks. I predicted the January 6th Capitol attack and the trampling of liberty, and the Tongo Volcano mega eruption. I am doom and dread on tap. I am Darth Vaders nicer brother, why are you so mean Darth? I walk in the room and literally people scramble or scurry away. I use to tell people I am just like you. But honestly am I? Everyday I wake up, I get my coffee and start talking with the dead. When the phone rings its the twilight zone ring tone. So when everyone asks me about the distant future there is this assumption it all continues to go down the drain to oblivion of dread and horror leading inevitably to an apocalypse. Nope everything in the future is Awesome. Awesome!!!!

There is a part of our work here you haven’t seen yet. The distant predictions. WOW! We haven’t posted them for two reasons, we need to absolutely ensure timelines, as you know thats not our strength, and it just so beyond awesome its hard to believe that could ever happen. It sounds utterly fantastic. When I do the world predictions they normally warn me, this is a ’Now’ prediction and this is a ’distant’ prediction. From that very message one of two reactions will happen. With the predictions in the now it is always dread, like opening up a fridge and it has rotting food I have to clean out, oh wow this fridge smells. Whats in this bowl as I pull away the lid? Putin. Covid and all the lies that go with it is in another bowl of the fridge, the epic flooding coming soon in another bowl (big one guys), and humanity you really know how to stink up your fridge, sorry guys thats on you, I just predict the future I don’t make it. But distant predictions that is like Christmas on Christmas day and we are expecting a new Lexus if you know what I mean. It is exciting in every way. So here is a basic summary of things to come:

After WW3, when food is strained globally, in about 150 years a man will arrive who changes everything. The future calls him the Ambassador. The Spirits call him their King and I honestly believe they see this individual as their actual King. He is coming here! Within his lifetime he eliminates so much, War is dead, Racism is dead, Inequality is dead, and cures all around for Cancer, Autism knowledge, he just doesn’t stop. His solutions are odd and seem to have no relationship to the situation at hand but it works. Racism is destroyed by a Kids around the World program and yet everyone looks at it like there is no way this small solution solves racism. But it does!

Now when you get rid of War and hate, all of a sudden you are twiddling your thumbs, it is amazing how much heavy work we put into hating each other. Suddenly we have little to do, so with a renewed sense of righteousness, being pulled out of no where, we start eliminating all the problems. All of them. Its now mid millennium. Three great leaders will rise. The biggest of the three is a president who is looked at with enormous royalty. He is a Space pilot. Who convinces the world we should eliminate all of our issues. Poverty, Starvation, and a big push to get rid of our drug problem, the third fails.

Then it goes to a place not even I expected:

Seriously did you honestly think we are all alone in the universe. I mean really??? All those planets are just for us? We are babies barely out of diapers, but would you be surprised to know the Universe is filled to the rim with ’adults’. They have already moved on from all their issues and now pollenate the universe as one massive force. Its not like star trek, they do want to explore but the objective is totally different. Simply put they want to experience the best possible life imaginable for everyone. Everyone works as one to make that possible. That is their mission in life, and we join forces with that, a toddler among adults. When this happens:

We move towards the 30th century with all of that knowledge, all of that wisdom from the adults shift humanity in such a direction that makes them mega powerful. Not immortal but they live well into several 100 years and look like they are 27. Want to explore the surface of the sun! Sure we can do that tomorrow. We leap forward with absolute power.

We have looked as far as the 41st Century. In that Century its like looking at Greek Gods. We can do things beyond the norm, fix planets, alter time, manipulate space. We start to stray a bit and Arrogance rises, division forms. To be fair its not all roses and buttercups. In the 37 Century there is a massive problem with our Sun. It is literally one of the biggest issues humanity faces. But the problem with each other is over.

How does it all end. Honestly when I asked them that, they showed a human race now moving onward, to the other side of the universe and beyond and that transforms us into something slightly better, so humanity is replaced by a new us. We look to the stars only to remember one of those planets use to be our home.

So thats the sum of events as I looked several pages ahead. Just thought you should know why I am so happy while predicting all of your horrors today. I know the future. I know tomorrow will be so fantastical. So unbelievable. So much like one of the greatest movie’s ever made, but I am just that guy that predicted Covid, what do I know? But I can do this job, I can predict your horrors knowing everything in the future is awesome. It really is Awesome.

(Love you Emmet)

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  1. Do you mean life on this planet will end in WW3 ? Nuclear weapons used?
    But not now?

    1. Nuclear war is coming in decades. It is BAD! The players ironically are the same, west vs east. It is how WW3 begins. Sorry I am so blunt, and that sounds like you might need a Valium now, but know that it is changeable otherwise this work is in vain. It can be altered.

      1. War sounds bad but but your posting also brings a feeling of calm knowing we as a people have an awesome future. Thank you Eric

        1. Yes. Spirit described WW2 as a time when we just destroyed all the furniture all the stuff in our own home. But we replaced it with new furniture. WW3 is described as a moment when we damaged our own house, set a fire in our own home, parts of if damaged for centuries, and it is that which promotes world peace. The leader that takes us to peace comes a bit later.

          1. decades, that is not comforting… if me and my would be future family could end up in that terrible future scenario regarding nukes it kind of disappoints me that no space or divine intervention will prevent it, seems really cruel because of the actions of a few (because its always the few that set us up on paths of destruction). It almost feels like a guilty verdict, but everyone is forced to be a part of it.

            I’m sorry Eric, just reading that kind of made me upset. It just makes me ill where many people are forced to experience the worst of the worst should it come to that, I hope they understand dying extremely painful deaths is not something humanity wants to experience.

            Sometimes I wonder if I was a critic during my soul phase before I was reincarnated back here (or maybe I wasn’t a critic, who can say). I think the neutrality in the most extreme situations is not exactly a good thing, I hope Micah, Macabe, and Darcy understand why I feel that way. If I knew one of my creations was on the verge of mass destruction I would do everything in my power to prevent such a scenario from happening if I could, and may likely and harshly scold said creations for letting it get that far.

            But regardless

            We’re going to need to figure something out while we can at this moment to prevent this from happening entirely since I have no idea how long your blog will be around, isn’t there some way to prove to the mainstream that divine and psychic works are a real thing?

            Ultimately what can we do to break down the west vs. east mentality? It seems like it is always the cause of the world’s woes in modern times.

            This feels incredibly frustrating.

            I’ll be honest here, I find myself at odds with God or Father Spirit or whatever we want to call him (I prefer Father Spirit) at times on why things must be this way, its just too much. Sometimes I get mad at him when extreme things happen on Earth, but then later apologize only because I’m frustrated at the human limitations to prevent things from happening.

            I don’t doubt the power of prayer, but its the evil few that seem to get their way too much over the centuries of humankind and are just allowed to trample on us, right now its a miracle we’re holding off Putin and I pray with all my heart he stops his madness. Also during all this right now I’ve come to learn the missteps of NATO, EU, and the USA. It seems like everyone is guilty right now in this to a varying degree that led up to this (which could have been entirely prevented back in the early 1990s), there is going to be a lot of truth that needs to be untangled from the lies once this is over.

            And this goes to a point I heard from one psychic the other day, and its been ringing in my mind “What is right and What is Wrong?” since not everything is what it seems.

            Sorry to be a debbie downer since I know this is supposed to positive prediction today, but WW3 being within decades absolutely freaks me out.

            1. You don’t know it but they have stepped in 4 different times to alter our doom. Four! One was the Adults stepped in. That one floored me a bit but I will put my foil hat away for now. But they would never tell you any of that. Thats the way the creator works, let lighting crash and let them wonder if God was ever there.

            2. Can we prove that God exist. That spirits exist. I asked them that very question and they said absolutely its called death. I dropped it after that, they kinda have a point.

            3. Evil? Here is my message about that. I know its broad but really think about this. We start our exist in heaven all touting how great and noble we will all be. These are beings we are stuck with for millions of years, so why not come here, prove it. Show us your noble side, show us empathy, show us love, love, love and then slowly move to the grown up table. But bigger than that the tables in heaven shift. Imagine having to sit next to Benny Madoff for the next 10,000 years? His colors now show he has no place at our grand table. But your right suffering and cruelty are rampant here on earth. Not really like that in other places. Its ours to fix. All of it. Does anyone on this entire site believe that the color of skin has anything to do with class or status?? Raise your hand. Because the silence is killing me. Why then are we all still following that path! OMG why do we still have racism then!?? When do we fix it! And its all of them looking down at us and then looking at their watches! Like anytime now humanity. Fix it. You made it, you fix it Thats them in a nut shell.

              1. Late reply to this, but this was very information, especially the first part.

                Now I’m curious what those four incidents were.

      2. Horrible.. we have so beautiful nature.. birds, animals, trees, flowers..
        wonderful life..
        poetry, music..

      1. Please tell that Ukrainians while siting in the comfortable USA far far away from Europe. Like I said – americans will never understand the relationships of Europe and Russia. Russia has always terrified and terrorized Europe from Helsinki to Berlin. Russia has never invaded America. Russia has occupied European countries for over 300 years. One thing is watching it all on TV. The other thing is living as a neighbour country to a dictator or international terrorist.

        1. I have born and live in Finland, i really understand! I am very unhappy to see what happens in Ukraine.
          There never have been freedom in Russia.

        2. Land11, because you have come to my site a few times, as well as here, asking similar questions, I feel compelled to take you to task, but in a caring and hopefully helpful way.
          And this doesn’t just apply to you: There are others living in ‘lower-chakraville’.

          It’s not enough to ask questions without respect to the answers given.

          For example, Eric’s reply to you “You create the future. You. It’s yours, give it hope.”

          What did that mean to you? Do you believe you can ‘create’ the future, as Eric intimates?

          Haven’t my Spirit Friends, ad nauseam, and Blog after Blog, not been confirming the extremely worrying time ahead that Eric and other mediums have been receiving from Creation?

          Human intervention won’t work in this new Age. Wars have only created other wars further down the track.

          Each of us has to ‘form’ a direct line with the Source, as Eric and I and other mediums have been trying to show for years.

          Go back over Eric’s Truths. Read them slowly and with a sense of them being written by a Higher Power. Between the lines lies the the Real Truth.

          Please Land11, and all of you that are harbouring fear in your hearts remember the only true ‘demand’ that Jesus gave us: FEAR NOT.

          Concern, apprehension, worry etc should be all triggers for us to go straight to that ‘quiet space’ and put those unsettlers to the Heavens in meditation.

          That is where your Peace lies. That is where your Contentment lies. That is where the Knowing of all things holds your Answers.

          Meditate, meditate, meditate PLEASE. Pete

  2. I remember a time when the world was happier and ironically the time was when there was no internet. I read an article recently that rap music is something different than when it started years ago and it is full of hate and violence and that is the future the kids are tuning into. What happened to the days of just enjoying the radio in the car or picking up a phone and having a conversation with somebody. Hopefully the future is because the internet is taken down and we can get back to the good old days.

      1. The future prediction shows me that if we all work together with love and prayers. Maybe we can turn things around to help now.

              1. Some facts, quickly.
                The language of Jesus was Aramaic, it is a language than cannot be written.
                His Our Father was an action: It was his Meditation.
                It was the Gospel writers that gave us a verbal interpretation.
                Watch a person using sign language and doing an interpretation of the Our Father.
                Meditation IS prayer in is purest form.

    1. You must be a young person. Rap music did not start years ago. It started DECADES ago!

    1. Nice catch Sara. Tim Scott-Republican SC Senator. VP for Trump? Or he goes rogue and branches out to run as a candidate? Doesn’t fit the military description but who knows? Maybe the military man description is for some country like Russia. Look at Putin-Runaway freight train. Just thoughts not hard core opinion. Not seeing how Trump could ever be reelected-far removed.

  3. How I just love happy headlines even though only my reincarnated self will experience the awesomeness to come.

  4. I love * kid around the World‘ fills me with joy that it can be changed and in the eyes of children we see joy and hope. With all, the evil in the world , l need to see the hope of things to come. We can all make a difference even in a small way , it all adds up , well that’s what l hope and believe . Thank you x

  5. Hello Eric,
    do you really mean that Putin is going to use nuclear and start ww3 now,is the conflict with ukraine leading to that?
    God help us

  6. I agree Eric the future is not set in stone, but if we don’t change something the outcome will happen so it is up to us. I have always cared about people and animals but when my Father passed away in the end of 2016 my empathy for people and animals really became stronger especially for animals, I hate to see any of them suffer. I wish we as a species would develop more empathy for each other and animals it would be a much better place. God bless you and everyone here, my one wish is to hear from my Father again maybe someday i will.

    1. Oh I wouldn’t worry to much. I think there is this misunderstanding of who we are messing with. This idea that the world and the universe will just continue to allow us to ruin it all. No. I mean wow look at what’s happening to us right now. The universe is striking back. The universe will fight to protect its own.

  7. I really thought we would meet aliens this lifetime and we could live more than 150 years. Knowing none of these things happen until after 150 years makes it not exciting.

    1. John I don’t mean to put my foil hat on but they have been here a few times already. We will actually see them again during WW3 and then soon after the war. But living among them not happening at all anytime soon.

      1. A couple examples that come to mind would be WW2 pilots seeing balls of light, also called “foo fighters,” following their aircrafts during the war; or UFOs shutting down US-Russian nukes during the Cold War — and in some cases even shooting down dummy warheads during test flights (Ex-US Air Force First lieutenant Robert Jacobs testimony being an example of that).

        From what I’ve heard, the disclosure that’s occuring right now from the gov’t won’t be about aliens in our universe, but rather multi-dimensional beings from the multi-verse.

  8. Hey Eric, what an unbelievably exciting looking future, it really makes your hairs stand up in awe. Almost like the spoilers to an epic movie plot. Speaking of which, a character from the disney film Encanto reminds me of you – you might enjoy the film!

    What does communication with the Spirit realm look like in the future? Does it evolve? I wonder what issues, both socially and intellectually, the titans of the universe are dealing with, or if their knowledge is complete.
    Thanks for this Eric, its a refreshing reassurance in times of gritted teeth and tension.

    1. Wow thats giving more spoilers but here you go and yes I love that movie! 🤗 The core of our power and the ability to predict the immediate future has one specific purpose that outweighs anything I do here. We are navigators. Think about having someone like me sitting by Star Trek captain and me giving constant flow of info. “Don’t go left captian.. its Eric talking and stir the ship right?” More than that travel through space amplifies our power 10 fold. You see how that benefits everyone. That future is our moment.

    1. Yes. The prediction is there. I honestly expect that to be the next shoe to drop, chaos, anarchy, revolution, but from Russia itself. Violence on an epic scale. Terror attacks. All at Russias door like some Karmic horror. But the prediction leaves the message with the enemy at Putins door.

      1. You mean the Russian people will make a revolution and kill Putin? How soon could that happen? Weeks or months? Also what about Russias next president?

      2. I have the same intuition. People want to be free . Not KGB-men any more. Putin cares only about his ego and power. Young people in Russia are cosmopolitan, educated.

        1. I worry Russia will split between the young enlightened cosmopolitans and the old guard, brain washed and bitter. The young ones leaving in their droves to a more liberal environment and the old guard, hated by the world. Ruined by sanctions, becoming even more filled with hostility, self righteousness and paranoia, they justify kicking off WW3.

            1. I read once that war as we know it started with the discovery of metals and horse riding. There’s always been arguments and hostility, with people shouting at each other and occasionally throwing a spear. But after these events you’ve got people with speed as an advantage and the ability to do real damage. That means you need protection which leads to oppression which is formalized into a feudal system. This enables the large armies to be organized which can clash with others. So it goes on down the ages, tragedy heaped on tragedy. All for greed.

  9. Hi Eric, firstly thank you for all you do. Secondly (genuine question), it appears from your vision that the positive future arises as a result of the very very negative results of WW3….therefore, if WW3 doesn’t happen or is delayed, then does that alter the positivity and bright future to come?
    I pray and pray that there is no such war of course, but curious to understand your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    1. Its actually the opposite. The King is coming. It has been announced to the Universe, to the Spiritual realm. The King is coming. Which means the darkness is doomed to be evicted. WW3 is there final push before the eviction. Like a wild animal cornered. His arrival is their F you. They have been in charge for wow, 10000 years. Its time for them to go. Everything happening right now is their utter panic.

  10. Wow! Thanks Eric, that was awesome and beautiful. It really cheered me up in these dark times.

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