Bulgaria Protesters Storm Parliament

This prediction has happened. The ticking in the prediction below seems to be the multiple times this event happens in 2022, just in January alone we have seen the Kazakhstan government resign, Sudan Prime Minister resign, and now the Bulgaria Parliament. Belarus your on the list in this future timeline, just letting you know change is coming for you too. The kings will fall.

Whats Coming in 2022 I had a vision. I was looking at a chessboard; then, I became a part of the chessboard. I walked through this large beautiful marble, cold, stony floor at night. There were life-sized pieces, then on both sides, black and white chess pieces fell. First the king, then a queen, then another king. They all begin to fall. They were replaced by pawns and bishops. I could hear ticking, ticking, ticking, as the board circled like a clock, then the board was forever different. 

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  1. The Bulgarian protesters are anti-vaccers. Bulgaria has the lowest vaccination rate in Europe and a high rate of infection.

    1. It’s now common knowledge that getting vaccinated does not protect you from getting infected or spreading the virus. More people have died in 2021 with wide use of vaccines than 2020 when vaccines were not available. Recently 49 cruise ships with all double vaxxed people on board all had breakthough COVID cases. The media
      had no poor unvaxxed souls to blame. These Bulgarians are fed up with the whole Vaxx Con job.

      1. With all due respect, the most serious cases of Covid in hospitals are mainly people who are unvaccinated. More people have died in 2021 than in 2020 not because of the vaccines, but because so many people are now refusing to wear masks/social distance/get vaccinated. In 2020, when it started, people were more willing to listen to reason, but now there’s so much misinformation going around, people have gotten impatient, and now there are a lot of people being tricked into thinking either that the virus isn’t serious, or that the vaccines kill. The higher death toll isn’t due to vaccines, but the lies being spread.

        Is the vaccine perfect? No. Are there break-though cases? Yes, but vaccines still offer some protection, and even break-through cases are less severe than they would have been without a vaccine. This isn’t a “con job”, this is a pandemic, and the virus is mutating and changing as we struggle to contend with it, and even if vaccines aren’t 100% effective, they have saved lives and prevented people from getting even sicker than they would have been.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as sick of the pandemic as you are, I want life to return to normal. But that won’t happen if people keep ignoring guidelines. Not wearing a mask doesn’t mean a quicker return to normalcy, it just puts people at higher risk of getting sick. Emergency room nurses and doctors have been overwhelmed by cases, and they’re exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. I feel so sorry for them, they’re putting their lives on the line for everyone else.

        1. Hi Sara, please explain to me why the continent of Africa with the biggest population in the world with the lowest vaccination rate, because they can’t afford them, also has the lowest death rate for Covid? the one glaring exception is south Africa where vaccination are plentiful and yet South Africa has more Covid deaths than all the rest of Africa combined. There is a reason why there are so few deaths in unvaxxed Africa but the media and the drug companies are not going to spell it out for you because they don’t want anybody to know. p.s. and it’s not about wearing masks which by the way doesn’t stop viruses.

          1. Africa does not have the biggest population in the world. China and India do. But that goes to the point. Your information is just so utterly off.

          2. Hi I come from Kenya and I find your comment a bit hilarious side. You speak what you have read without doing any research.
            All kenyans have been given free vaccinations. So whether we can afford it or not does not come into equation. Most of us have been vaccinated. and those that haven’t – follow rules.
            and your comment that wearing masks doesnt stop viruses is nonsense. We here have a lower rate of infection – because actually follow the rules of wearing masks and self hygiene. We may not like the rules our govt imposes on us – but we are adult enough to know that wearing masks and keeping safe distance not only saves us but our brothers.
            And South Africa is the one place where they behave like you guys in America or Europe.. thinking about yourselves only and not giving a damn about fellow travellors.
            Hope this answers your question.

              1. Happy New Year Eric.. Agreed not all Americans are like that.
                But some comments made without doing proper research still make me laugh – 😄

              1. Oh so you know better than the person who lives in Kenya?
                We are being vaccinated slowly..
                Most people I know have now had boosters.
                You wantto follow Qanon – thats your perogative.. but maybe use logic than sprouting unconfirmed statistical nonsense

                1. The stats I gave you are not from a conspiracy website
                  it’s medical data gather from your country
                  I’m sorry that the statistic don’t line up within your circle of reality
                  but those are the facts I don’t publish those facts
                  so why are you complaining to me
                  You just need to educate yourself before telling people
                  everybody is vaccinated in your country when in fact the rate of vaccination is very low
                  have a muffin
                  maybe two or three

                    1. The medical people who put those statistics together seem to know more than you do. I only provided you the information I did not create it. I don’t understand why you are picking a fight with me?
                      please eat some muffins

                    2. But there not doctors. Your misinformation hurts people. That’s why we are all against these falsehoods. Also follow the rules please.

            1. Actually, masks don’t work. A friend of mine is a bartender and has two small children that double mask to school and he double masks at work. His entire family got Covid last week. So tell me why do you think masks work: I have a house call grooming business and have not worn a mask the entire pandemic. And neither has my boyfriend. His 88 yr old who lives with us got Covid from her work. We took care of her and still never got it. And we tested negative for it. So how well do masks work for not getting it?

        2. Unfortunately people please understand and research who owns 90% of the media. Do your research. Getting your info from the news is not the way to gather info. Be very careful

            1. ED, Rupert Murdoch, owns 90% of the media, what he gives is not news, but entertainment,
              if he thinks left or right has to win, than he writes wrong over the other party,
              so lots of politicians are afraid for Murdoch sharp tongue and that only to sell more
              TV time and papers etc. they should take his world imperium off, to much power.
              So who is now a days buying a paper or watch tv. ?, maybe some older people.

      2. More people have died of drug doses in the USA in the same time period than have died of covid.

        That’s your virus right there, the structure and people that allow it to happen.



        1. Drug overdoses are a serious problem, agreed, and we need to do more about it. But that doesn’t change the facts in emergency rooms across the country: they’re being overwhelmed with rising Covid cases, that’s a major problem too, and needs to be taken seriously. Preferably, people should take both Covid and drug overdoses seriously.

    1. Hi Ed
      that report ignores one very important fact
      Africa is a big user of the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin
      the same drug that kills Covid
      the same drug used in India to stop the spread of Covid and reduce deaths

      1. No offense Tom Africa does not have the highest population of the world. You stated that as if it were fact. But it’s not. Now this? What proof do you have of this? I hope it wasn’t the same that gave you population numbers.

        1. ok Africa has one of the largest population in the world
          do you feel better now
          if I counted all the wrong date predictions you have made Eric
          the list would be long

            1. here is my prediction Eric
              one day when you stand before your maker
              he will show you how full of yourself you were on earth
              and you will not be smiling

              1. Tom buddy what happened! Aren’t you the same person who criticized me for my fear mongering world predictions. Yours is beyond apocalyptic. Here have a cupcake 🧁 be happy. Just an fyi the nation of China has 1.4 billion, just that one nation. Africa the entire continent is 1.2 billion. Asia has 4 billion.

                1. I was hoping that you would respond to my future prediction but all I got was another geography lesson
                  and more offers of cupcakes.

                1. Thank-you for your kind and loving words ED
                  I’m sure that your Creator is so proud of you right now
                  and I’m sure you will be openly rewarded in Heaven before all the Angels
                  Your uplifting words will be engraved on the streets of gold
                  for all of Heaven’s citizens to behold

                  1. Your words:
                    “one day when you stand before your maker
                    he will show you how full of yourself you were on earth
                    and you will not be smiling”

                    Not at all kind and loving.

      2. Tom, here a medical study on the use of Ivermectin for treatment of Covud in India -https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34265236/

      3. Tom:
        “A big user” is not empirical data, Try again — and cite peer-reviewed studies.

        1. Ivermectin is an off patent drug
          so drug companies are not going to spend big money
          doing trials on a generic drug
          The government of Mexico has done a big IVERMECTIN study
          and this retired british doctor reviews the results of that study

            1. what’s wrong with Mexico?
              does Mexico make you grumpy?
              have one of your own muffins
              you’ll feel right as rain

      4. Also, Tom, re: India —

        “The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) confirmed on September 24, 2021, it has removed usage of Ivermectin and Hydroxycholoquine from its approved COVID-19 treatment guidelines.
        “Experts at the ICMR did not find enough evidence for Ivermectin and Hydroxycholoquine as potential therapeutics targeted against COVID-19, stated Samiran Panda, head of epidemiology and infectious diseases at ICMR.”


          1. Tom —
            There is absolutely no peer-reviewed controlled study confirming this and discounting other variables; India has opposed ivermectin use outside of legitimate clinical trials; and local clickbait newspapers are not medical/scientific sources.

            1. you obviously did not read the story ED
              and you have made up your mind that Ivermectin does not work
              your mind is closed to anything to any other mode of treatment other than experimental vaccines
              which do stop you from getting the virus or spreading it
              All the best to your narrow and rigid position
              I hope it works for you

      5. Really? Stop spreading news that you have not researched on..we all know here in Kenya that Invermectin has been hyped and has not helped anyone. I have had friends who have had covid and been hospitalised and not one person was treated with invermectin.
        Also btw – I am an Indian Kenyan and no India also does not use Invermectin to help Covid.
        Maybe you should change where you get your news. You are being wrongly programmed 🤷‍♀️

  2. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but opinions are not always facts, when I hear some idiot say Covid is a hoax or nothing but the flu I just want to grab then by the throat and shake the stupid out of them, back in March I had Covid and it was bad and thank God for the Mono Clonal antibodies I received at the hospital or I would not be here today, and still till this day I have issues with my smell and taste, I smell smoke all the time and certain foods taste strange to me.. So no Coxid is not the flu bottomline. I am fully vaxxed and boosted, it doesnt mean I cant get Covid again but what it does is protect me from going to the hospital or dying.

  3. In 1960 it was reported the Polio vaccine could cause cancer. I could very well be one of the 100 million children that received that vaccine and got cancer 60 years later but of course I’ll never be able to prove that.
    In 2011 it was reported that the CIA recruited a doctor in Pakistan to run a fake vaccination drive while they gathered DNA from his relatives in order to locate and capture Osama Bin Laden.
    There are now more hospitalized Covid cases among fully vaccinated and boosted patients than there are unvaccinated. I believe that was Australia or New Zealand.
    People have legitimate reasons and fears to remain unvaccinated.

      1. In Australia we have more than 90% double vaccinated and lots of had their boost already and more than half is unvaccinated in Hospitals in ICU.
        We do not like people come in on false information and unvaccinated.(tennis), it does not matter who you are, rules are rules for every one, we have been here to long in lock downs and do all our best to protect every one to get the Covid.

        1. It just seemed to me the Tennis player was only thinking about me, me, me, and not any of the other tennis players. How could you be so risky with other lives. I also saw the two reporters on AUnews just cursing out the tennis player thinking the camera was off, I kinda agreed with their vulgar understanding of the tennis scandal. Someone have that video?

        2. The tennis player is showing the people how a healthy person is being treated because of absurd requirements and restrictions in Australia and other places. It is clear by now that no matter whether you are vaccinated or not you can carry this virus just like any other virus and that you can get sick even if you are vaccinated (which is not the case with vaccines against other diseases). He is no threat to anyone more than any other player who is healthy. The history will remember that he was right in the end. This is not about Australia but how healthy people who do not want to get vaccinated by choice are treated. He just happens to be noticed but these things happen also to other healthy people who somehow have to prove they are healthy to enter a shop or a cafe. Is it not absurd?

    1. I think this thread lost track of who the enemy here is. Covid19 is the enemy. Maybe we should focus on that. For all those against the vaccine, I hear your no. But I don’t hear a solution.

      1. Listen to dr Peter McCullough’s interview on Joe Rogand podcast. To be honest, I feel the solution is to find therapeutic drugs, similar in concept to tamiflu for the flu. We will never fully eliminate the virus; it’s endemic. It is capable of infecting animals just as humans leaving vectors for transmission and mutation even if it were possible to vaccinate the human population in its entirety at once. Furthermore, these boosters every 4-6 months are unsustainable and will eventually be halted due to the imposed risks of dwindling immune reactions. Just my opinion with the extent of my knowledge/education, but I guess we will see.

          1. Ed-

            That vector of “misinformation” happens to be one of the most cited drs in the national library of medicine throughout the covid-19 pandemic with over 600 citations referencing his work. Big pharm is known to smear dissenters, and has been for ages. In fact, it was just brought up due to a FOIA request displaying the NIH using a smear campaign to cast doubt on dissenting opinion on the Congress floor. Unfortunately big pharma does not look out for our best interest. It’s about the money, and would they make money if the world was healthy?

            1. For the record, I’m not saying that covid isn’t real, that the vaccine is deadly, etc. but it is clear to me and most that it isn’t doing a good enough job to continue implementing this strategy. The benefits do not outweigh the risk at this point. Time to find better options, and that is why I think early onset therapeutics will be the breakthrough that finally gets us out of lockdowns by easing people’s anxieties. Covid is here to stay, we need to learn to live with it.

              1. I totally agree! We took this vaccine from the same a$$ that pushed us all over the cliff with its pain killers for the almighty dollar. I get the resistance. But my argument is we lost sight of who the real enemy is and that enemy is kicking our …
                Perhaps a refocus is needed.

            2. adventures:
              “Most cited” by whom, in what context?
              And he’s a cardiologist, not an epidemiologist or viral/infectious disease MD.

              Presumably you’re rejecting all “big pharma” efforts, interventions, and medications …

              1. Actually Ed, I am in the medical field, have Crohn’s disease and greatly appreciate modern medicine. I’m speaking facts, not conspiracy, you just don’t want to hear them. Feel free to “fact check” anything I have mentioned.

    2. Not sure where you’re getting your statistics from, but our Ministry of Health in New Zealand reports of the 599 cases hospitalised with Covid, only 45 were fully vaccinated. All others were either partially vaccinated (116) or unvaccinated (438). The country has 93% vaccination rate for those eligible. I think this shows they definitely work. Please research your data in the correct places and don’t spread misinformation.

  4. From South Africa: With Omicron, vaccines protect against severe symptoms/hospitalisation and death. Previously, things had a different outlook- it is past tense.. We need to keep up with the times! Covid evolves and so must us. Whatever we have that’s still to our advantage, is something to be thankful for! That being said, while we are still extremely careful, schools here started yesterday (Wednesday)… I hope it will not cause more problems… already had Delta in the house due to schools. Mercifully, our teenage daughter had her 2nd Pfizer on Monday… 2 days before schools reopened. She had Delta beginning of August and got vaccinated on the 1st day 12-18’s had the opportunity (20 Oct 2021). I just think the world is very seriously underestimating the psychological impact of covid/pandemic- especially on the youth!!

    1. Landi, I agree with you and wish your daughter, and family, the best in these stressful times.

  5. Both sides are right. Those who want to protect themselves with THIS vaccine and those who want to stay health by alternative means (that do exist).

    What matters is that restrictions are useless. The wave lasts 3 months no matter whether you have restrictions or not. So when do we lift restrictions is the question! Are the restrictions kept for whose interest and why?

    Scandinavian countries have started treating Covid like a common flu which it is. Just like with a flu everyone has a choice. So lets stop polluting the world with tests, masks, syringes and so on. Less chemicals for everyone in the new year!

    1. Both sides are right? There are 5,540,902 people that might strongly disagree with you. Let again remember who the enemy here is and it ain’t the vaccine.

        1. Tom, but Covid deaths are on top of those respiratory deaths. OK some may cross over, but a lot of people without pre-existing respiratory problems have died of Covid. Why are you even comparing them?

          1. only 25% are cross over because the CDC just admitted this week that all the Covid deaths were with people that had 5 or more underlying issues other than Covid. Over 17 million people die of heart disease each year; world wide, but politician doesn’t seem care about those people smoking, drinking and eating junk food because there are no mandates limiting how many bags of chips I can stuff my face with or how many bottles of whiskey I can guzzle down or sticks of butter I can eat each day. If the media and the government don’t care about 17 million deaths each year from heart disease why would the media care about 2 million people dying from respiratory disease?

    2. if there were more people like you blue sky
      who make a lot of sense and see things
      as they truly are we would not be in the present
      mess we are in now

  6. People do die of other diseases and we do not get obsessed about numbers. It is so easy to manipulate the numbers. I go by the facts that I get from talking with people that I have known for years.

    Among the unfortunate 5 million nobody knows how many people had other health issues to cope with. There has been pressure to list Covid as the cause of death even when it is not clear whether they die because of Covid or something else while on the contrary when people died from vaccines the cause of death was mostly covered up. I know Eric that you are pro-pharma and pro-drugs but you cannot deny that vaccines also cause death and severe long-term effects in some instances. Therefore, everybody should have a choice and freedom to listen to their bodies before making a decision. Both sides are right but need equal freedom to make the choice.

    From my perspective we need to move away from restrictions, and be human again instead of being propped up with artificial means. Polish scientists have now identified the gene for severe Covid and it is said that it is easily identifiable. Also, for those who need it drugs have been developed already against Covid. However, big pharma is trying to delay the development of drugs because it would not give them the same profit that vaccines do. Again this is a fact that I heard from a scientist that I know. With your ability Eric you can easily detect that I tell the truth.

    Virus to me is not the enemy. It was created by humans unfortunately as I stated here already before. A friend of mine was speaking to Chinese people from Wuhan on the plane in February 2020. So I heard this story before the first wave. To me the enemy is those who have created the virus and those who have imposed restrictions under the pretext of this virus.

    1. Blue Sky you are a breath of fresh air on this board. Your clear insight and reasoning is a pure delight to read. This board needs more people like you. God bless and thank-you for sharing.

    2. Again well said Blue Sky, you have a good head on your shoulders and a big heart in your chest. This world need clear thinker like you!

  7. Yes, you are right. We have differences. Though I do not agree with all of my friends either. To me this virus is a natural evolution of human greed and disregard for all other beings and life in general on this planet.

    I see much more danger in how this virus is being used by different groups of humans to oppress others than in the virus itself. It is the restrictions and greed to earn more money on people’s misfortunes. The virus will not be eliminated – there were coronaviruses before (we just did not pay much attention to them) and there will be after. Like rats they perform a specific function even if you do not like them. Like insects that suck our blood – their approach is an indication that one is healthy because they know where the best food is.

    Thank you for your frank and honest statement.

    1. We have that in common, their greed is unwavering. These are the same pharmacy that pushed us all over the cliff with its pain killers for greed, while refusing to apologize for anything.

  8. It was August 2019 my Spirit Friends said there was a siege coming that would invade the world: Covid 19
    In March of 2020 my Spirit Friends said this pandemic would morph and mutate and every time we thought we had it beat, it would pop out in a different form.
    In August/Sept 2021 my Spirit friends said Covid would hit severely the northern hemisphere’s current winter.
    Right from day one, my Spirit Friends said we must vaccinate, isolate, sanitise/cleanse and wear masks where and when advised.

    Australia has a free/low cost hospital, medical and pharmaceutical system that does NOT feed the ‘Big Phama’ industry. In fact, much of the research that gave us the vaccines, came from research here in Australia after the early 1990’s Hendra virus outbreak …. The Sars that transferred from bats to horses.
    Of the 12 individuals behind and promoting the anti vax movement, none would be permitted to practice medicine here in Australia as their credentials are not world recognised.
    I don’t mean to be offensive, but anyone relying on American Covid news without researching via WHO and CoVax are simply fooling themselves and their loved ones.

    Sorry Eric because I differ from your predictions: This virus hasn’t even begun to show it’s true colours. Pete

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