What is Coming in 2022

Whats in store for 2022. Finally right! This is just an overview, three separate messages for the world to sum up the year. Where is the Third? We put it on hold on the last minute. It definitely starts in 2022 but something that won’t finish in a years time, so we excluded it, but it is awesome final message to add to the two here. We will add it later in January.
All world predictions will have a written format. so that the wording can never be altered or misconstrued. There must be complete transparency to all World Predictions. So please be patient as I rewrite this novel cutting out the extra foolish comments.

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4 thoughts on “What is Coming in 2022

  1. I honestly didn’t explain something very well in the message. My rude behavior in the message, is more a sas I have with Spirit. A running joke, I would never be disrespectful. That’s the joke.

  2. My guess is that 1919 is the year of the Spanish Flu and the race itself is basically how we beat COVID-19 and adversity. But then, it could also mean a new space race or a cold war within the three superpowers.

    As for the chessboard and the clock… It could mean that time is running out for something and that the chessboard might be between democracy and authoritarianism. One move would be a checkmate. That’s just my guess!

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