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Reading with Eric Leigh-Pink, contact Bea at   Share your experiences talking with the Spirits!

As we come back on line a few changes are on the horizon.
With the foster children just now starting their Covid19 Vaccine shots we are excited to announce the In Person Readings should start in January. Those of you in both Mexico and Los Angeles, give me a bit more time to organize those trips, (end of January) Thank you all for your patience, its been a long time since I did a reading without a phone.

We are still doing ‘Gift’ readings especially for both of our Happy New Years and of course Christmas. (Chinese New Years and Our New years). With Gift readings you pay for the reading. then, give Bea all your loved ones information. We send them an ecard saying they got a gift from you for the awesome always spectacular Eric Leigh-Pink reading, so I have heard. 😉

When requesting a personal reading please always go through Bea. If your contacting me the wait grows much longer, because I am always working. Please include your Full name, Dob, time of birth, time zone, nation or city you are from, phone number, and how long you can do the reading for. Those of you doing the longer 1 and half hours of a reading for families and groups please include all names and dobs. Group readings are fun. You can spend 90 minutes and split the time as you wish.

Our PayPal link is down. No worries when requesting readings we can send a PayPal invoice until its fixed. We also use Zelle and Venmo under Eric Leigh-Pink. I have calls to both sides to fix the problems.

On January 1st the reading will run 120$ per hour moving forward.

In other news I am in search of a Blog expert (Blogger Teacher) on creating and maximizing this site. I am looking for someone with heavy artistic skills that can make this world predictions site what they (spirits)want. Icalso want to end the language barrier. Their view is very specific and I want a masterpiece. Please send Bea Via email “titled Blog Hire” Please include fees, and costs, and how long it would take to work together on creating something very unique.
Best wishes to everyone, Eric

15 thoughts on “Personal Readings with Eric Leigh-Pink

  1. Here is my Blog for this week:
    And so it is that we embrace what this Brave New World will offer us, and never before have we been so alone. The days of others, organising, governing and controlling us, will die along with the Pisces era.

  2. Hi Eric,

    On your most recent podcast, the foot shortages warning gave me a chill down my spine. I was just reading a thread warning of the full deterioration and collapse of the poultry supply chain in coming months. I will link it and I implore you to check it out and read the commentary between different food sectors in the thread. I’m afraid that the tone you set forth is here and now.

      1. Twitter and other social media sites are not credible sources. This twitter user listed vaccine mandates as one of the reasons for this possible “collapse of food supply”. It’s a bunch of propaganda.

    1. I think we have some time before this mess arrives, but one point I failed to make is this climate change nightmare is coming in years not decades. It’s one ominous message but like Covid every era has its issues, before this terrorism. The world will continue we just need to prepare better.

  3. Prediction on nov 3 2020 talks about a terror attack around the time of a second austria lockdown. Also mentions france . Austria just began. second lockdown. Maybe an airplane attack coming soon? A 911 type of attack?

    1. We are expecting the rise of some horrible monster, the man in blue, a radical Muslim, I haven’t seen that just yet, so I don’t think so??? Not yet.

    1. “The new variant, named Omicron by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has more than 30 mutations on the virus’s “spike protein”, by which the virus unlocks cells, more than twice the number of spike protein mutations carried by the highly transmissible Delta variant. That has spurred fears antibodies from vaccination or previous infection might not be well matched, and thus become less protective.”
      Only foolish people will play Russian Roulette with this new variant.

  4. Eric,
    Any updates on this earlier prediction? “We should be getting a Covid update. It’s due, I expect economics will be mentioned. There seems to be a terror attack coming so I think that will be paramount.”

    Also, there seems to be tension building between Russia and Ukraine. Have the spirits said anything about how that turns out?

    1. Sara I am having so many issues lol. The blog was hacked so we are waiting on resolution, people can’t post and none of my widgets work. Then I keep stumbling myself getting back to work with Predictions. That “terror attack” was the man driving into the crowd. I missed it. Ouch. I feel like a child trying to catch a ride on those old spinning playground wheels and I keep stumbling. But I will get there. There is a real possibility we might have to start from total scratch here.

      1. Sorry, I didn’t realize you were dealing with so much still–the blog being hacked sounds especially frustrating. I haven’t noticed any issues with it, knock-on-wood, but I’ll keep my eyes open.

  5. I see a see saw with you. Up and down you need to get off. Merry go round is worse. Chasing it around trying to get on. Leave the playground now. You have outgrown that place. Time for new things. Grown up places. Not sure what that means but its for you, Eric!

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