Liverpool Taxi Explosion

This prediction has happened. Prayers for all those in the United Kingdom.

Predictions 6-11-16 UK Terror Attack 

I had a visual of individuals waving small British flags.

I had a visual of a large Spider walking the streets of Britain.


I had a visual of an explosion, followed by people ducking and hiding their faces.

Spider: The spider is used to describe the worst type of violent sinister act. It has been used to describe both terror attacks and school shootings. (World Prediction Glossary)

15 thoughts on “Liverpool Taxi Explosion

  1. This was a really close call….I don’t know if the bomber was targeting the hospital or another location, but I’ve heard that the taxi driver locked the bomber in the car and then managed to escape. No one besides the bomber was killed, which was a miracle. Still, Britain’s upped their terror alert level, just to be cautious.

    1. If you look at the Jan 6th Predictions and some more recent, the inflation was mentioned. Exact verbiage was a spiraling economy. That’s the extent of their mention. Covid 19 was mentioned about 10 times starting in 2017. Trump and this Virus was center stage before Covid came. So global issue? Magnitude and size? Not like Covid but I am expecting things to get better. However countries now have to pay the enormous debt of the last two years which is the next issue.

    2. Prediction: We should be getting a Covid update. It’s due, I expect economics will be mentioned. There seems to be a terror attack coming so I think that will be paramount.

  2. I have been feeling something coming around nov 27 and thanksgiving attack maybe? There is a prediction on nov 3 2020
    which mentions austria in a new lockdown and a terror attack and 1.
    The. events might be connected as a time frame for attack. in news today austria is protesting because of new lockdown. 1 could be indicating the year 2021 or 1 year from the date/ month of the preciction so nov 2021.

    1. Something awful happened yesterday, a red car plowed through a parade of people in Wisconsin, killing 5 and injuring 40.
      Reports are now saying the suspect may have been fleeing the scene of another crime and there isn’t–so far–any indication of either foreign or domestic terrorism. Still, it’s a horrible event.
      I hope the premonitions about attacks are wrong, but it’d be a good idea for people to be cautious in public places.

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