Coronavirus Prediction

Its November, this is the month they predicted long ago would be the moment when Covid would be crippled. We have arrived. I will allow you to determine its accuracy.

Today’s vision: I had a visual of two? Christmas trees sitting in the early morning. Everything was still dark, cold, then the twinklng lights came on, then more lights, then the entire room filled with Christmas lights. Its a reference to us. The ‘light’ is coming back.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-6-19 I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2. 
“An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury.” Then it shifted to show people in tents coughing.  
I had a visual of a map showing an area between France and Spain in the more northern region. Then the area turned red, the red are grew outward, getting larger and larger.  

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-19-19 “The two walls.” I had a visual of these massive metal doors/gates shutting.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20 I had a visual of the map of the world. Spirit showed China, then small dots lit up the map. Then it shifted to show stage two, a map of Europe, several dots lit up. This makes it clear that the epidemic spreads wildly in Europe

PREDICTIONS 8-8-17 “An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”

May 15th, The Fat Year Ends We have arrived at the date we predicted the Coronavirus would fall. Is it accurate? This is their prediction for this date right now. They said this would last a “fat year” 14 to 15 months. “May.. 22..15”

In other news: I had a visual of one cracker, just one and then it was smashed. That is a prediction about an excessively damaging earthquake. Now we scramble for the details before the clock runs out. Also a reminder, the next date is November when Covid goes from a beast to a troll.

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  1. Wonderful to see your post, even with all you have on your own plate. Thank you for the hope we all need at this time . Much love and many prayers to you and your family

  2. So good to see you back Eric.

    The 2 Christmas trees?

    Hope this is an intensifier to light & resolution & not a 2-way fork in the road. ie a choice nations & regions will have to make to finally staunch this virus.

    Sounding pessimistic as this may; FTR I’m not personally pessimistic on this, my fear is some countries/regions will take the route of commerce over all else, & therein the virus will remain or even mutate & intensify.

    Others with the balls & ‘long term’ compassion, my take the harder immediate option & maintain restrictions & semi-lockdowns & ultimately reduce the virus from beast to troll. These places will alternately see more solid economic maintenance &/or growth, with more lives saved……..a quicker “back to normal” so to speak,

    In the last 6months I’ve seen a “mini” version of the above happen in my own country & world region & pray this wouldn’t be a global scenario too.

    1. Russ, where in the world are you? I’m in New Zealand and you describe what we’re going through now. We’ve held Covid at bay for so long, now desperately trying to get our vaccination numbers up as Delta hits us and hoping for the best. Our country has put people before economy before all else before now, and because of that, our economy has held relatively strong. I hope that it works in the long run. Kia Kaha, stay safe

      1. Hi Gloria,
        I’m in Australia (the “west” island) And yes, the New South Wales Premier effed it up big time which has caused Delta to rip through NSW VIC & ACT, & it’s from whence Delta got into NZ too.

        She wouldn’t lock down Sydney quickly enough or effectively enough, instead, delaying & delaying, trying to cherry-pick suburbs in a patchwork shamozzel. Then it was too late & gate got closed after the horse had bolted.
        Other states locked-down hard & fast like NZ did & they remain Covid-free as we speak. They were criticized as being “anti-business” & “socialist” by the NSW Government…who boasted: “NSW stays open for business”, yet ironically, they were able carrying on trading after their very brief lockdowns & no deaths. Meanwhile, NSW had to eventually lock-down for 4 months & contributed to another 500+ deaths, many of them young, otherwise healthy people.

        So which methodology both took the economy to the edge & killed people?

        You’re so lucky you don’t have state governments on your side of the ditch.

        I hope Eric’s right about NOV; & he’ll probably scold us for using this forum to “chat” to each other….but my fear is what has happened domestically in my country, could play-out across the northern hemisphere in their coming winter.

        Pai te korero,

        1. Hi, Russ, it was heartbreaking to watch what happened over there, when you’d done so well previously. Let’s hope we’re on the right road from now on and we can start travelling between our lovely countries again. Kia Kaha, stay strong…Gloria

    2. Thanks. For It’s science that prevails. Not just the meds but the way in which we deal with this epidemic. New ways approach. We will see what November holds.

  3. Welcome back Eric. Hope your family is doing better.
    With the vaccine mandate in place perhaps that is why November may be a turning point. I work with some very anti vaccine people recently get the shot in order to keep their job. I suspect that there are many others like them.

    1. I know, it amazes me that people are so stubborn about getting something that’s saving lives. I sort of get that they don’t want to be forced, but in some situations, you need to follow the rules for your own safety. One could argue that it’s against their free rights to have speed limits while driving, or being told to take shelter when a tornado warning goes off, but no sane person would ignore those rules.

      There’s so much misinformation out there about the vaccines, it’s upsetting how many people have died because they believed the people who either downplayed the virus or told them conspiracy theories about the vaccine. I hope they come to their senses ASAP.

      1. Sara, this is how i feel too. I have, with others, managed to convince my elderly neighbour that getting the vaccine will be so much better than getting Covid. She has at least 3 underlying conditions and is immunosuppressed. Thankfully she has now had her first and is aiming towards her second, because I know she would not survive a dose of Covid. Where I live, in New Zealand, we have been so protected from what the rest of the world has been through, that many don’t believe it is real. Only those of us who have friends and family overseas who have told us what they’ve been through, really understand. Delta arrived in my city 5 days ago, the first Covid case in over a year. We have been living as if nothing has ever happened. Now we have to accept that it is going to invade and hope that people continue their vaccinations as needed and that we will gain herd immunity. We have been so fortunate so far, but now is our time to join the rest of the world in accepting our fate.I’m fully vaccinated, as are my family and friends, and we’re ready to face what fate has in store for us, which is hopefully a better deal than what those unvaccinated have in store for them. Kia kaha, stay safe xx

        1. In addition to my earlier reply to you Gloria.

          You’re so lucky that your country has both a Prime Minister with BALLS & no state governments.


          1. Thanks Russ, I know where you are now 🙂 And yes, we have been really lucky so far, although it could go belly up for us soon, but with Eric’s prediction we could be ok!

      2. I get it. I do. JJ was a company that fueled the opiate epidemic. They pushed us all over the edge of a cliff for money. Those people are now our salvation? Makes you want to vomit a bit. But that doesn’t change the horrors that Covid has unleashed and that needs to end.

      1. Then what do we say to the people who took the vaccines and died or became severely injured within days? Do we just ignore all of this and consider it a sacrifice for everyone’s selfish ways? What about the long-term effects that will sooner or later kick in for people who took it? Because once that happens they’re going to be called liars and won’t get any reparation for the damage it will cause later. One of my family members now has permanent heart problems just soon after she took the shot and she was perfectly fine before the shot, so I have to bone to pick with these so called Saviors.

        I absolutely refuse to call these companies and their shots saviors when they know damn well there is problems with it. They just care about their profit margins above all else. If anyone studied what Pfizer is doing will know they’re just devils and not angels.

        I’m getting absolutely sick of people defending these vaccines acting like its a miracle when some people who took this shot and were negatively affected by it get routinely called liars and Anti-vaxxers by people who are so completely arrogant and beyond hateful.

        Those people want their justice or is going to be karmic backlash for muzzling them like this, and they muzzled my family member as well like many others.

        If anything I trust the pill from Merck more than the vaccines only because nothing so far has caused any major issues but lo-and-behold they marked up the price so high that it just creates another injustice. but to trust Pfizer, J&J, Moderna, and Astra with their history long rep sheet of offenses is not only dangerous but will have long lasting chilling effect with the way they been strong arming the Media and countries to make sure their **** don’t stink, especially Pfizer.

        I know some people are not going to like my comment, but I say it from a place where I cannot stand what injustices are being ignored in the wider public because of hysteria alone.

        The vaccines should have been made by Companies that actually care, and not trying to hide their own science. The outcome would be very different right now, and there wouldn’t be such a division.

        The companies and the media backing them have turned science into another political chess piece and that is a travesty.

        1. And for people like me that were directly affected in some way, quit calling them Conspiracy theorists!

          That is becoming a incredibly insensitive insult!

        2. Tirin,
          There’s always a risk of any medication having a bad side effect, even something as common as Tylenol or a flu shot, but people still take them because the illnesses they’re protecting against are a much bigger threat than the possible side effects.

          By and large, Covid is a much more serious problem than the vaccine. Yes, there may be some bad reactions to the vaccine, there’s no medicine out there with a 100% guarantee of no bad side effects

          Most people who take the vaccine are fine, and for now, that’s the best we can do. Again, nothing is 100% protection, but the vaccine has saved a lot more lives than it’s hurt. People who haven’t been vaccinated are dying at drastically higher rates than people who have been vaccinated, and it’d be wrong to ignore that in a global emergency like this.

          Don’t get me wrong, your family member’s situation is awful, and it’s horrible that she’s going through this. No one considers her a sacrifice, that would be inhuman, and you’re right that her story needs to be told as well.

          Politics and vaccines aside, it’s horrible to see a loved one going through a serious health issue, unfortunately I know that from experience. For whatever it’s worth, I hope she fully recovers and that this whole pandemic ends soon.

          1. Eric where is my 2nd comment for Sara? There was nothing wrong with that comment, but it was supposed to be informative on my stance on this. That is a bit of a slap in the face if you deleted it.

              1. Shouldn’t have been a virus in there, most of the links were science articles and gov. sites regarding the virus and vaccinations on why I have such a mistrust on what is going on.

                I can’t track down that comment again of the man who was well informed, but I can recover this comment I was reading on

                I am a natural medicine practitioner and would like to explain my point of view.

                The antigenic shift (mutation) that we are experiencing, is a common normal

                biological function. Even though Coronaviruses are considered more stable in this regard than the flu viruses, it will nevertheless inevitably occur within large populations. This is precisely why vaccines, in my humble opinion, have little chance of effectiveness for Corona type viruses. History has proven this true time and time again.

                SARS-COV-2 will not/cannot be contained or eradicated. What is going on right now, is known in epidemiology as the pathogen endemic equilibrium phase, (viral stasis) and is perfectly normal. Virulence weakening and dilution is what always happens when mutations and naturally acquired herd immunity are occurring throughout the populations. Invariably mutation causes infection rate increase ( seasonality still being the biggest factor) and lethality rate decrease, henceforth it becomes ubiquitous and permanent. Vaccination at this stage is, again in my opinion, essentially pointless.

                — Ubiquitous viruses are fought and defeated primarily by the T-Cell lymphocytes and innate and specified acquired immunity within our immune systems, not from artificial antibody stimulating manipulation . (MPIE — Mass Population Immunization by Exposure) This is an absolutely critical missing factor in the epidemiological mortality calculations and the absence of this explanation is driving fear, which is being fuelled by the media.

                — The narrative that is being heavily perpetuated by a large sector of the science community is, in my opinion, unsubstantiated. This is fundamental immunology, based on biological Law. First term, first lesson, Chapter -1 “Steps leading through virus infection, to immunity”.

                — The longer the populations as a whole suppress their own immune system, through lock-down, distancing, mask wearing and compulsive sanitizing, the greater the chances of allowing a pathogenic microbial superbug that our bodies cannot handle.

                – What is going on in the world, in my opinion, is truly bizarre. In just the past few short months, the facts presented in virology and immunology textbooks that I was given to study seem to be retracted. Ideology has replaced scientific methodology logic and reason – It seems like global hysteria by censorship of empirical science has been induced (akin to StockHolm Syndrome at mass population scale)

                Aside from that it really is bothersome that load of information was marked as a virus, but it was to point out what these companies were doing was actually making it worse and not better. When you have gov. articles even going against their narrative then it becomes a more clearer issue than what is being told currently.

                Luckily I managed to at least send that information to a new network (and I pray they at le

                Here is thing I’m not Anti-Vax because we all took shots when we were young and those medicines have shown to be very trustworthy, and helpful for our survival, but this vaccine is anything but trustworthy.

                I know I brought this up many times on your blog this year, but this will be the last time because I’m really getting tired of this, I’m only irate like this because I’m tired of the false narrative that we’re loonies and we don’t know what we’re talking about and called a bunch of liars despite having direct negative experiences from this one thing across the world. I want the whole truth to come out, and not some partial truth being thrown around across social media.

                It doesn’t help matters when you have actual loonies tainting the well regarding this vaccine, the bane of social media knows no bounds it seems.

                I feel like I’m fighting a battle I can’t win, and I pray to spirit they will set things straight.

  4. Could the 2 christmas trees be the divided republicans and democrats. Hopefully we all will come together in light. I really pray for unity, peace and love for us all.

  5. Thank you Eric for posting this very interesting information regarding the virus. I pray that everything has gone well with your adoption plans. Blessing to you and your family.

    I will be getting in touch soon, as I am in need of some help with how things are in my life.

    I feel so fortunate to have found you.

    Be well, God Bless Barbara Hencheck

    On Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 10:28 AM World Predictions by Eric Leigh-Pink wrote:

    > Eric Leigh-Pink posted: ” Its November, this is the month they predicted > long, would be the moment when Covid would be crippled. We have arrived. I > will allow you to determine its accuracy. Today’s vision: I had a visual of > two? Christmas trees sitting in the early morning. Every” >

  6. Eric, so wonderful to see you back! I hope your family are staying strong and doing well. With the two Christmas trees, could this be the vaccinated and unvaccinated? Celebrating separately and having different outcomes? I seriously worry about the unvaccinated as some of them are friends and they have been swayed by conspiracy theories that really just don’t have any sense to them. They call us sheep, but really they are the lost sheep. I have tried to be a shepherd and bring some in, occasionally successful, but not always. Do the spirits see us losing so many more yet because of this? Is this a cull of humanity in the sense that it is the survival of the fittest as happens so often in nature? Take care, and love to you and yours x

    1. Don’t call them conspiracy theorists if you don’t know why the reason they won’t take the shot.

      Yes some reasons are ludicrous, but not every story is a invalid one.

      1. I agree Tirin, I was referring to those friends who have been swayed…I realise that many have valid reasons for not getting the vaccine, and it’s for them that I got mine – to protect those who just can’t get it. I’m just angry at those who spread these theories who are preventing those who would likely have gone ahead with it had it not been for some of the ridiculous stories circulating.

  7. Welcome back Eric,
    I pray that the last few weeks have been kind to you and your family and that there is starting to be some light at the end of the tunnel with some hapiness, peace and harmony finally coming your way.

  8. I wonder if this is relevant to supply shortages and the economy in general with the high costs of everything and incomes still crippled from the virus? People being defeated and feeling bleak as the holidays approach wondering how to find and pay for gifts etc but then ultimately realizing the true meaning of the holidays and importance of being surrounded by loved ones no matter how tough times may be; love will prevail.

  9. On another note, didn’t you have a previous prediction about god returning? Didn’t it involve light appearing as well? As Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus and the previous prediction about the return of God using people “lighting up and glowing” I wonder if this is relevant?

  10. It is Wonderful to see your posting again. All the best to your family during recovery from surgeries.

    I see that Novavax gained Emergency Use in Indonesia today. More countries will follow. Could this be the medical breakthrough that changes the covid situation? The current available covid vaccines do not have long immunity, and people “fully vaccinated” are getting covid. Novavax does not have that issue, and also it does not have the extensive side effects.

    Could the Christmas trees and lights suggest that multiple countries around the world work together to eliminate the covid, and this joint effort brings in light and love and good will to earth?

      1. ..and my interpretation was a guess, linking the Covid topic to the lights. Yours may very well be the correct one. It is just wonderful to see you posting once again.

  11. Hi Eric, welcome back- you’ve been missed! Hope your family is doing better; best wishes to them.
    I was wondering and more concerned about the Colorado River and water shortages. Any insight on that including science to create water? Hoping for the best.
    Thanks, rch

  12. I just want to share the opinion of Tirin.
    Spoke with someone at a week ago who told me that his brother developed myocarditis after taking the vaccine.
    Also have heard from a number of vaccinated persons that there have been issues with muscle spasms where suddenly they cannot lift up their arms. And so on. Vaccines are meant to prevent you from getting sick which these vaccines do not do. People do die from these vaccines which is not the case from other vaccines.
    I respect people who take vaccines just like I respect those who do not take them.
    What is strange to me that many from the vaccinated half acts like bullies against unvaccinated half as if they are to blame for everything, even it is not scientifically true. Perhaps we need to be kinder to each other instead of one side forcing the other to do something they do not want to do. Lockdowns, restrictions, certificates and what not should be abolished and we need to live a normal life like it was before. The sooner the better. Knowing some info about the way testing is done – to me this seems like a way of spreading the virus instead of containing it.
    I do pray for Merck and other pills to put an end to this, so that people with weak immune systems can take them while those who are healthy can just sneeze the virus off like it happens with all other viruses.
    I am in favour of a healthy natural human population instead of one that is kept like plants in a greenhouse.
    November is here. Let it end.

    1. Everyone has a right to be vaxed or not I chose to get vaxed due to I had Covid and it was brutal and did not want to go through it again, but think of this if this attitude of not being vaxed when Polio and Small Pox were around just think where we would be today.

        1. My point of the covid vaccine earlier isn’t to stop people from taking it, but knowing what they’re getting themselves into, and prepare yourself for any future complications (and I pray no complications actually happen for anyone on here) during the long term years from now, so highly advise you always get a health checkup to make sure nothing goes wrong for the next some years. I’ve been pro-vaccine, I’ve taken everything according to science and the medical track record for being incredibly safe of previous mandated shots for when we were young (and far as I’m aware there hasn’t been any deaths, and just minor complications since everyone is unique), but from what I know of this vaccine (and they changed the definition of vaccine when they introduced this “vaccine”) so far it just reeks but I’m not going to stop anyone from taking it, however, when the will of others try to force me and or others to take it then we have a problem.

          Also Pfizer is already being investigated for data integrity during the trials just recently and its not looking good for them, and I was right not to trust Pfizer considering the companies of today; Pfizer has a terrible reputation for as long anyone could remember about this company. Same goes for others like J&J.

          Also Pfizer strong-arming country’s governments to bend to their will is absolutely wrong.

          and there has been a rather overlooked detail of doctors not aspirating needles across the USA (seems to be a USA issue only, maybe the UK too), and that has caused other complications not really related to the vaccine but malpractice. Seems like the medical field needs to be re-educated on this important point, but this is no fault to them but I believe failure of Education not hammering this important practice.

          Finally Its the lack of respect and arrogance towards regular people that don’t have PHD credentials is why a good chunk of the world population doesn’t trust this. We aren’t imagining things here when we noticed something going wrong and it keeps happening over and over again to someone we happen to know or total strangers and the stories keep repeating itself. I feel like we’re all getting shafted because of greed, politics, and the lack of integrity going on in the science community and there has been doctors stepping up and speaking out on Expert panels and elsewhere that have taken issue with these vaccines.

          I’ve never been one to follow the leader anymore because I know from my own personal experience how often that burned me, this early 21st century is just full of lies and half-truths and its hard to find the actual truth.

          Now when we talk about the accuracy of your prediction by the way, I believe in my views its not going to be coming from the shots, but new initiatives currently being made that I think its going to destroy covid very soon. I thought it was interesting you chose November (though I found these things in October I believe but it is close enough) because I was coming across this new medical tech that was going to put this virus in its place. The Spray type vaccine has shown a lot of promise already because how the vaccine is handled makes alot more sense from what I was reading on it previously last year, and the pills has also shown a lot good promise; far as well and far as I’m aware right now there hasn’t been severe issues to compared to the shots and that is a highly good sign. I also think your comment about knowledge might be linked to this as well as I think next year is going to be a great year to put a end to various diseases that has come from this trying time, I already heard good things about new ways to get rid of cancer as one of them.

          I only wish people didn’t try to polarize this so badly as it has become because there is a lot of questions that isn’t being answered due again because of greed, and politics. Its the only reason why people are in hysteria as much as they are right now and in a sense social media companies further fueled that hysteria. I was told a fair point that when the internet was introduced that we as the human race were not truly equipped to handle it and this event has magnified it. I hope some lessons will be learned from this decades from now.

    2. With all due respect, ending the restrictions and lockdowns and masks too soon wouldn’t help….it’d make Covid surge again and kill more people needlessly. We all want life to be normal again, but we can’t make it happen by ignoring a serious threat like Covid.

      Trying to abolish safety measures and restrictions now would be akin to someone leaving a basement during a tornado warning because they got tired of waiting…or someone refusing to abide by car speed limits because they want to go as fast as they want….and then wondering why they got seriously injured.

      Covid is a global emergency that has killed 5 million people worldwide, and abolishing restrictions too quickly will kill more. I’m in favor of a healthy natural life too, but–using your greenhouse example–if you take plants out too soon before spring, they’ll die.

  13. There is a difference between polio, smallpox vaccines and this one. There was no one back then trying to come up with chemical cocktails and money making schemes and experimenting with the world population. The ones who survived were first of all those villages that did not care about economy and cut themselves off from the world until it passed (just like you do in a tornadoes – instead of running around with a mask). Vaccines came later. By the way we also know that tornadoes and hurricanes are produced by humans – by cutting the forests and making the world to be a global desert.

    As regards to safety measures – I don’t think that Covid can take out many more than it already has. The measures are killing people differently – think of all the chemicals everywhere, world pollution of masks, tests, syringes and so one being produced on a massive scale as well as all that hassle with nonsense certificates and injuries from PCR tests (I have seen people with blue circles around their eyes after tests).

    This to me was not a real pandemic.This will be the pandemic 025-2028. Note when this was produced.

    Time to realize that humanocentric world is no longer an option.
    Let us see what November brings.

    What fascinates me here is that most people believe Eric (just like me), yet no one takes seriously that we all have karma and that our past actions as individuals and as a human race have caught up to us and that people die and will die. Individual karma is at work too. Then why do people want to live on Earth forever? This is incomprehensible to me. If you are born, you will die. 100 years from now in 2121 (unless some chemical cocktail or enhanced robot-human-machine is produced) none of us reading this message in 2021 will be on Earth anymore. Let us face it and rejoice this moment and let’s end restrictions.

    1. Blue Sky that paper was an interesting read, even more so that the fictionalized scenario was compiled between 2015-17 (page 80) and peer reviewed after that, long before Covid-19 hit, before being published in March 2020 . A lot of accurate foresight around the part social media plays in misinformation and the battle by health professionals trying to combat that.
      By the way, the meaning of a pandemic is this: (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.
      Covid-19 is definitely a pandemic.

    2. But that’s not true. I remember my live in the 1800s, 1600s, 5 ad. So they do count, who we were does matter. All of our lives matter. Again are you a doctor? Because these are lives. Maybe consider they count a bit more.

    3. “If you are born, you will die. 100 years from now in 2121 (unless some chemical cocktail or enhanced robot-human-machine is produced) none of us reading this message in 2021 will be on Earth anymore. Let us face it and rejoice this moment and let’s end restrictions.”

      Yes, we all die. This impermanence is one of the reasons life is beautiful and sacred. For me, one of the reasons I am here today is for each of us to help one another realize, or should I say, to remember that we are One with the Divine and to recognize each other as such. Just because we are going to die eventually doesn’t mean that we just watch others die. If there is something that we can do about it, we do it – not to prolong youth and be immortal in body (we already are immortal in spirit) but to help each other reach their potential in this limited transient vehicle that is our body. Most importantly, we’re here to love one another.

      If I see someone being attacked and murdered, I will do my best to help this person (even if I know this person is going to die someday; that’s not the point). If getting a vaccine will help others prolong their life, I will gladly take this vaccine. There is a sweet poignancy and joy in our impermanence; there is an immense gratitude in sharing each other’s gifts; a tremendous appreciation of what we can accomplish as a whole. This, I feel strongly, is what my soul longs for. If I do not help the other, I have denied my soul.

  14. My Blog for this week:
    Helen: Just found this at the bottom of your 6th Blog.
    “Spirit Friends: What you are writing here and now, is also being spread throughout the world via other conduits, mediums and channellers. And more individual people will be channelling this Truth as the New Age grows stronger.”

  15. Can we get more information on this spiritual growth and knowledge you are talking about? Sounds really exciting. Can you do any future predictions on how humans will live in 10 or 20 years and the technology that will be around? Can you also do more positive and uplifting predictions? It seems the predictions are nearly always negative.

    I know the intentions are to prevent these things from coming to pass by spreading awareness but all these years of following your blog, I have never myself been able to help or us as a community do anything about any of the predictions. They are either too large to stop like Covid or too vague to know when and how to help.

  16. Eric,
    I don’t mean to put pressure on you, but I wanted to ask if there are any predictions forthcoming soon.

  17. Eric, I haven’t posted in a while. I just wanted to say that my prayers are with you and your family at this time. I’m excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas but I have lost my Oldest Son and family due to the unvaccinated conversation.
    My Oldest Son and youngest Son got into it and we’ll now I haven’t been able to call or text them not even to try to amend this family.
    I feel like America does. Split down the middle. No one willing to come to the center of the table.
    So I too ask for prayers that one day soon my family can come together again.
    Thank you all.
    Thank you Eric for all that you do for us. Thanking spirit for giving us a glimmer of hope.

    1. Hi Virginia, strife and tension is happening now. It’s warned in Cosmos also coming is secrets being revealed. Blunt truth. All of that however horrible hold purpose to readjusting our lives. Like shaking a tree to make it better. We can come back together and forgive our trespasses against one another. I am having similar issues with our extended family, very red conservative s. My prayers are with you!

  18. Returning To A Previous Predictive Blog Of Mine From 2020. The Last Of The Bridge Series From That Year:
    And so now here we are at the threshold of this Aquarian Age, naked and totally unprepared for what is to come. Do we have a clue as to what we are facing?

  19. When we stop demanding others to change for our comfort, we are left to look at ourselves & reflect. THAT is community spirit, a form of love. Otherwise, whom am I? As long as we use hot topics as an emotional tool, we will find ways to blame others instead of using the Golden Rule and approaching our Higher Power with humility.

  20. Hi everyone! Iv been coming to this site for a few years and love what you do Erik, thank you! I never comment on here but love reading people’s views and the new predictions but here’s my issue with the covid prediction. I really hope this prediction is right but I feel covid is far from over, my reasons for believing this is, when country’s such as Greece and Australia are being banned for basic things in life such as shopping, seeing friends ect then to me this is wrong on so many levels. Iv worked in care for years and lost my job recently due to not having the vaccine, why are governments forcing people to have these vaccines or lose their job, I worked in the height of this pandemic and tossed aside for refusing to have in, whereas family’s of the care home are allowed in unvaccinated, it makes no sence to force people when vaccinated or not you can still pass it on, I know they say it prevents you getting it worse but come on is this really about a pandemic, to me it’s like there’s a big divide coming. People are becoming mean and think they can push their views on you and this is how it’s all affecting people. My husband has had abuse at work for not having it, this is so wrong, this should be an individuals choice. Times are not good and our governments are letting us down I hope this prediction is right as it’s sad times we live in when you fear that your going to be shut out of life for refusing something you feel is best for you. Can I state I’m in no way an anti vaxer! I pray this prediction is correct , we need this ❤️

    1. Alot of people have become really mean and politically hostile, I wish I could leave this country and live on a small island somewhere. This whole ordeal so far made me realize its not worth living in a big communities.

      Small island nation or living out in the country somewhere away from others. Course I’m being silly on the island bit, but makes me wish I could right now.

      1. Hi Tirin
        I’m from the u.k and things are slowly getting worse, a lot of the decisions of our government make no sense. Any unvaccinated nhs workers will be fired if not vaccinated by April, there is also talk of unvaccinated being going into lock down, how strange when people who have been vaccinated can still pass it on, it makes no sense! I agree about the island I’m sure there would be a whole gang of us 😊 somewhere quiet with no hostility. Eric’s prediction must bring hope though!

  21. I also hope for Eric’s prediction for November to come through.
    Nothing makes sense. Look at countries with high vaccination rates blaming it all on those few unvaccinated.
    Testing is one great way to spread the virus, it seems as well.
    I know many people who are forced to be vaccinated with this vaccine and whose souls are in pain over that.
    Some of them even had covid and yet required to be vaccinated on top of that.
    I dread the effect on this on their immune systems from that.
    From my perspective, this artificially created virus is evli and so are vaccines (for those who are healthy and have lead a healthy lifestyle).
    I fought this sentiment and thought from within for a long time but I cannot keep it inside any longer.
    Apologies to all those whose truth does not correspond to mine and who see it differently.
    The poisoning and polluting of this planet with masks, syringes, tests and so on have reached new levels.
    Yet, lockdowns have shown how much brighter, quieter and nicer the world is in the sunlight and in silence.
    There are those who want to have ‘climate control’ instead of letting Nature to go its course.
    It is a blessing when you can grow your food, make your clothes, drink clean water from a source and even pee in the woods – that is all nature.
    Instead this is about caging human beings and turning them into greenhouse humanoids, robots with flesh but without soul and sense.
    Only when we are sick, we appreciate health and every disease is healthy as they manifest from within, from our own deeds and thoughts in the past. I am no exception.
    Therefore, to sum it up this November perhaps is the only Eric’s prediction for me ever that I wish to come true.

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