Saturns Moon Has Possible Life

This prediction is starting. I believe we found our space sea creatures. A new and very far away fishing spot for all of us. The bugs? Look towards the Astro belt.
The quote from today’s Yahoo reads:

“Enceladus doesn’t seem like a prime place for microscopic life, given its icy outer surface. However, just beyond that layer is an oceanlike slush with a seafloor with hydrothermal vents. That watery substance sometimes breaks through its cold shell in water plumes, similar to a geyser erupting on Earth. Further evidence comes NASA/ESA/ISA’s Cassini space probe, which has studied the ringed planet and its moons to discover carbon dioxide and dihydrogen”

The Prediction:
Truths 2 The Universe: “In your search for life you only need to look at your own backyard..  both sea creatures and bugs (insects?).. outside from Earth..  but still in your own solar system.”

13 thoughts on “Saturns Moon Has Possible Life

  1. Enceladus and Earth share the same insect life?
    Then, that means it shares the same oxygen content?
    My bet is on the cockroach. Those things are indestructible.

    I wonder what the fish look like.

    1. Odd, glowing. The insects will be harvested in the future, like corn. There small creatures with a unique belly that allows them to defy gravity.

  2. Eric, we know there is other life out there and they have been visiting earth, when do you think it will finally be acknowledged that ET exist and have been visiting here for eons.

  3. Now part me figured there could be underground life in Mars, some form of strange life forms on Titan, but life on Enceladus? That is a gigantic surprise for me right there.

    Harvested in the future though? I can’t imagine it would be right now, possibly a couple decades from now?

  4. Only thing I find more interesting than this is disclosure happening by the gov’t, which is expected to take the inter-dimensional route rather than the ET route. Chris Bledsoe – one of the individuals in contact with inter-dimensional beings and has had NASA/DoD officials at his residence for years gathering data on him, his family and the phenomenon – lives in Fayetteville, NC where I’m from.

    Chris says these inter-dimensional beings told him that they call themselves the “Guardians,” that they are “here to serve Creation,” and that they “tend to Earth like a terrarium,” which is why he says they wear a Trinity of Creation triangle on their outfits and sometimes leave the philosopher’s stone symbol on intentionally-crashed relics.

    The US gov’t didn’t take interest in Chris’s case until he had a different encounter in 2012 where he encountered a feminine spiritual entity that he refers to as “the lady” (she called herself the “comforter”). She told him the Holy Trinity as we know it – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – was incorrect and had been altered by earthly forces to keep her out, that she – the Mother Goddess – was the true third part of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, Mother. The Lady told him that She is returning to help humanity transition into the Age of Aquarius and that the suppression of the Divine Feminine has caused our world to become imbalanced.

    Chris says he was told by NASA officials, who came to his home in 2012 after his first lady encounter, that there are those in the higher ranks of NASA who take The Lady very seriously and revere her like a deity. They know She has been appearing to humans for thousands of years, and even as recently as 1917 during an event known as The Miracle of the Sun. Chris was also told the NRO’s “NROL-35” patch is a tribute to the Lady. Big intelligence interest. Know she’s real.

    Here’s Chris IG page where he posts videos of transmedium UFOs/orbs – i.e., inter-dimensional beings taking the form of transmedium UFOs/orbs – that he’s in contact with flying around his home:

  5. Spirit showed the number 2 in big bold print, then circled it, with a clicking clock noise in the background

    “An attack on the US.” Spirit showed both the US and the UK. “Around Football.” “Cancel it”

    Could 2 mean two assassinations?

    Could they go for “M” at the Eu football finals tomorrow or soon after?

    England vs Italy. I believe all the European heads will be there.

    Its a huge event for the UK are there any warning for events tomorrow?

  6. Forgot to mention the fact that high-level NASA/DoD officials also told the Bledsoe family that they know these inter-dimensional beings have been communicating in esoteric symbols with us since the dawn of mankind, which NASA openly acknowledges/pays homage to with their own esoteric symbols in their logos/coins.

    And like I said before, the beings appeared to their family with Triangles on their chests. Triangles in sacred geometry are thought to symbolize balance and harmony. The three-sided shape can also be related to the mind, body and spirit, and with an upward-facing point, it indicates raising consciousness.

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