When Does the Soul Enter the Body at Birth

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5 thoughts on “When Does the Soul Enter the Body at Birth

  1. Thank you for this post. I struggled with this question because I believe in woman’s rights but I also believe in protecting the most vulnerable amongst us, that being small children and babies. For me protecting a young life is our most important duty in this life. We must do it in a way that also protects woman. How do we do this?

    1. Take care of the kids we have. I literally take care of the abandoned and abused children, usually 3 to 4 at a time, we need to deliver the concerns we claim to have over all children. Then in a better world the need for this act will melt. That’s not a rub or an attack on you, it’s a great question.

  2. How beautiful…you sound..
    yes its like a dance a rythum..
    the soul comes…drifts in …the soul drifts out several times during pregnancy then the birth the first breath solidifies and intergrates the soul to the body and all its systems for the duration of life then at transition the last breath and the soul releases the body ..well done another phase of experience of learning and evolving accomplished ..
    yes the soul encompases the body and all its energies connect to all inside the body perfectly carrying out a subtle dance as at the beginning of pregnancy only to another tune, but the original dance still exists incorperated in the daily dance …the dance of life of being of love in all its expressions and intensities …
    It can be a struggle to stay in our beingness or to connect to our love self.With all the challenges and heartbreak we often faulter and disconnect entirely from the original dance .
    confusion and static can totally interupt the original dance inherited from source we bring with us ..we really are very brave all of us ..
    and I salute all of us ..
    Eric I love the way you brought this forward ..
    The above is a complimentry view i thought to share ..
    I also believe there is an agreement between mother soul and child soul before birth to forfill
    the experiences and lessons of each ..Karmic or otherwise ..it sounds harsh but sometimes the soul just needs a womb experience ..and family suffer ..yes..but we are talking soul experience ..I know ..What about the right to Life and What God wants ..From a reincarnation perspective God wants us to Grow ..evolve ..Im not advocating abortion but it is an agreement And I believe it needs to be called an Optimation …or something similar ..
    the Option of to carry full term or decide in agreeance on a soul level that the pregnancy is to end …God welcomes all souls home spirit greets us with love and cheers no.matter how long we have been away ..
    These are my views and postilations blessed is the soul who decides to have a human experience ..
    love and ligh All
    blessings too.

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