Florida Building Collapse

This vague prediction has happened. Prayers please, what a horrible tragedy.

World Predictions 1-6-20 I had a visual of either a horrible earthquake or building collapse. In the visual an old building collapsed crushing everything around it.

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  1. adventuresofashton Avatar

    Truly devastating. Prayers for all involved. I am so perplexed as to how this tragedy could have possibly happened.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I honestly think it will be about the ground underneath. Because I was confused on what an odd earthquake?

      1. Mike Avatar

        Sinkhole activity connected ??

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          That would fit, movements from the ground.

  2. Panos chronopoulos Avatar
    Panos chronopoulos

    Hi Eric can i ask you something?Is there a possibility an earthquake of magnitude 9.0+ could strike this year or next year in the near future btw

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I have yet to share any “Distant predictions” but there is one epic earthquake in a few decades, it crushes the entire fault, and has ties to an epic volcano eruption. However this is in a future where the planet recognizes, the filthy humans and ruining things and selves corrects itself. Don’t ask me to explain it, but volcanos and earthquakes will help fix our planet, a self adjustment.

  3. Sara Avatar

    They’ve recovered 4 bodies so far, but 159 are still missing. I naively keep hoping that hardly anyone was at the apartment building when it collapsed, that most will get in touch with their families, but realistically, things don’t sound good at all.

    I hope the authorities figure out what caused the collapse–especially if there are other buildings with similar issues that haven’t been detected yet.

  4. rhona2 Avatar

    prayers love and light for families and those trapped and injured ..prayers for the rescuers and investigators…may they find the cause quickly and surely …
    I hope all other buildings are sound ..

  5. Sara Avatar

    This is probably the wrong place to post this unrelated question, but do the spirits have any more information about the possible assassination?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We are cultivating and creating, the delay in all things world Predictions is a dramatic shift in how we work. The old way dictated we create the prediction then and there, just as you present, ask them about this one situation but Now they are building a massive set of predictions that should run for a year. Unfortunately that means it’s going to take much longer to create. I for one am excited to see how this will play out.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Sorry, I’m a bit confused by the new process. Does this mean they’ll bring up events that are close to happening, as opposed to making predictions that could be years away?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I know it’s so confusing. They are gathering the information on a larger scale. So let me give you a silly example. Pancakes! Now for the longest time we would create the batter, for just one pancake, then quickly cook it and present it. The quick way made it jumbled, not always completing the task. This is the way we use to predict. Now they have an industrial sized pancake mixture, stirring so many predictions, which is taking a long time. Then when the time is right, we will make the hot cakes. That’s the best example I can give you. It’s the way we do it.

          1. Sara Avatar

            Okay, that analogy makes more sense to me. (Pancakes sound great, too!)

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              I am eating them right now. Even though I am not supposed to.

            2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              Sara can you hear the podcast now? The new posts.

              1. Sara Avatar

                If I go on Microsoft Edge, I have no problems.

                1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                  May I ask what you use normally?

                  1. Sara Avatar


  6. petemedium Avatar

    My Blog This Week Revisits My Past Predictions. Worth A Read:

  7.  Avatar

    this event is not predicted

    the prediction is already made
    it corresponded to the puerto rico earthquake https://worldwidepredictions.com/2020/01/07/puerto-ricos-2nd-earthquake/

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s a fair criticism, sometimes I jump to quickly. But as someone who saw the building, it’s Florida. https://worldwidepredictions.com/2020/01/06/world-predictions-1-6-20/

      1.  Avatar

        there are many similar cases on your site
        several distinct events linked to the same prediction

        next time, check that the prediction has never been linked to another event before writing ” has happenned”

        be professional

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Your right. Back at the beginning this was a major problem. We squashed it but once in awhile it pops up. I think in hindsight I should have mentioned the other post.

  8. adventuresofashton Avatar

    Jfk jr. is trending on Twitter. No clue why, but figured I would share since you’ve had a jfk prediction for a while now,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will take a look

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