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I thought I would take a moment to talk about my other Spiritual work, reading your future. There have been some consistent questions that I thought I would share with all of you. If you would like to set up a reading always contact the fabulous, Bea to set up an appointment at  

To get a better understanding of what a personal reading is like: Personal Readings A Look Behind The Scenes

Q and A

It has been 27 years doing personal readings and almost a decade doing World Predictions. I can honestly say I am still learning how to properly do these predictions, personal readings on the other hand have become a well oiled machine.

Without a doubt the biggest misconception everyone has is that the World Predictions are like personal readings. They are not. With world predictions we are predators seeking out all that is wrong with this world. Like lions hunting a prey that has not arrived yet, our eyes are always looking for the next nightmare in the world. Personal readings are more in line with having tea with the most ancient grandparents as they unload every piece of advice they have for you in the most pleasant but nagging way. They want to warn, advise, help, and present solutions to your concerns while they explain your Spiritual path. These are your guides conversing with you through us. Guides that have been with you prior to your first breath of life on earth. That is really all your doing, having a conversation with your caretaker, your spiritual teacher.

Here is some basic information for all that might be interested: A normal reading with Eric runs for one hour and cost $100. You could also do half hour or 45 minutes. The first half of the reading is reserved for Spirit to tell you what they feel you need to know. If your getting half hour readings odds are you will not be getting many questions in. They can be chatter boxes. I need your full name, dob, time zone, and contact information. I need you full name, dob, and time of birth so I have a focal point for Spirit to look.

Group Readings: Did you know it is very common for small groups to get together and contact me via Skype or phone and do group like readings. For instance a large family might take turns talking to me over the phone one by one, giving mini readings to everyone. In this case the cost is based on the length of time. When setting up your reading this way please include everyone’s name and information.

I am unfortunately not doing in person readings right now. Until all of our household, including all foster children, receive the vaccine, in person readings are on hold. Sorry everyone. So if your in San Diego California, we need to wait just a bit longer. I will return to my travels to Mexico and LA after my household is safe. Phone, zoom, Skype, readings are available to anyone around the entire world.

Make a payment for the readings can be done here. Use the Orange “Buy Now” button on the right side of this site. However you could also use Venmo under Eric Leigh-Pink

Bea oversees all appointments now. There was a time when all of this work was small. Where it was just a handful of fans. When you could text me for a reading and I would do it the next day. Unfortunately that is no longer possible. The fastest way to book an appointment is through Bea, most of the time I am on my perch doing readings. So getting a hold of me can unfortunately be very difficult. Who ever I read for has my undivided attention. Even if you somehow did get a hold of me, I will have to hand your request to Bea, so I don’t step on her toes.

Hopefully I have clarified some questions you might have. Let me know if you have any questions about getting a personal reading.

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  1. Hey Eric I am very perturbed by some of the advertisements on this site namely angel sites, lady with grey hair and Padre this is a scam and many have fallen foul of this. Unless you know these people personally dont allow it . I know your site needs to make money but please scrutinise who comes on here. Otherwise your own creditability comes into question

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