Northern Ireland Violence

This prediction is starting to unfold. Parts have not yet unfolded. Stay safe Ireland, prayers to you and civility.
I want to apologize for my extended absence. It’s been a while, but thankfully I am back. New predictions will roll out tomorrow. Thank you all for your support. The predictions:
World Predictions 2-13-21 In the congressional room, where green was a dominant color. There was massive infighting, chaos, unity began to unravel quickly. Everything was starting to fall.

World Predictions 11-11-20 Sorry Ireland that sounds horrible. I am unclear if all of these messages are related to Ireland or separate events. 

I had a visual I was looking down at a port or dock. There were multiple police cars there. In the visual it was night. 

I had a visual of multiple people in coats laying on the ground. Something horrible happened. There was blood everywhere. There was a slashing or spray to all that was red. 

I had a visual I was standing on what looked like Ireland or Scotland. I was staring out at the ocean and one huge storm was coming. The wind raged. 

I then had a visual of a pub. In the window was a green clover. The door opened. I saw no faces. I only saw the feet of someone step down on the short steps of the pub, but they weren’t feet but hooves. Large bull like hooves. Then I flew up quickly into the deep night sky, knowing what that meant. I could hear this beast roar from above. When I looked again below it was a massive lush deep forest? Did I move and not know it? 
(Spiders represent terrorist like acts, wolves are cold and calculating like the mob or certain governments, but nothing comes close to hooves, that’s evil incarnate. The roar implies this person is planning to make a name for themselves. We actually have a predicted hooves leader living and thriving now, his name is Al Assad. 

The previous Ireland predictions: 

In Ireland I had a visual of one massive spider crawling, it was twice the size of an average vehicle. The spider crawled down a rural street with houses in the background.  
Then I saw a dark figure consuming all light around him. There was a table behind him with Dublin cookies on a plate being presented. 

Al-Baghdadi , Dylan Roof, and Harold Shipman where all seen as spiders. The range from serial killer to terrorist is an issue in narrowing down this message, however the spider is a sinister person or group committing the absolute worse acts of violence. 

24 thoughts on “Northern Ireland Violence

  1. Good to see that you are back, Eric. Hope you are doing ok. Love from Norway

  2. Welcome back Eric. Glad you are okay! Thanks again for all you do.
    This sounds like a particularly dire prediction…hope something can be averted.

  3. Glad you’re back with us, Eric, hope you’re doing ok. It’s so sad to see the factions fighting again in Ireland, after so many years of calm. I hope they recognise the beast and remove them before they get too much power.

  4. Really glad to see you back Eric,I don’t comment much but I’m sure I speak for pretty much everyone here when I say you have nothing to apologise for. Hope your strength is renewed.

  5. When you have these visions, do it effect you personally?
    Does it effect y9our mood, or the way you feel for the rest of the day?

    Thanks for your blog.

    1. There is a duality. Yes 2020 specifically was hard to predict without breaking a bit with panic. However I know how this ends. I have read chapters of a more distant time and it is awesome! But it does affect me.

      1. Especially Eric when you “see” or “hear” hooves. One of my readings had this and I could tell you were a bit…hmmm…for a lack of better words- concerned..startled as you have to integrate this information..asking…is it a direct threat to the client? Eric, incredibly predicted a violent sexual offense occurring about 5 miles from me. Two truthfully. One occurred at the time of the reading. Chills on that one. Hooves=evil incarnate. Both caught.

      2. What are the most fascinating changes that you have seen for us in the next 25, 50, 100 years?

        1. I think the biggest change coming is 150 or so years from now when the “Ambassador” a spiritual leader changes everything and I mean everything.

  6. I live 5 minutes away from this, the peace process happened when I was 18 and I never wanted my children to grow up with what I did. It’s such a worry reading the rest of your predictions and I pray the violence doesn’t take a turn like that. Glad you are back and keeping ok Eric.

  7. Hello Eric.

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Prince Philip died today. I think you had a prediction relating to a Philip but I am not sure

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