The Most Accurate World Predictions

Here is a list of our most accurate predictions. Share it with everyone. It’s through a combined awareness and action that we can alter the tragedies of tomorrow. Help me change tomorrow so we can all make a difference.
It is amazing to see the difference between when we first started and now. Thank you all for continuing to follow my World Predictions.


2 thoughts on “The Most Accurate World Predictions

  1. Have your Spirit Guides ever told you that ‘these are major predictions for 2021?
    Or, do they just give them to you one by one, as they are developed in the astral world?

    1. The intent is to alter them, all the predictions are set under that umbrella. For example, I never predicted politics. Then when I had visuals of the future Hitler, they became apart of the work, to prepare for that future. That objective is the entire purpose of this site, it doesn’t matter to them if their predictions are small or large. As long as we steam roll to our mission.

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