Georgia Democrats Win Senate

This prediction happened too. Predictions 11-6-18
In the US elections: Don’t forget to Vote! I had a visual that the Congress would turn blue.

Spirit said in a previous post that the senate race would ‘split down the middle’

The key is 44.

Then it shifted to show 2 in blue.

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  1. R2D2 Avatar

    “I had a visual of the year 2022, there were new voting booths, new machines, new procedures. All reflecting an issue unfolding in now. Then I had a visual of doubt in specific locations about the elections authenticity. The doubt leads to loud voices on both sides questioning what to do.”
    Guess there will be election fraud proved after all? Why new booths if the radical left cries its a fair election?

    1. allen Avatar

      the problem is, that EACH state, has their own voting machines and precedures, years ago, certain states were warned, that their voting machine is not safe enough, but they did not care. Don’t forget, alot of agencies, where disbanded, by President Trump, as not needed. BUT, the bigger picture, all diffrent Judges, Pole workers, watchers, threw out the country has found NO voter fraud! Certain states for Years, played many games, so certain groups of people, wouldn’t vote, WHAT is needed, is in all 50 states, is the same voting precedures should be set up, incudeding paper ballets, SOO much damage has be done, because certain groups, promoted fear,and fraud, where there were none. MAY we leave this horrible period in America’s history, by enbracing truth, compassion and humality, and leave fears and other garbage in the gutter, where it belongs.

      1. R2D2 Avatar

        @Allen Thank you for taking the time out to explain this. I did not know every US state used different voting machines!!! What the?!! Lol. Cuz no fraud could occur using different machines riiiight? Who manages, to include repairs? Who owns? Who has invested in the machines (conflict of interest)? Who transports? The list goes on. Knock it off with the found no evidence crap. People hear me LOUD and clear as long as this country has special interest groups to sway our politicians/judges (non partisan comment) everything WILL remain the same. Sooner you except this fact, facts dont have feelings remember ….the easier itll be. Elections stolen in years past. (Really? Hillary beat Breadline Bernie? Bernie was a hit with the youngins-free college baby. Think back Iowa caucus issues.) Makes perfect sense to me now. The evil acts unfolding right in front of us.
        What you are witnessing is throwing plastic shovels at each other in the sandbox at the expense of the American public. Shocked? Guess you forgot about May or June uh? Portland continues to destroy their city. For what? You know how it goes…..the more things change, the more they remain the same. Same good ‘ole US of A different year. Fresh paint job, same house. It’ll dazzle you with the new sparkle but eventually the shine will blemish and need a new coat. Young country lots of room for improvement. Its that Christmas present from your relative that is too big. Eventually you’ll fit into it. Growing pains. If I was Trump I’d hang a sign on the White House front door that reads “Work in Progress”. Unless someone on this site steps up and says they are a perfect human being, Ill step aside. (Crickets). That’s what I thought. Barring an impending asteroid, angels descending from clouds or an alien invasion….. Strap yourself in folks its going to be a bumpy ride. (BING).

    2. Jen Avatar

      Maybe this goes back to 2016. Full circle. Legitimacy was in question when he won. That would be an immense fraud, to process. it seems like a non issue now (2016 election fraud) but maybe it’ll surface again . It means we really do have security issues involved with our voting, and other unintended parties are possibly involved (which also reveals what powers have managed to influence and control) it seems then the entire presidency has been marred from beginning , in fact an illegitimate one.

  2. Arvind Avatar

    Some will die in Audience and some in the crowd. Seems that is unfolding in usa now.

    1. benmadigan Avatar

      I read there were 4 deaths related to the insurrection on Capitol Hill – the lady who was shot, a man who died of a heart attack. I have no news of the other 2

      1. Sara Avatar

        One woman was shot, three others had some type of medical emergencies.

  3. Scott Avatar

    Eric, do you see Nuclear weapons being used this year like some of these other doom and gloom psychics online are saying?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I know nothing about that. Who is expected to use them

  4. Scott Avatar

    This Psychic from knowitnext said it will start with Israel and Iran

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We have a prediction about Iran attack but it’s more about Assassinations and covert attacks.

    2. allen Avatar

      sometimes, certain pyschics, who receive information, are using earth bound spirits to receive information, Plus, their own fears, get in the way and they interp things diffrently. IF you go on their website, GO BACK years, and see what they predicted, to see if it is truth, or their own fears coming out. remember, the actions and thoughts, we have RIGHT NOW, can and DOES effect our tomorrows. NOTHING is set in stone ,but can be changed, as people learn and grow!

  5. Scott Avatar

    Thank you, you are so much more spot on with your predictions, I look at other for reference and they def are not as accurate and as yours has been. God bless us all and I pray for a better 2021 after we get through this ruff period.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  6. Dave Sullivan Avatar
    Dave Sullivan

    Hi Eric, when do you approximately predict ww3 happening?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Here is the prediction about the most evil man ever. It’s unclear if the date is the war or when this putz comes to power:

  7. Cody Avatar

    “Breaking: Republicans in Georgia Senate just voted to repeal no-excuse absentee voting, which 1.3 million voters used in November, including 450,000 Republicans

    “Georgia Republicans wrote mail voting law & defended until Dems & Black voters started using in large numbers”

  8. Cody Avatar

    “Georgia Republicans have just allowed the State Election Board to take over county election boards that it deems need intervention. Democrats believe that would allow Republican officials to decide which ballots count in majority Democratic areas, such as Fulton County.”

    1. Cody Avatar

      “Republicans in Georgia just dramatically limited early voting for runoff elections. Ossoff and Warnock both won their Senate races in runoffs.

      “The Republican governor of Georgia just signed into law severe voting restrictions pushed by Republicans that those Republicans claim is needed to prevent voter fraud that does not exist.”

      1. Cody Avatar

        Fair Fight Action’s Lauren Groh-Wargo: “Anyone in Georgia claiming to support access to the ballot must stand up and speak out against this dangerous and fundamentally anti-democratic legislation that is nothing more than a Republican power grab to take control of our elections.

        “SB 202 is nothing less than an all-out attack on democracy in Georgia and gives Republicans a license to intimidate … [It’s] a disgraceful power grab that should shame any business or civic leader that claims to care about voting rights.”

        1. Cody Avatar

          ACLU of Georgia: “Today, the Georgia General Assembly made the best possible case for the passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act in the U.S. Senate.”

  9. Cody Avatar

    “The Republican voting restrictions in Georgia will have an outsize impact on Black voters, who make up roughly one-third of the state’s population and vote overwhelmingly Democratic.”

    “Why the Georgia G.O.P.’s Voting Rollbacks Will Hit Black People Hard”

  10. Cody Avatar

    “Georgia’s restrictions are catching on: Florida Republicans are now considering a bill that would effectively make it a crime to give voters food or drink, including water, within 150 feet of polling places.”

    “Florida Republicans considering new election bill that would effectively ban giving voters water”

  11. Cody Avatar

    A lot of people seem to have developed this idea that Jim Crow era voting restrictions were a series of laws explicitly saying “Black people can’t vote,” but they very specifically (and strategically) were *not* that (and indeed were much closer to what Georgia is doing now):

    “oh look, the Georgia voting law appears to be a set of facially neutral reforms that curtail voting in the most populous and Democratic areas in the state, which also happen to have the largest black populations.”

  12. Cody Avatar

    NYT found 16 different provisions that “hamper the right to vote” & called Georgia law “a breathtaking assertion of partisan power in elections” that will “curtail ballot access for voters in booming urban and suburban counties, home to many Democrats”

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