Personal Readings Behind The Scenes 2

Now that you have read how I connect to Spirit, let me share a few other pointers on connecting to the Heavens. I also want to share the way others connect to Spirit. Their version is below. Imagine if we had a book of everyone’s different ways for connecting to our Creator and heavens. Share your experiences with us. How do you connect to the heavens?


If you want the heavens to fill your mind with knowledge and information, it has to be empty. I wake up at 3 just to connect spiritually with my Creator. I meditate again prior to the set of readings every morning and again right before your actual reading. It’s a lot of me clearing my mind of all thoughts.
You can see why asking for a reading on the same day, or now, might be a problem. This is a job of endless preparation.

Know yourself. That is the key of all keys. There is something about exploring our past that has a direct line to seeing the future. They say it’s the past and future that create the now. The more you look in one direction the more you can see the other direction. It’s very Dao.
The knowledge of yourself gives you a direct path in life. It allows your talents to shine more, because of all that experience from previous lives, over so much time that has been gathered.

Be the moon. Reflect the light of your Creator. That’s harder than you think. Serving them requires a rigid morality of very narrow proportions, in a world where morality is so loose. It ‘s not enough that you be their voice, your life must reflect their way. The more you represent Heaven as it truly is, the brighter your light becomes. Stepping away from the light in any form, and the light will dim.

Did you know the elements hold weight. You have seen the psychics with their mini fountains, along with candles burning or flowers in the background as staples in a psychics home. All I can say is this, if I am in the tub I can hear Spirit more clearly. Then there is the beach. Not only can I hear them with such clarity, the beach ensures I can see them in detail. Makes rain a very interesting day.

Communicate only to the Divine. Truth holds it own weight. I understand how truth is gritty, rough, but I just don’t understand what you would gain from splashing in a puddle of lies. That’s all the darkness ever offers, lots of lies.

Here a few other Spiritual individuals who have their own description of connecting. My hope is with more shared knowledge we can find a better way for all of us. Always improve on who you are:

From, Pete the Medium :

Way back I started a thing where I’d ask ‘God’ what would be the
answer to certain matters, and then I’d consider what ‘God’ would say
back. After a few years, I noticed that I would receive two or more
answers in my mind. The one I obviously would have chosen, but the
other was out of left field: I’d write them both down.
The latter started to become the more accurate and stronger.

At a beginner’s circle in one of the bigger Spiritualist Centres in
Sydney, I tried psychometry and was stunned at the feedback of
accuracy I’d received.

This was my turning from what the Church had taught to what my Spirit
Friends were now teaching me.

In the really serious period of doing sessions, between the
early1990’s and 2013/14 I was lead to believe that I didn’t have one
specific Guide, but that I had a Team. This Team, I was told, was the
way of the New Age, where the Highest of Highs would be coming to
mediums as the psychic’s needs arose. Hence why I first started to
call Them Guides, and then Spirit Friends.

Every morning, and I’ve been doing this since way back then, I start
with a dedicated meditation and an affirmation statement:

“We are One, not of Our own power, form or force, but for the
expansion of that Pure Peace we know as God the Creator. For It’s Will
in the world and not our own.”

More recently I’ve started receiving futuristic information, including
the Split Soul Process that I’ve been regularly posting in my Blog,
and which, even now, is far beyond my comprehension.

There is so, so much more I could add, but I don’t want to be seen as
hogging the floor, so to speak. And I hope this gives you enough as an
answer to you request,

From: Shanna

My process for connecting to the “Universe” is to close my eyes, be it in meditation or perhaps just standing in my kitchen, and call forward my four pets who’ve passed over, my immediate family who’ve passed, as well as St. Joan of Arc, the patron Saint of France and a woman with whom I’ve always felt a close connection to – I think of them, visualize them in front of me and all around me, and center myself. I breathe deeply. Focusing on them and my breath until I’m no longer in this world but feel as though I’ve stepped into theirs. I then ask any questions or sit still to recharge. This is always a positive experience and fills me with love and gratitude. I find these spirit connections a very sacred thing and protect this bond with all my heart.
When I feel like I need extra guidance or an answer to an important question, I follow the same process but then go to a beautiful stone tower type of place. No one else is around and I can’t see past what’s immediately in front of me. I walk into this tower and I’m immediately in this room. I can’t see anything in the room really except for this beautiful podium upon which sits this magical enormous book. Almost like a large book we see in fairytale movies. The room feels like love…I find it so comforting and I’m deeply protective of it somehow. But I walk into this room, up to the podium, and pick up the feather fountain pen that sits on top of it. The book is open. No one is in this space with me. I take the pen and then write my question in this book….I wait for a minute or two and a response begins to write itself…the pen is in my hand but it is moving all on its own with an answer to my question. Sometimes I do not get an answer at all but usually, I receive something. I then thank the Universe, the room, the book, and pen and leave. Open my eyes and think about the information I’ve received. 

From TW

I pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob (I am a Christian).

Even when I plan to consult you or Christian I still go to God first & acknowledge God is The Source. I ask God to help me recognize & receive His answers. I ask God to help me take proper action.

I often have dreams that come to pass. God communicates all the time, but humans are more likely to receive during sleep time.

I get a “feeling” about things, like, “don’t drive across the bridge.” Or “go to the store tomorrow.

When I pray, I pray in the Spirit (tongues). I have been baptized with Holy Spirit, that is how I am able to do this. I have control over it. Any person who says they can’t control it had their “gift” come from Satan.

Before I pray in the Spirit, I ask Holy Spirit to give me the words to pray, the utterance, & the interpretation of the tongues. I ask for wisdom, knowledge, & understanding.

I may not get an answer right away. Sometimes I will switch & pray in English. I conversation with God & oftentimes I speak the answer when I do that.

God can communicate in an audible voice but that is rare.

I am not Roman Catholic but I have prayed in the Spirit at Eucharist Adoration. I do not believe in transubstantiation. But I have felt peace when I’ve done this & I am more likely to hear the audible voice of God.

If you get the creeps, the willies, etc. DO NOT IGNORE!!!

If I’m unclear I will ask God for clarification.

If I ever think of someone out of the blue I will stop what I’m doing to pray for them. Then I’ll try to contact them. Oftentimes they call me first!

I’ve thought of specific songs & they ended up being played on the radio. I’ve thought of specific tv episodes or movies & they will air within a week!

When I feel compassion towards another that is an unmistakable sign God wants me to minister to that person.


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  1. Thanks, Eric. This is all so helpful. It helps to see the many perspectives one can gain from this and the readings I have had with you in the past. It also helps me learning more about my own sensitivities, as well, especially with your guidance on some of it. I do want to ask you if the medical situation is going any better, too. Praying for your healing. Are you still using the GoFundMe site? Thanks, Eric!

  2. Mr. Eric

    I thank you for sharing our experiences. May we all grow stronger.

  3. Hi Eric ,

    Thanks for sharing how you connect with the divine. I love what you wrote in particular About “reflect the light of your creator” and to “communicate only to the divine”, because the darkness only offers lies.

      1. They gain our soul. That is what Lucifer ha-Satan wants. He is the father of lies. Every eternal soul Satan can permanently snatch from God is a piece of God that will not be returned.

        As for humans telling lies, we get something, someone, or somewhere that we want. Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

  4. Thank You All for sharing with us how you connect to Spirit and Thank You for the extra advice Eric. I find it really interesting how each of you connect with Spirit.

  5. So my Blog this week is my Spirit Friends early predictions for 2021.IF you don’t mind me saying Eric, it seems like it’s going to be a bumpy ride, as you have also been told.
    You and I both talk of The Creator in a highly respectful way, and it is this Power of Peace we call on in our lives, guiding us. My call to all that visit both our sites is, the only means we have of overcoming whatever is coming our way, is personal intervention that we personally create. The Power of Peace needs to live within each and everyone of us, before any collective prayers can change the world. Pete

    1. Pete you are right pete it is gonna be a ride full of contradictions in 2021, and beyond until at least 2026.
      i am sorry that you have to endure this at your age. hopefully you will gracefully get through these years.

      Eric, what is gained of lies, well basically results are getting in faster. or covered up faster. both come eventually at a cost.

      To everyone who shared their story on how they connect with the spirits etc. Thank You.

      Prediction: also in line with predictions made by lot of people.
      A very destructive Hurricane will hit Houston, Texas on May 4, 2021 at 4.40 pm

      1. Justin

        You are welcome. It is my prayer we connect with God, not evil spirits.

    1. In view of your post T W, thought you and others might be interested in this. I’ve shortened a portion of the Professor’s comment:

      Kirsty Short: “… a vaccine may protect against just the disease (and) reduce the number of people that are hospitalised and really sick with COVID-19. But there is a risk that the vaccine may only protect a person with the disease but doesn’t protect against transmission from that person to the wider community.
      A staggered introduction of the vaccine into the population could have individuals who are vaccinated, potentially become silent spreaders of COVID-19.

      1. @petemedium

        I thank you for sharing this. You would think this is common knowledge: if you get injected with a virus then you will be spreading it.

        As my mother says, “Common sense ain’t common.”

        Dr. Anthony Fauci is on record saying the vaccine will not prevent infection. It will only lessen the severity of symptoms if someone catches the disease.

        I have a bad feeling about this. This is an mRNA vaccine. It will alter your genetic code if you take it.

        1. Hi, TW, that’s one of the scary rumors going around, which has been debunked
          On the contrary, mRNA research could actually open up a whole lot of new therapies for all sorts of conditions. As the mother of a daughter with Crohn’s disease, I have been watching this research very closely and hoping that the focus being brought on it may lead to a jump in medical advancement- something Eric predicted not so long ago.

          1. Yes. I think there is too much emphasis, especially in the US, concerning the Pfizer ‘miracle cure’ vaccine, when in actual fact there are at least ten different forms of research, including vaccines, being tested in many nations in the world.
            No professionally authorised body is saying they have the panacea yet, only the ‘it’s here’ media are promoting that.
            As my Spirit Friends said at my Blog, we have a long way to go yet before we cover ALL aspects of this virus so that the world’s population can be declared safe.
            So basically, we need to wait for the scientists, researchers and their laboratories to get a full handle on this virus before we start promoting pharmaceutical companies and their propaganda.
            We have a long way to go yet, sadly.
            So wear masks, keep the appropriate distance and interact the least in groups. This is not a common cold, or anything like it. Pete

          2. @Gloria

            I thank you for sharing. I still refuse to take it. I couldn’t take it even if I wanted to due to allergies.

            Please know I am not anti-vax.

            The vaccine contains an enzyme called Luciferase. I don’t want Satan in my body.

            Also, when DNA wants to replicate the strands must break apart & RNA comes into play.

            RNA is necessary to duplicate DNA.

            I don’t want a product containing Luciferase to alter my genetic code.

            Most importantly, I am black. The US government has a long, consistent history of performing medical experiments on African Americans, without both our knowledge and consent.

            I find it suspicious my government is going out of it’s way to make sure people of color get this vaccine.

            I find it suspicious my government is proposing paying us to take this vaccine.

            I find it suspicious that a college dropout (Bill Gates) with no medical training is adamant about vaccinating “all the poor people of Africa.” His words, not mine.

            Gates is on record saying no one should buy or sell unless and until they have taken the Plague Vaccine.

            Are you suspicious yet?

            1. So sad people are so caught up on words not knowing their origins. Luciferin got its name from the Latin word lucifer (meaning “light-bearing”), which is also a source of the word that is sometimes used as a name of the devil. We won’t go into how Lucifer came to be called by that name-suffice it to say he wasn’t always associated with darkness-but we will look a bit more closely at the Latin word lucifer. It comes from Latin luc-, meaning “light,” plus -fer, meaning “bearing” or “producing.” Additional relatives include the nontechnical adjective luciferous, meaning “bringing light or insight,” and luciferase, the enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of luciferin.
              These conspiracy theories running amuck will be the death of people because of word association people really don’t understand the history of language called Linguistics. The original meaning of Lucifer is a beautiful one just like the Nazi Swastika was originally a symbol of peace in both the Jewish faith and the Indian culture. You can still find the symbol throughout all of subcontinent Asia and Hindu religious texts. Hitler bastardised it. So before judging the name of an enzyme, understand that in science, Latin words are always used to protect the universal language protocol of science. Luciferase is found in fireflies among many other animals including some fish that eat other fish that we all eat! So we all have already had the enzyme Luciferase in our bodies. It’s the key to bioluminescence. Bioluminescence is an imaging technique that utilizes luciferase, a family of oxidative enzymes that emit light upon oxidation of a substrate. The enzyme Luciferase is also used in many tests for procedures including cancer, lung disease, heart disease and the list goes on. It is also used to light up areas in MRI scans when you get injections to light up tumors and their growth. Eric, please do not allow false and misleading fear mongering. I am a Harvard Grad with a degree in Law and Biology. As you may remember, I joined this site in 2012 after my Near Death Experience to process the amazing experience and share the boundless Love of what I was surrounded by when I entered Heaven and wished I could have stayed. The Angel warned me the Nazis would come and the Joker would take the White House (all said to me August 13, 2012 as I was in Heaven) but in the end science, reason and love would prevail, the Angel said. But that I had to come back to Earth to help fight the Nazis and help my friends of color. I am a gay man, religionless but believe in Higher Power and Buddhist Traditions. I too have visions and surrounded by Light everyday. I feel unbelievably blessed to have survived Brain Cancer TWICE over ten years. I know I am loved and blessed to have visions that have protected me and my friends and husband everyday. Recently, we were driving to LA. I had a sudden vision that we needed to switch lanes. In the vision that happened like lightning, I saw a car flip. I immediately told my husband to switch to the far lane and speed up. He is used to following my visions as he has seen time and time again that they are real. He did exactly what I said, and the minute we did, he looked in the rear view mirror and a car hit the car beside that car and both flipped. That would have been us. The Divine is marvelous. I will be getting the vaccine.

              Secondly, you are spreading misinformation. mRNA will not re-write your DNA!

              1. @Jon Blue

                Please do not make assumptions about me or my knowledge.

                You are about to stand corrected

                I am a lifelong Christian and a seminary graduate.

                All Christians & Jews know the name “Lucifer” means “light bearer, bearer of light.”

                We know this because this information is plainly stated in the Bible.

                We do not call the fallen angel by his name. We refer to his title “ha-Satan.”

                “Ha” is the Hebrew word for “the.”

                “Satan” is the Hebrew word for adversary.

                School is out.

                  1. Thank you Eric! As you know I was stating facts and TW somehow read that I was questioning, ergo, “making assumptions” about her knowledge. I don’t know her at all. I placed the facts there for others to see as did dear Gloria. As you can read, I was informing the facts of Latin thru Linguistics instead of debunked conspiracies that the devil is in a vaccine and she begins and ends by saying she is schooling me with her nasty “school is out”. It was hurtful and rude to end with that line. This is why I avoid Christianity. Trump evangelicals do this all the time. Attack instead of sharing facts. Oddly people like Jerry Falwell and Jim Baker went to seminary. I went to an accredited university to learn science and law to protect the public from getting hurt physically or mentally. I’ve been successful in my life and dedicated it to helping those less fortunate by using my degrees as such. I don’t give in to fear-mongering but follow Light and Love and Truth. Thank you again. Nothing I said was an attack but just facts easily found from reputable sources.

              2. Thank you Jon Blue, for your post! soo much truths are in it! people, will believe what they want and say what they want, this is the downside of the computer age. in the future, the population will be SOO much less, and the computer will not be something to be counted on. our intuition, plants animals, etc, will take importantce, as it shoud be. shame, that a vast amount of Scientists are not believed, but they will be again, when the culture of hate, slowly dies, we all can rejouice someday, when EVERYONE, will have a link with spirits, themselves, and not depend on anyone, for that to happen. keep believing, and walk your path, and continue to be a light for others.

                1. Thank you and you are most welcome Allen! I am incredibly blessed in a thousand ways. I don’t live in fear at all. Hey, I got to go to Heaven once for 8.5 minutes when my heart stopped August 13, 2012. I remember saying “I don’t belong here” and the beautiful Angel holding me and my grandparents standing beside the Light laughed and said “oh yes you do and you get to come back again.’ So I continue to follow on the same path I was on, absolutely EVERYTHING came true that the Angel showed me. Including the husband I have now. (I shared that in past posts on here over the years). Inspiring others and grateful for the friends I have made on Eric’s site. The Angel and my grandparents promised my soulmate awaited me when I came back and low and behold, he arrived. I fought it for the longest time but way too many amazing things happened that have protected me with every step I’ve taken. Even a stock my grandpa in heaven told me the letters of. I made enough to buy a home when my first surgery almost bankrupted me. And with enough left over to donate to help refugees and kids. I believe the Creator/Divine One/Ancient Ones/or, as Eric says, Macabe provides the knowledge for these fantastic discoveries that save so many. There was a movement that the Polio vaccine was satanic back in the turn of the century but obviously it saved lives. Evangelicals also once said the radio, then TV were satanic, in the 1960s, Rock n Roll was going to steal teenage souls. All laughable looking back on it. Every generation going back millennia have a fear of new change and positive discovery. The vaccines for emergency use have been through rigorous testing. As I mentioned, my parents and friends have taken part in both the Pfzer and Moderna trials. All with great success. The irony is the antibody Regeneron to heal Trump and others of CoVid was developed by using aborted fetal tissue. Yet that somehow didn’t bother the rabid anti-abortionists that support Trump. Actually most vaccines from the last 40 years are developed in the same way. Science saves lives. I also find it ironic people get all worked up over Bill Gates when they are literally using the technology he created in their hands daily but they don’t catch on to that aspect.

                  1. Well said, Jon Blue, agree with your opinions, and loved the linguistic lesson too :). So glad you were able to overcome the cancer and have that experience. I am also religionless, but still believe there’s more to our existence, which is why I find Eric’s posts so fascinating. I find religion often gets in the way of people just being human, and kind to one another, although, like you, I think Buddhism is probably the closest to getting it right. Like you say, science will prevail, thanks for sharing.

    1. That man is really making my blood on fire at this point, and I had to quickly pull myself out from those lower base negative emotions as that is just feeding them negative energy they so love to feast on.

      He is trying to do this as a way to make it look like he takes the full credit for the vaccine, and make Pfizer look like they relied on him when they never have.

      the consequence will be slapping the face of our allies when the Pfizer contracts were going to other countries since Trump initially refused the amount he was going to receive, and now is going to use a EO to force Pfizer to break their contracts. He is trying to do such a disgusting selfish power play in some vain attempt to make him look like some kind of Messiah that I question why the hell this country has to suffer this nonsense.

      I’m trying very hard not to say anything any more harsher than this because I’m incredibly frustrated with the people of this country that has allowed this craziness of American Idolatry to reach to such extremes. Also Politics in general has caused such derangement and strife that it amazes me this country has not completely gone downhill yet.

    1. @TW…. regarding your “project runway’ post….When asked about the claim, Kovid (in Sanskrit, the literal meaning of Kovid is intelligent or poet) Kapoor told Reuters that he decided to include a face mask because he wanted to “put forth the issues of pollution.” He said he had been inspired by the Chipko Movement, a nonviolent social and ecological movement that was mostly led by women in rural villages in India. Kapoor told Reuters via email that in our daily lives, “pollution is a reality that is [suffocating] our environment every single day. The use of a gas mask was a reference to the air pollution.” I watch that show and loved his work. Read the article below and see the terrible things said about him and to him because of the conspiracy theory in the article you posted. He holds his head high and continues to fight for climate and women’s rights in his home country.

      For those of us that have been to New Delhi and many parts of China, masks have been worn for almost a decade. I’ve been to 47 different countries and to both India and China multiple times. I speak five languages. I have had to wear a mask each time because the first time I went to New Delhi and same with Beijing, I came back so congested and sick, I had trouble breathing and this was in the mid-2000s. On bad AQI (Air Quality Index) days in Asia, everyone tries to wear a mask unless forbidden to wear one in many factories. Yup, the opposite. Forbidding these low paying slave laborers from wearing masks because it creates a ‘bad image for the company’. Here is the Reuters article that debunks the article you posted, straight from the mouth of the designer.

  6. Multiple psychics are on record saying the vaccine is deadlier than the disease.

    Let’s see what Mr. Eric has to say.

    1. T W Longtime Lurker,

      Spirit/Eric have already spoken:

      “WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-20-20
      “Coronavirus: I had a visual of a graph showing rising numbers, again and again, then at one moment like a roller coaster hitting its plateau. it just dropped. Then it shifted to show a rollercoaster ride just fall. Then a voice from behind me on the coaster said ‘Science prevails.'”

      1. @Cody

        I know the prediction. Mr. Eric has posted it many times.

        Please notice the prediction does not say WHEN science will prevail. Just that it will.

        A lot of psychics have already predicted the vaccines that are rolling out now need to be avoided. One psychic (Michelle Whitedove) made this prediction years ago.

        I do not claim to be a psychic. I also do not read tarot cards, etc.

        I know what my gut says.

        I know what I dreamt.

        I know what God told me.

        I also know that even if the vaccines are 100% effective I cannot take them due to severe allergies. A British pharmacy regulator is telling people who have a history of “significant allergic reactions” to avoid taking the experimental Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccines.

  7. On reading some of the comments above, I wondered if they had fully read the article I posted y’day …. which has the links to the full story. This is the section that really needs to be read, if nothing else:

    “Dr. Norman Swan: And I suppose what people don’t understand, and maybe Tegan and I don’t understand either, is how you can get protection against disease and not against the virus.
    Prof. Kirsty Short: And I think it’s a really good question and it comes down to a little bit of the anatomy of where the virus is infecting. So if you imagine that a vaccine protects really well your lower respiratory tract, so here we are talking about your lungs. And that’s really important because you can imagine that as soon as you start getting inflammation or virus replication in your lungs, you’re going to get very sick.
    Now, think about your upper respiratory tract in contrast, and we’re talking about your nose. If you get viral replication in there, you might not get that sick because it’s your nose and that’s not the primary site of gas exchange, but it might be really easy for the virus to transmit. So, one scenario is if you have a vaccine that protects the lower respiratory tract very well but not the upper respiratory tract, you could have the scenario where you have a vaccine that protects against severe disease but it doesn’t protect against disease transmission.
    Norman Swan: But we do have vaccines which do protect in the upper nose. Measles is a classic example. The measles vaccine does protect you against infection with the measles virus in the nose and throat. Why is that different from coronavirus?
    Kirsty Short: So this just comes back down to different vaccines, different viruses. We do have some information from preclinical trials. So, for example there was some nonhuman primate studies done with the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, and what they saw there was that it really did protect more against lower respiratory tract disease and it induced a slight decrease in how the virus replicated in the upper respiratory tract or in the nose but it didn’t completely stop the virus from replicating there. So that’s why this issue of transmission versus disease has been raised.

    1. And more from the same story:

      “Dr. Norman Swan: Everybody is saying people are being promised by politicians and others that the vaccine is the end of the pandemic but it’s not the end of the pandemic if it doesn’t prevent infection. The pandemic could well continue.
      The common response I hear from vaccine manufacturers and epidemiologists is, well, we will eventually find out by watching what happens. What do they actually mean by watching what happens once the vaccines roll out?”

      I believe the whole vaccine thing is being rushed and that the world needs to follow the New Zealand and Australia models where we are almost totally clear of the virus.
      Mandatory masks, distancing limitations, closing of non essential businesses and common sense cleansing. Pete

  8. @petemedium

    Thank you for posting relevant excerpts from the article.

    I also appreciate the paragraph breaks.

  9. Hi Eric, can you add in the specific steps and things that you do in your meditation technique?

      1. Hi Eric, I hope everything is going OK for you….. did you manage to put any notes together for the steps you follow when you meditate and commune with your Guides?

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