November 30th

On November 30th: Reading Forum! We will have our personal reading forum! My hope is to show you how a reading operates from my perspective. If your psychic, please join us in sharing how you do personal readings. Then on the 30th I will post our shared knowledge. I look forward to answering any and all questions. Collaboration is key.

On December 10th: The next truth answers, why do we die? Seriously why? It’s apart of a set explaining our soul. The answer unfortunately doesn’t apply so much to us, but serves the cosmos.

On January 1st: Spirit has a message for everyone. It’s a first.

12 thoughts on “November 30th

  1. if we kept living as spirit we never die. obviously we are placed in body by some other more advanced beings to trap us. put is in a prison body and why the body isnt perfect and has flaws as its not from god. we are not meant to live and die and keep forgetting. we were meant to keep staying as spirit. there was a war in heaven and it got taken over.

  2. I look forward to all that Spirit offers through you. Thank you for being a vessel to Spirit Eric.
    I feel I learn a lot through this forum.
    Eric, You Tube has a thing called live. Where the readers are live and the people like me that join your channel on YouTube can converse and share and ask questions seamlessly.
    I hope you consider this.
    You can also do this through Facebook live.
    You will probably need moderators to help keep the chat free of people who join just to cause nousance.
    Hope this helps you decide what type of forum to use.

  3. My sister died suddenly on Thanksgiving. Spiritually I know she’s fine, but I look forward to your post on why we die. I need it right now.

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