Times are Changing. . ?

In 2018 they summed where America would be now. calling it Trumps Legacy, the buck stops with him, however as Spirit notes, there is plenty of blame to go around. I remember in 2018 writing their words and saying to myself, that will never happen…
The second set of predictions is in question but nothing sums up today like a massive storm hovering over all of us, but even more than that is the visual of all our rocks being flipped over to expose all of our flaws. (Eyes opening?) It really is starting to line up, the second part is a global event though where as the first is America. I wanted to put them together because it almost seems one follows the other? Finally note, these predictions were made back to back in 2018, look at the dates. If I am correct with my assessment.. October will be interesting.

PREDICTIONS 3-12-18 In one of the comments someone asked what will Trumps legacy bring? How will he mold the US? I mentioned a few thoughts but Spirit is now correcting that with this message, however Spirit made it clear that this wasn’t Trumps fault, but a mixture of Trumps rhetoric, a complete incompetent congress, and a national conversation that lacks respect and decency on both sides all leading to this;

“Hate rises.. racism flourishes.. violent attacks.. terror attacks committed from within.. all sides implode from the Neo Nazis.. to the extreme left.. never before has there been this level of upheaval and violence since the Jim Crow days.”

Their reminder that March 2018 predictions are circling by repeating it differently on February 2020

WORLD PREDICTIONS 2-3-20 Protest.. civil disobedience.. civil war.. fever pitch words.. Trump.. hold onto power.. in 20.. A disastrous moment.. bloody.. short.. a nation torn.. the leadership begins to fall and fall quickly. 
From cruel words.. from cruel verbiage back and forth.. violence becomes the new way.
America the key to ending your divide. Stop screaming.. and return to the moral foundation of “Treating others as you would want to be treated.”

Now is the question are these sets of predictions layered for our moment. I truly believe parts of the message below sound like Covid19, the direction of all of our lives have changed. PREDICTION: OUR FATHER IS COMING 19 Mar 2018

“God is coming.. our father is arriving.”

I had a visual of rolling dark clouds all hovering over us all, then a voice, “And like that!.. In one instant.. everything changes..” The dark clouds dissipated and sun shined.

“Everything headed in one direction will suddenly shift in another.. our father was there.”

I had a visual of the spiritual realm tapping certain people around the world. and they glowed with Gods energy.

“Their message will have our blessing.. and our fathers unwavering power.. marked they will channel righteousness, noblility, compassion, love, nothing will stop them from carrying our adopted message.”

Then I had a visual of the ground being unearthed, large boulders were turned over.

“Our father will expose the hidden lies and deceit, share them with all of you.. hand it to you.. saying do with it as you wish.”

“As quickly as he came.. he will come home.”

Wow! Just Wow! Unfortunately it was not all good news.


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  1. I’m completely traumatized by 2020 now. I just want to know when this violence and hate will come to an end.

    1. Kim Donna,
      I empathize with how you feel….it’s been a tough year for the whole world, and seeing all the hatred out there puts dents in my faith in humanity. I guess all we can do is go on, try to do whatever we can to make things better, and treat each other with kindness.

    2. The strength of Corona will run for a good year in total. Racism does end. Truly hear that, this filth on our world will end. Seriously it never made sense to begin with! The solution simple yet makes sense. This moment now is NOT in vain. Unfortunately the leader that ends it is 150 years from now.
      The US nightmare was predicted, they are just now changing tone for the coming months.. natural disasters is the new nightmare coming.. but light is there in the predictions. It wasn’t before.

  2. You still get the feel the military one will enter the race? Maybe October? If I remember, he’s a last minute dark horse candidate on the GOP side, yet I’m not sure how that happens if Trump is the nominee because the financial scandal that causes Trump to resign hasn’t come out. I’m getting the feeling this might not happen till next year.

    1. Yet Trump resigning next year doesn’t make sense because how would the military one become president since the election would be over and the line of who becomes president next would be the VP (there is a prediction about him being attacked, which would then put the house speaker in line next).

    2. I need to ask. On one swipe they have consistently said Trump would sink. Titanic prediction in full swing. They even talk about resigning. That seems to be on path. This last post said here is this mans legacy and we are now living it. So clearly at the end of an era. But I asked about Biden, it was followed with silence. That could be Spirit just did not want to talk about it. But I know them.. silence is not normally good. So I need more messages from them. The military one is the leader who champions epic positive change and unity. He is expected to come out of no where. An underdog who rises to power (that last part doesn’t entirely compute with US).
      Give me more time to recover. But I do plan to ask. Believe me everyone is asking.

      1. Maybe you should start asking if this “military one” person is not from the US? The Spirits’ approach towards it is understandable though it also keeps us in the dark.

        1. I don’t think their intention is to keep us in the dark. I believe my health is infringing on my work. Being sick makes this work hard to do.

      2. Understood. I didn’t think Biden would be the next president because some of the future predictions would only work if the next president was a Republican – like the Supreme Court turning/staying red after RBG’s passing, despite Kavanaugh stepping down and Clarence Thomas disappearing from his seat (guess that prediction means he’s retiring?).

        Only reason I think Trump will still be the next president is because a lot of predictions about him still haven’t happened yet, and I don’t see them all happening between now and the end of the year.

  3. Eric. your prediction, fills my heart with so much hope, that GOD, will inject, his wisdom, his truth, and his Love, in human affairs, hoping this comes very soon, as so much darkness, is growing, around the planet. if things don’t change soon, war will be coming, as their will be SOO many average citizens, around the planet, who are suffering, and it only takes one nation, to start the domineo effect, which will involve many nations. please let the spirits, tell their story, people, will learn over time, that a lot of stuff they where taught, is not overly correct. the NEW age, we are entering, WILL be the age of Spirits and truths.

  4. Eric,
    Have the spirits said anything about the 2020 election? I don’t bring this up to start a political debate, but I–and probably others, both liberals and conservatives– am worrying about the election results; it’s a big source of anxiety. Do the spirits still predict Trump will resign, or have things changed somehow?

    1. The Titanic is sinking. I am not expecting it will be rescued. The prediction has been on the mark I think. We do plan to cover elections, again but with everything so heavy it’s not a priority of there’s. Once I am fully recovered it should be interesting to see how many predictions we roll out. Time and my own health are working against me.

    2. They got it wrong last time and the Brexit vote so political predictions can change at any given time.

      My belief is that Biden is not a candidate that is why Eric got nothing on him, what people are seeing are body doubles. (Illegal)

      I was sent this which goes some way to explaining the confusion all psychics are having in explaining the coming election. I hope it’s true as it will change the world.

      President Trump remains president and will be the LAST PRESIDENT of the CORPORATION called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      Our NEW President will be Donald J Trump, the FOUNDER & FIRST President of our new CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC called the United States of America!

      1. mariakaos no disrespect intended for the messages you’ve received …
        but I’ve never heard any of the psychics who I trust and have followed for years, get that message. In fact it’s pretty much just the opposite.

      2. I question that first part. They used the word ‘stay’ on brexit I would argue that is exactly what happened. Because it sat staying stagnant for years? Several I think. How long has it been since the initial vote?

  5. Your absolutely amazing. Those last words filled my heart. And gives me hope. I want to Thank you for my personal reading also. I wah I had recorded it. But from what I wrote a few things have happened already. My boyfriend lost his phone a week or so ago in the river. And camera screen on my 2020 nissan is acting up blue screen. Ant I got plenty and termites. Yikes. I purchased a tattoo gun to try and resin to coat my oil paintings to try something new. Keeping all my options open concerning my art. Thank you so much. Any ways just wanted to help validate some of the things you predicted for me. Love love love you. Keep shining your light. (Lin) Elizabeth Townsend

  6. What a beautiful message, Eric. So many lightworkers have been saying the same things as you’ve shared. It’s beautiful, and even though things are hard right now and the energy is heavy, there will come a light – and change – from this period we’re leaving. So much darkness exposed and must fall to make way for change. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Does “ Trump.. hold onto power.. in 20.. ” mean that Trump is re-elected?

    1. No. I believe they are literally talking about what he is doing to the post office. He is trying to hold onto power. The set of messages hold. They have for a long time talked about him being like the Titanic, an unsinkable force, nothing seems to stop it, except the unexpected. Now it’s sinking. So I haven’t had a visual of the ship being revived? So I have to conclude with their message. However they did say he would quit or not run. That never happened.

  8. I can’t help but feel very pessimistic about the U.S. right now. Nate Silver is perhaps the most famous polling data analyst in the United States and his results indicate that very few people ever change their minds about Trump, no matter what Trump says or what happens. The polls have been more or less flat for months:
    How is any lasting change possible in such a situation? It just feels like we will always be bitterly divided. When people only consume media which already agrees with their ideological viewpoint, how do minds ever get changed?

  9. Eventually trump will lose and use up all his appeals to not release his taxes to NY, and it could happen sometime late this year or early next, will that be the financial downfall?!?

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