Unknown: The Keys Are In The Oven

As a child I could remember mustering up the strength to follow a normal path. Normal seemed oddly what everyone wanted even though we are all uniquely different? As a teenager I desperately tried to fit. But as if 18 was a marker of adulthood I finally realized no “Seriously Eric you’re not normal in any way.” I am that strange man who talks to dead people and peers into the future like someone looking into your window.. who does that?? So I own it.. I embrace it.. I say it loudly.. this is who I am and I don’t look back. There is a blissful freedom to being exactly who you are that cannot be taken away.
So I thought I would share some of the more “unknown” parts of being me that you might never consider. Some of them crutches while others are blessings upon blessings.

I am aloof. Yep… it’s really bad. An endless aloofness. It never stops.. If I were a cartoon it would be hands down, Goofy. Anyone who knows me has seen it. They are talking to me, my eyes glaring at… what is he staring at??… is he even listening or did he just zonk out again?!

Or perhaps.. Your talking and then hear me say “Oh yes.. yes.. good point.” and I quickly have to point up to you and say “I am not talking to you I am talking to them.” even though you and I are having a conversation? Then that ire eye pops up directed towards me questioning my manners. Then I shut Spirit down.
What you might not know though is when the link is as strong as mine it’s hard to shut down Spirit. Its not like a normal conversation where you just shut it. It’s more like a steam of water and your hands are the dam. Yes you could focus on plugging it, but then that becomes the focal point of your thoughts. It’s just an exhausting quagmire.

I know it sounds so mystically spectacular. One foot in the great spiritual abyss and the other planted here on earth. But you still only have one foot holding you up! That opens me up to serious slippage.

I could remember

In my youth as a restaurant manager I was in a meeting with my boss, we were talking about the restaurant payroll with other managers when Micah (Spirit) came in to tell me the earthquake prediction was unfolding. I then shifted towards Micah quickly only to hear this fist slam on the desk. “Eric come back down to planet earth NOW and tell your floating friends to leave. Your working!”

In another event I was driving, having multiple visions of “Orange Crush” soda. Then shattered glass shooting out in all directions within darkness. I sat in the car perplexed on its meaning. What could it mean? Then unfocused on the road I got into a fender bender. When we got out of the car I will never forget that line from the other driver “You crushed my fender and shattered the side” To which I looked up at the now night sky saying “Really?” Needless to say after multiple issues like that, I don’t drive .

But there is an iconic story. One the Leigh-Pink family never lets go of. Anytime I am aloof… Eric’s aloof!… Check the oven!. Then laughter. All in good fun.

I was maybe 10. Bottom line I should get a pass on age alone. . I was having a very heated conversation with Marcus (You should definitely know he is a Spirit by now). He had predicted George H Bush would be President. I clearly explained he was completely wrong he is only the Vice President. Reagan is the President. But I acknowledged that the word “President” was in his message and that counts in my book. Now at the exact same time I was putting clean dishes in the oven when my mom came in and asked me to put her keys away. When they came up missing all I could remember was George Bush. I don’t know where I put the keys? Who cares about keys when I was discussing the future of our nation. Well, I was about to find out how important it really is! I tried to blame Marcus but back then my parents would not hear of ghosts and goblins. After literally the whole day and the full rage of Bea. (It’s scary) . We found the keys.. uncooked thankfully. I honestly don’t remember putting them there!?

I am aloof but wouldn’t change it for all the stars in the universe. To take it away is to take away something beyond special. Something sacred to me.

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  1. Mary p Avatar
    Mary p

    Lovely Eric! So grateful that you share it with all🧡peace

  2. Holaca Avatar

    This made me giggle a little, I can see how it causes you all sorts of issues, you need a T-shirt saying shhh I’m talking with spirit I’m not aloof x

  3. jules104 Avatar

    Thanks for sharing with us Eric. I love that you are able to be your own unique self and don’t pretend to be something you are not.
    Everyone should inspire to be their unique selves.😇

  4. Jillian Avatar

    Great stories, Eric! Would love to hear more! Just curious, when you are having a vision like “Orange Crush” back when you used to drive, are the spirit visions transparent so you can still see the road and other surroundings, or does the vision take over your entire view?

  5. Amy S Avatar
    Amy S

    It reminds me of the meme, “I work with Spirit. So if you see me talking to myself, I’m just having a staff meeting.” Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  6. Shannon Avatar

    You’re the best Eric! Thanks for giving us a little tour of your world.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  7. Cindy C Avatar
    Cindy C


  8. Rose Avatar

    Love your stories Eric. So wonderfu of you to share them. You are an amazing man. Thank you🌷

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  9. Sara Avatar

    There’s a really cool song called “This Is Me”, from a movie, that involves people accepting themselves, ever if they’re different, and loving who they are. Your post today made me think of it.

    In the film “The Greatest Showman”, a group of circus performers start out sad, because they’re regarded as freaks, but as they sing the song, they gain strength, cheer up and come into their own. It’s a fantastic, moving song for anyone who’s ever felt different and it has a strong message about self-acceptance.

    I especially like the lines, “I’m not scared to be seen, I make no apologies, this is me!” Below is a link to it.

  10. Sara Avatar

    Wow. I can see how being a psychic could limit your job prospects if you tried to follow the “normal path” because there are so many jobs out there where if you’re not focused you could harm yourself and others. Lol, imagine being something like an air traffic controller. Holy cow!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      And other jobs we are really good at like police. Two way street.

      1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
        T W Longtime Lurker

        Oh man, I had not thought of that!

        I thank you for sharing your personal stories with us.

        I’m not “normal” either & it sucks sometimes.

  11. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Wow, I had to laugh sounds like me. Aloof unless its kids and animals. Lose keys constantly or do they lose me? Lol Then I shine. I can relate to the kids and animals. Thanks for all your recent posts, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated and enjoyed them! Thank you. Dealing with alot right now though so trying to get through my own misagosh lol

  12. Cassandra Apollo Avatar
    Cassandra Apollo

    Enjoy reading your writings!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  13. Interested Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this. I loved it. If there is a book in your future, this belongs in it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

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