I had a visual I was floating away from my body. I then found myself in a wet damp muggy park. The grass was overgrown. A storm was brewing on the coast. Then as I turned a corner there was Marcus just standing there stoic. I smiled and then he nodded and smiled. Marcus had his own unique style. He was dressed in a perfectly pressed suit with on old 40s tie, polished shoes and perfectly combed hair. He always presented himself so sharp. He always presented himself as fit and someone in their 20s, which in no way fits his wise old man personality. I am unclear if it’s a memory I have of him being reflected, or is he creating this visual. Marcus my older brother.
As a spiritual force Marcus is there advising you in every single reading. Have you ever heard me pause for a long while in your reading? Marcus is speaking. He oversees the organization and operations of all the readings from the spiritual side. If you ever hear me say “may I tell you something from Spirit” it was Marcus.
We have history that goes beyond any timeframe I could calculate. It’s just to far back. In life we were those inseparable brothers. Now our unwavering bond and unified connection to the great Macabe, has us bonded differently now. He is the voice in my ear, the voice I trust. Once a man he has earned his keep in heaven a thousand times over. I am his Bobby Kennedy. He is Sam and I am Dean. (Supernatural). That’s the bond.

“We are back… are you ready for another season.. this one is different than all the others.” Marcus announced

(The season is a reference to the flow of world predictions. Have you ever noticed there are quiet times and very vocal ones. A vocal period or season is approaching.)

”Different?” I questioned

“Yes.” He smiled. Then the predictions began…

8 thoughts on “Marcus

  1. Powerful Eric! Not sure I totally understand but somehow I felt the power in this message! Is Marcus a brother that has died? If so, I trust this message as truth!

  2. Thanks for sharing Eric. What a wonderful brother Marcus has been for you and vice versa.
    Looking forward to another great “season”!

  3. I got big “Spirit Chills” reading this. Looking forward to your upcoming season.

  4. Hi Eric,
    I think this is his way of telling you that you’ll feel better and that’s the reason to check in on you and tell you that there’s another season. It sounded so important. Put your seatbelt on. Here we go!

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