Truth: The Light

I had a vision of beams of light shooting from our sun, striking earth. The large beam hit the earth then I could see the sun rise and darkness fall. I could see the cold ground fade away piece by piece. I could see all manner of life dance as the light and warmth surrounded it. This light provided a full belly and a clear direction. This is the light of God.. Love.
Love? It bonds us. Heals us. Mends our failures. Forgives our flaws. Brings peace in conflict and ensures happiness, joy, warmth blanket all that it touches. Is that not a description of God?
I had a vision that God was a massive light that sat at the center of all things in the cosmos. Love was the enormous magnetic force of that light that binded the entire cosmos under his will. I emphasize that part. Have you ever noticed love has its own will that does not model your position as if having its own separate plans. It does. Then the vision shifted to show what was deep inside this great light. The surface was love as if love became tangible. As if love became like crystal clear water and this place had rivers and lakes of it you could swim in endlessly.
A more practical description is this. Take the people you love most in life. Now imagine waking up tomorrow and having that same love for every single person on this planet all 7 billion of them. Just rivers of love. That’s heaven in a nutshell. If you ever left with a message from us know this, Love is the light of God. Love is Gods gravity.

There is another part that I find hard to explain so I will explain it in more symbolical terms. Earth and it’s inhabitants are a speck of sand on a vast beach. God; those following him, the ancient ones, heaven, love, all of it is the ocean. It’s important you understand the magnitude. There is a loyalty to that ocean to the group that eventually becomes unwavering. It’s a loyalty to the collective group a love to fulfill their will. It’s something rare and unfamiliar on earth. The only close example is the bond one has for their fellow brothers and sisters in the military. What an honor I hold to sit in a rare spot in the universe with one foot in the ocean and the other foot in the sand. How blessed I am.
The notion that some of you choose to be specks of sand refusing the warm nourishment of the ocean, that bliss of knowing you are apart of something so vastly greater than yourself .. is perplexing? Nor could I ever imagine the cold empty abyss of nothingness. The nothingness that comes with darkness. Why choose that path?
As a child I knew this knowledge. I witnessed the racism. of the sandy beach. The hate. The division. The absurd cruelty just because others are different? How can anyone deny the right for Love? The very bond of God? You would willingly take God away from others? Yet claim to represent the very force you deny. It makes me gasp. Such a violation of sanctity. Yet Spirit reminded me they don’t understand love like we do, they don’t remember their own word.
There is a ritual in heaven. Right before we return to our mortal lives we meet with our creator and promise to represent the creator where ever we may go. His will is our will. It’s a massive festival where all is invited. When we return we share our successes to represent them well. Then the creator hands you gifts. The first is a renewed version of your spice* and the second is to take a piece of heaven with you so you can share heaven where ever you go. That piece of heaven is Love.. Share it in excess with everyone! Compassion for all life. Treat everyone around you better than you would ever do for yourself. Purify the world with charity, kindness and Grace every single day of your life because you promised to share heaven.
Finally I leave you this message the next time someone is cruel, hateful, divisive, share this message with them, and remind them of our shared mission in the heavens. There was a time before our strife when we all swam together in the rivers of love swimming on the belly of our creator. We swam together in bliss, happiness, surrounded by the warmth of our Creator and trillions of other souls scattered across the cosmos and here and now on this small planet we have each other. Our father might be distant but we have each other, we have spice, our struggles can be resolved with the light of God, we have love and a promise to care for each other. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we already know deep inside. Share this message with your foes and adversaries just to remind them of a foundation we made together to spread love and not it’s opposite. We will be home again. We will swim together again. Now is a time to deliver your promise. Remember love in all its forms is Gods voice to you saying.. this is my will and direction, follow his soft voice that pulls you.
They are waiting, watching , hoping from heaven that we all bring that vast light to our planet. Make no mistake this is our planet our problems, we made the mess, we hold the answers, It’s always been there inside of you, are you sharing your spice, your piece of heaven, if you forgot it’s OK we all do it from time to time, but hear me now, let the light guide your next step.

The description of heaven is a set of seven different Truths. We have done two so far.
* Spice. The full explanation will come in the next Truth. The short answer is it’s our gift and talents. Who we are. What you don’t know yet is it’s much bigger than that. You talents are set to serve millions of years from now. We are only learning here and now how to master them.

16 thoughts on “Truth: The Light

  1. Ah…overwhelming. I printed this out so I can read it again and again and absorb the message, As usual, your message leaves me stunned and speechless. I truly want to be “spicy.”

    1. haha, this made me chuckle. I want to be spicy too! Beautiful description Eric, it warmed me just to read it. Thank you, and keep taking care of your health, I’m glad you’re home and on the mend.

  2. Thank you for sharing the latest Truth. Once again, your description is spot-on.

  3. Thank you for talking about love light! Sending healing prayers for you.
    Take care.

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