The UnKnown

First a few predictions.

Texas will flood… coming next.. brace yourself.

Three separate times I have had visuals of epic destruction. In one vision I was looking down to what looked like a massive explosion. The other visual showed me standing on a hill looking down at a valley that was destroyed.
The third visual implied one huge earthquake. The destruction was buildings crushed.
Are they related. I am scrambling to find the location. Due to my lingering illness which is annoyingly interfering in everything I do here, I can’t see the location, but everything tells me time is running out. So I am posting it now.

“The Unknown” : The unknown parts of being psychic. The unknown parts of death. What we don’t know about ourselves as humans.
It’s a new kind of message we are rolling out very soon. Three different types of posts now apart of this site “Truths” the “Unknown” and our continued efforts to master World Predictions. Most of the stories about myself fall under the umbrella of that unknown.
That leaves one missing piece, the distant predictions. I assume they are saving the best for last. Or just waiting on posting some wildly unbelievable future.

An example of stories to come

Someone expressed concerned over the battle between good and evil. Whether the Creator was prevailing. , I chuckled a bit in my own mind thinking, Really? To which Spirit responded “They don’t see our true selfs.. it is unknown to them. So let’s break down what I see.

When I see a Spirit, human Spirit, it looks nothing at all human. Not one human feature what so ever. I have never seen a movie that accurately portrayed it. Even when we do a personal reading and the Spirit is explaining their previous life the will point to their head and say “purple” and I will respond by saying “she is showing me her purple hair.” Who we are physically does not carry over, and that’s done by design, our personality on the other hand do stay with us, almost amplified or stacked. For example I was doing a reading for a friend and her mother came through to say, what she felt was the most important message to give to her daughter after she passed from cancer. “I told you! Told you not to marry that loser.” Later I would learn the daughter was getting a divorce. But she knew it was her mom, personality alive and well.

What do they look like?

Human Spirit: Have you ever hit your head or sneezed and saw stars. That star but brighter and more human sized. The shaped is like waves of water moving together and expanding separately. I also see them as a shadowy mist behind me or walking past me. They move with such speed. It’s said that the reason outer space is so massive, so open, is breathing room for the souls to travel.

Lower Spirit: A spirit without glow, it’s shadowy, slow, as if glued magnetically to the ground. You can always notice a lower spirit because it moves like a snake, back and forth. It has a shape like a fat eel.

Older Spirits: When I see Macabe it’s waves of orange and glowing red fire swirling, folding in on each other. Just the sight and speed in which the flames engulf one another just reflects pure power. His shape is always altering. Even as he presented himself in multiple visuals it changes from Lion, to foo dog, to human, The energy all around him seems to readjust just because he is present. It’s very beautiful.

Ancient Spirits: Also known as the Hindu Gods, Angels, the first ones. Wow.
Just a backdrop, spiritual we had to go to outer space just to meet this being. All of this a story for another day.
I was standing in front of this massive light, the size was epic, like the size of the moon. In the center was a diamond shaped light brighter than everything else, tsunamis of fire emanated outward on the outer rim of the fire there was swirls of different colors as if someone twisted rainbows.
During our visit Marcus, who was with me, joked that we could surf on their belly of fire.
To compare this light to our sun doesn’t do it justice. This bright light could extend its light like an arm, direct precise, to places of great distance, I would later learn that allows this being to be in multiple locations at once.
My initial thought was absolute terror. This was a being that could swat me like a fly with its fingernail. But then this ancient being made her thoughts my reality for just a brief moment so that we could talk. Communication clearly on a whole new level. After meeting her in the most fascinating way, it was oddly pleasant, fun, happy.

So my thoughts on the darkness having a winning chance? No not possible.

The Spirits have spoken they want to share it all. Question now is do we continue with the name World Predictions?

41 thoughts on “The UnKnown

  1. Wow Eric I’m always blown away by these posts. I wait for the posts like a letter from a friend. I need another reading! WOW! What a gift you have, but true it must be scary sometimes!

  2. The ancient spirits sound amazing… they sound like a whole different kind of life-form, something we probably can’t fully understand. I think we humans tend to assume other life-forms have to be exactly like us, or develop the same way, maybe we limit ourselves by dismissing phenomenons that are different from us.

  3. Interesting post, thanks Eric, and I hope you are starting to feel better. In regards to the earthquake, we never did see the one expected in the Caribbean (likely Jamaica). That was to be a destructive one, I recall.

  4. Mind blowing Eric! Absolutely mind blowing! I’ll have to ponder on this one for a bit. Thank you for sharing. I wish you the best regarding your illness and that you feel better soon!

  5. Hello Eric,

    I had to read this post multiple times! It is truly mind-blowing! I can’t wait to see where Spirit is taking us next!
    I am so sorry to hear that you are still not feeling your best.
    Continued prayers for better health 🙏 for you.
    Thank you for today’s post.

    1. jules104 — Here’s an earlier TX flood prediction with a NZ earthquake too:

      “I had a visual of a great portion of Texas. A massive storm was coming. Then it showed so many places underwater. An epic flood was coming.

      “I don’t think Texas is now but a bit later in the year.
      The earthquake is most likely tied to New Zealand, they have in the past talked about 1,.2. However I have a sliver of doubt because the message was given yesterday in the early morning. Then the Jamaica earthquake happened.”

    2. There is a pattern where they start a prediction, give its details, then as it approaches a quick reminder of repetition. They showed the shoreline by Louisiana. But wasn’t that the last one?

  6. There is talk about an asteroid coming that could hit the earth. Maybe that could be it? Or maybe both?

  7. Very nice Eric. The description of human spirits reminded me very much of the short book Back in Time by Larry Rich. He described us as blobs of moving colours, basically, and it was a very interesting book indeed! For anyone interested the PDF can be found online easily.

    …..Coronavirus there will be theft (& fraud)….. Yep Eric… Think this is what you were referring to. Unbelievable. Also in that same prediction or feed you made a comment you may of thought spirits were referring to you becoming ill again versus ?Unfortunately, that did happen. Now I’m wondering about your destroyers outer space vision and month of December. A break through for YOUR health problems? Ill pray its for both you and the world dealing with virus. 😇

  9. Eric a long while back I posted a vision I had myself. I saw the front page of the New York Times with a picture of a large ship that was covered in soot whilst in dock.
    That happened in San Diego a few days ago.
    When I saw the pictures I remembered the vision.
    I was trying to remember what predictions were around at that time and I kept thinking of the bridge one that didn’t happen.
    This lead me to one of your posts about weather manipulation and how we would control the weather.
    To my knowledge there hasn’t been a single hurricane so far this season. There is not a sign of any, any where. This is most unusual.

    1. They are already talking about epic flooding, we are arguing over how big it is. I need to get that right because they are making it sound beyond bad and I don’t want to create fear. Sorry

  10. Dear Eric,

    I have been interested in the paranormal since I was small child and what you describe makes almost perfect sense to me. People in near death experiences describing glowing figures and pieces of light. What they are describing is humans in their natrual forms. Paranormal Ghost Hunters describing shadows and repetiive actions which you tell us are lower spirits. The angels being described as ancient spirits. It just makes perfect sense to me. I would love to do a reading with you!

  11. Do spirits present themselves and move around as orbs in this physical dimension? Because I’ve seen orb pics that people have taken where you can literally see faces inside the orbs. If true, that would mean our consciousness is inside the orb and that we travel using thought.

    1. I was really hoping to never touch this LOL! Yes there are what is called orbs. It’s a form the spirit takes when it’s about to take flight. Not any flight but one that has them racing across the stars. Like a turtle in its shell.

  12. Hello Eric
    I was wondering how long after we pass are we reincarnated and is everyone incarnated or is it choice?
    Kindest regards

    1. That’s hard to explain, imagine there is a hub to all the stars and galaxies, a place within a place, but it’s time is different or more importantly separate than ours. Now go back to the hub, because from the center you can go in any direction any time, any place. What I am saying is you can spend a million years in heaven go back to earth and a day passed. It is set up that way, by design.

    2. It depends on you really. It is said that 90% of our existence, is spent over there. But I question if you could equate that to a clock? The spiritual realm is home, father and all. Another way to look at life and death is to compare it to wake and sleep. Sometimes we have very rough days and we just want to find our bed. While other times a nap works. It has similar patterns. Odd I know. Finally for the most part you choose, choice however is geared towards what are you learning? What does you tribe what you to learn? Then add in you desire to be with loved ones, what are they doing? That’s how it comes together, being with loved ones seems to always be a major priority. Unfortunately their Karma becomes ours though.

  13. Hi! First of all all the best for Your health! Maybe native Argan-Oil might help You feel better as to Your recurring symptoms. Second in regard to the Covid-19 predictions I read in the NYT about the outbreak of a deadly pneumonia in Kazakhstan, which might be related.
    BR Mac!

    1. Thanks, the Spirit do imply a shift in its mutation. I have not heard of a second virus. The next nightmare according to them is natural disasters during an already troubling time. Floods are really bad.

  14. Just eyeballing it, Rt “225” (like the road sign you saw in a different vision) in Texas goes through an area that looks highly prone to flooding (Pasadena and Deer Park outside of Houston)

  15. Eric you mentioned above in a comment “they showed the shoreline of Louisiana”.
    You have an old prediction referencing “South…South bend…in South” and you said, “They clearly mentioned Louisiana.”
    There is an actual “South Bend Parish, Louisiana”, which is pretty much right on the Gulf. Could this be part of the hurricane season and flooding for 2020?

  16. Sounds like Texas may get hit by another Harvey level hurricane. My sense is it will be late August or early September. The Gulf of Mexico has been unusually quiet this season.

  17. I have a question; how do Spirits operate in other universes (assuming there is multiple universes) besides our own? Do they follow different universal laws that wouldn’t normally be found in our own?

    Are there more classifications of spirits besides what is listed? I was always curious about the existence of Elemental Spirits made from Fire, Water, Air, and Earth or are the possibilities infinite no matter the reality?

    You got me really intrigued! So many questions I have!

    1. Yes and yes. There seems and endless range of different Spirits. I saw one yesterday made of lightning it was wow. Yes they have non interference laws that we do not have as humans. Those outside humanity cannot interfere with the natural and social development of a society. They take that rule to an extreme.

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