Norway Landslide

Stay safe Norway. This incomplete prediction has happened.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-29-20 I had a visual of a massive landslide hit the water causing a Tsunami or large wave. 

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  1. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Russian oil spill in the Arctic.

  2. 3/29/20 prediction: “I had a visual of military men getting dressed, preparing large weapons, packing bags and heading out. “Bring um home” . Sounds like a rescue operation.” Referencing Michael White, USN an American hostage in Iran? Think there was a trade US-Iran. He was released as a prisoner, returning home to states. Although the prediction does sound like a larger group of military soliders. I wanted to post a few days ago and couldnt find till this Norway landslide (geeez scary) posted today and found it. Also got sidetracked reading Eric’s truths.
    In the same day prediction posted was an earthquake… LA, California. A 5.5 in Ridgecrest, CA a few days ago. Ramping up? Or New Zealand? Chili?

  3. Unrelated to the current posting, but I had a dream of UFOs recently though the intention was unclear as I couldn’t make out the purpose.

    1. Kali X — Could be about government disclosure coming. According to Eric/Spirit(s), the 2021 president will be a military person, which also coincides with another psychic I follow who – when talking about government disclosure – said that she saw a military person speaking at a podium and said this would start in 2021. Guess we’ll see.

    2. Kali, they have been here before humans, ever lived on Earth. They will be soo needed, to help all humans, rebuild a new society, after so many things happen, that will change Earth forever. there are so many different species out their, so very much advanced, than primitive humans are, with that said, their is also, two species, that are not good, but, the good species, will so help humans, as we so need the help, now and in the future! a lot of people, will have to relearn, and work together if, they don’t, than Earth, will only have less than 200 years, in which it can savely, support human life………..,

  4. When you see a vision, do you see specific details?
    I saw the video of the homes sliding into the water yesterday.
    Do you ever see details of the homes, waves and water that we see in the Main Stream Media?
    Did you see the water, waves or the white house in your post?
    Thanks for your blog.

    1. For this specific situation I was looking down from high above the sky, I knew there were houses but from above it was hard to see the damage. Some visuals are symbolic some seem to be a literal interpretation. Sometimes I only get a verbal message. What normally happens is the initial or first message is literal and always viewed from a distance. The symbolic messages follow but I have to push for that.

  5. That was crazy! I’m so glad glad no one got hurt. Things sure can change in an instant.

  6. Luckily nobody was hurt. Even a dog that disappeared in the water was saved. Love from Norway

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