Canadian SnowbIrd Jet Crashes

Prayers for our friends in Canada. Such a horrible tragedy. The second jet crash in North America.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 5-2-20 I had this visual of a jet, the visual showed the window of a cockpit or bubble canopy. There was cheering in the backdrop as if a part of an event, then inside the cockpit there was something that imploded or exploded. Then everyone cheering gasped.  
“Something goes wrong” 

It could be that a pilot has to eject. Or symbolic to a flying event that implodes or goes wrong?

One thought on “Canadian SnowbIrd Jet Crashes

  1. Today a plane crashed in karachi, pakistan. So far at least 8 dead and 15 injured on the ground. 2 passengers found alive, all other 105 passaengers thought to be dead.

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