World Predictions 5-2-20

I had this visual of a jet, the visual showed the window of a cockpit or bubble canopy. There was cheering in the backdrop as if apart of an event, then inside the cockpit there was something that imploded or exploded. Then everyone cheering gasped.
“Something goes wrong”

It could be that a pilot has to eject. Or symbolic to a flying event that implodes or goes wrong?

I had a visual of the word Paris, then I heard the word “Paris” several times. All focus is now directed to France.

The Truth will be completed by the 5th! It’s more information about what happens after you pass.

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  1. Cant wait for your next truth as they are so awesome and Eric you are a wonderful author! Thanks so much for just being YOU in this life!! ! I loved the insight on your past life with your cruel parents, I would like to hear the rest of it that came after that life. I cannot imagine being so cruel to one of my kids just for being whom they are. It made me wish I lived back there then, so I could have taken you in and accepted you!

    1. I love the Truths too and look forward to the rest of the story about the past lives. Thank you Eric

  2. symbolic message to say that the French government or the French president is going to be thrown out of power ?

    The end of containment in France is May 11th.
    I remember several premonitions of an assassination of a leader on the 11th

    This prediction is expected very soon.

    The new president will be assassinated by the radical one, but with it is an epic scandal. The old guard does not like this president. The president made too many waves, and so they either let it happen, or opened the door of opportunity for his demise.. the president now dead.. when (or by) the weeks end.

    In a previous message they implied the assassination would take place ‘around’ March 11th.

    They implied the culprit was either a radical Muslim or radical anti Muslim. I asked where several times but to no avail. In a previous prediction they pointed to Duterte, President of the Philippines, however in that prediction it was presented as a threat to his safety. So its possible we are talking about two separate events. They later said ‘French connection’. Does that mean a nation where the French language is prevalent or perhaps a former colony of France which points to Africa, or France itself?

    The Spirits don’t feel we can hinder this act, however they want the truth about this vial old guard to be known so that the people can act accordingly.

    8 NOV 2018 36 COMMENTS
    I had a visual of a president or prime minister, he was smiling or happy, then he was shot.

    I had a visual of the number 11 then 12.

    I had a visual of a newspaper that read: “The president killed by Nazis”

    They implied a young leader. The Nazis might be a reference to a radical right. I have to assume they are still talking about the heart of Europe. Which implies France and Macron. Please take caution France, please ramp up your security.

    I had a visual of the center of Europe then a wave extending out. A ‘shock wave’.

    A shoot out.. the leader is dead.. so much tragedy.. terror. in the heart of Europe.

    This might go with an old prediction but for Europe not the US, the emotional pain in this last post felt very similar, so much sadness: First it was blackness, I heard a shot then screams, then a tragic wailing noise. Then I was in a parking lot. A tall older man was comforting Jacqueline Kennedy who was wearing the bloody tattered pink dress she wore on that fateful day in 1963. The older man had his arms around her tightly with his hand cradling her face, which I could not see. She wept and whaled into his chest, the cars in the background were from this time frame. I stepped out of the vision because it became to emotional for me

    “The assassination acts are coming.”
    I had a visual of someone preparing a gun with a scope. “On or around March 11th”

    the visual of the plane refers to a prediction of a plane crash?

    10 -> 10 may 2020 ? airplane crash in France ?

    World Predictions 12-6-18 Horribly tragic.. emotionally tragic.. Airplane crash.. the visual so utterly emotional.. tragic.. 10..
    The implication of the Airplane crash: Sport youths.. children.. French or from France.

    1. Seeing this and knowing of the controversy in Canada(a partly French speaking country)right now About the assault weapons ban, and the fact that Trudeau I’d a fairly young leader, worries me!

  3. Eric,
    Is the jet prediction part of the Paris prediction, or are they two separate events?

  4. The jet prediction sounds like an air show event, maybe a 4th of July air show event?

  5. Hmm, seems like an airshow accident! Hopefully this can be prevented

  6. Eric- the Blue Angels did an air show flyover of Atlanta earlier today to salute healthcare workers and they’re doing them all over the country (no idea timeline). Perhaps something with that? Also- it’s neat but at the same time I can’t help but wonder if crowds are going to gather where these are happening at prime viewing locations. Apparently Piedmont Park in Atlanta was like a festival crowd today. Ugh. (Not sure it was just because of the angels – it’s a really nice day too). Could what happens be a rapid spread of COVID because of these air shows though?

  7. The Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels are flying over the country’s largest cities hospitals in a joint tribute to Doctors, Nurses, and first responders. You described the cockpit of a fighter. Let’s pray one of the jets doesn’t have an accident over a city.

  8. Hi Eric,

    In France on May 8th, it is WWII victory day. but no events held.
    However on July 14th it is Bastille Day. (bit like July 4th in USA)
    Every year in Paris, a military parade passes down the Champs-Élysées from the Arc de Triomphe (tomb of the unknown warrior) to the Place de la Concorde, where the President of the French Republic, his government and foreign ambassadors to France stand.

    A flypast/flyover is also part of the parade.

    side note: the embassy to the USA is on one of the corners of the Place de la Concorde.

      1. Sorry for the late reply, i am bit slow thinker and analyst.
        I realised i might already gave the answer. hidden in plain sight.

        The flypast/over is normally only with military aircrafts.
        But i remember that the famous Concorde once flew along,
        The concorde however is not allowed to fly anymore for safety reasons.

        So lets think another way, how about not a literal jet like the concorde flying along but figurely present.
        as in Place de la Concorde

        Exactly the location where the president, prime minister and government of France and ambassadors to France wil be sitting on a daise under a canopy in a supposedly secure surrounding or bubble.

        Sorry if i am over thinking but it is an option.

  9. The air shows are nice and all but I’d rather see those tax dollars going towards actually helping healthcare workers, etc. who need whatever they need and/or are asking for. But that’s just me.

  10. There is a very big multinational air show in Paris every two years. It is one of the largest air shows in the world. The next one is in June 2021. Could the prediction be that far out?

      1. The big Airshow alternates between Paris and Farnborough UK each year in June. This year is UK, but the event was cancelled. Not aware of any others taking place in the next few months.

  11. Eric,
    Please write a book and publish it with all the truths shared with you.
    I would love to purchase a copy or two.
    A little introduction to how you discovered your psychic abilities.
    A chapter of all of your predictions that have come to pass.
    A chapter on how we can change the future.
    Then you need to shared all the truths that they had shared with you to share with us.
    Please Eric! Please.
    Thank you for considering my wild idea. I just got so inspired to share with you.

  12. The Blue Angels have been doing flyovers in different areas to thank the first responders. I hope that prediction isn’t one of them.

  13. The Canadian Snowbird aeronautics team is doing a cross-Canada flyover, starting in Nova Scotia and ending in BC, to honour our first responders. It starts today.

  14. Erik, thank you so much for all your information.. it’s helping me to navigate through life a little bit better, even though I am scared for my children’s future:(
    Do you see the country of Israel surviving in the long term?
    Also, in the prediction about WW3.. Russia economically is very very weak, it’s population dying out.. look at statistics. The only way they can become more powerful is if they join forces with other Communist countries, such as China and North Korea…

    1. They have in the past talked about a future military leader in Israel that is extremely corrupt and hawkish, but that doesn’t end Israel, I believe that comes at the end of my life.

  15. the Snowbirds are flying across canada this week starting today to honour the first responders.

  16. Eric, could this be related to the Hospital flyovers here in the US that are happening honoring the Healthcare Workers during this COVID crisis?
    Today the San Diego area has six F16’s flying over the Hospitals.
    The area I’m in has the National Guard doing flyovers today for this region.
    My guess is this is happening all over the US.
    Also in late May, possibly Memorial Day on May 25th, or around that time period, the US Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team will be doing a flyover for the whole PNW.

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