Florida Pilot Ejects

This prediction has happened. The pilot safe!

WORLD PREDICTIONS 5-2-20 I had this visual of a jet, the visual showed the window of a cockpit or bubble canopy. There was cheering in the backdrop as if a part of an event, then inside the cockpit there was something that imploded or exploded. Then everyone cheering gasped.  
“Something goes wrong” 

It could be that a pilot has to eject. Or symbolic to a flying event that implodes or goes wrong?

11 thoughts on “Florida Pilot Ejects

  1. The pilot landed on a roof. No word on his condition but he was rescued. There are two people in those planes. No word on the second person yet.

  2. The pilot survived with serious injuries
    after ejecting from the plane, but a young woman who was accompanying him as part of the team died in the crash.

  3. Wasn’t the jet prediction to happen in france, as Eric’s vision said on may 2nd?

    1. The France reference is the start of a new prediction. Later in another post they talked about an attack, bloody. Lone wolf. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. 35 planes will fly in formation over Vancouver and the Lower Mainland leaving Kamloops at 6 and being here for the 7 o’clock salute to essential workers and a tribute to the fallen Snowbird

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