Truth 25

Over the years people have asked if we will see our loved ones after we pass away. I thought I would explain that more extensively.

After you pass there is a transitional state where you become or remember, who you truly are. The memory of the 100s or 1000s lives come back to you. More importantly is the memory of your life in the Spiritual realm. A Spirit once explained that even with all of our lives 90 percent of our existence has been spent on the other side. So try and imagine a massive 1000 piece puzzle and who you are right now is just one piece of a much larger portrait, the piece, that life has its role in the overall design of that broad canvas.
The only way I can explain that better is my own experience. When I first begin to remember I quickly noticed a glaring difference between Eric and what Spirits dubbed Locustka. My soul was far more bold, driven and wise. You could tell the Soul had rough experiences that I have yet remembered. Our personalities hold deep within the soul but our experiences mold a new version of you.

Now what is beyond awesome is our relationship with our loved ones have a much more richer bond in the afterlife. From the most beautiful moments to unimaginable nightmares. The lifetimes you have with each other go on and on. Our experiences and bonds run so much deeper than you can ever imagine. I am sure that you have felt that magnetic connection. From meeting someone for the first time, knowing deep inside, you know them. Those individuals we just automatically connect with quickly. It’s also deep when they leave your side. That pain we all feel in someones passing, as if apart of yourself died.

So yes we connect with all of our loved ones, that’s one of the great beauties of the afterlife but understand who we are in the afterlife is so much more.

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Also “You wake you rest, you wake you rest… so true is the nature of life and death.”

“The universe is filled to the rim with so much life.. most of which is just like your planet, birds, sea creatures, insects, just a massive array of species.. intelligent life.. much more rare.”

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  1. That is so beautiful! And meaningful to me! Thank you so much Eric! It helps me to understand life better. I feel I have a much larger circle there than I have here. However before I had 2 sons, I always knew I’d have them. I would describe them to people sometimes. And they came 20 years later and had the personalities I described. I know we were together before. THANK YOU ERIC

      1. I have always felt that. And it is very comforting. Its also good to know there are times we can rest. The nature on the other side seems like it would be beautiful too.

  2. Thank you Eric for sharing this truth with us!
    So profound yet so Beautiful ❤️.
    Two Psychic’s have told me that I am to write a book.
    Is it your book that I am to write?
    Thank you for all that you do for us!

      1. I think that is a great idea too, but one that the Spirits should be consulted on to see if they would be in favor of it or not. Not sure if you asked them or not yet, If they are; Id go ahead and write away, Eric! You are a fantastic author and the parables are priceless!

      2. Ask Spirit, see what they suggest.
        I think that you totally should. Especially sharing the Truths.
        You already wrote them. You just need to put them together and publish the book. You can start with an ebook.
        Hopefully Spirit will guide you to make the right decision for you and for all of us.

  3. It’s comforting to think we’ll see our loved ones again….missing someone is probably one of the hardest things in life to deal with.

  4. hey eric. may I add, that some souls, need healing, before they can process, being home. souls that need healing, go to a special place, where they are restored back, to what they were, before coming to earth! we also need to talk about the joyful reunion, of family members, from that lifetime. after some time, they go to a hall, where they review their past lifetime, and all the missing pieces of information, come flooding back, also the WHYS are answered, as well as information, on the chart you wrote, for that lifetime, before coming back. YES, we write all our charts, for each lifetime, that is how we learn and grow, as souls. no judgement, only PURE LOVE, that the average person on Earth, has forgotten about. YOU also, can spend much time, with your teachers, guides, council of elders, or even time alone with GOD. so, it is so very much more than people know. you also get connected, to your soul, where all the lifetimes you have lived, makes up, who you are, not just the single lifetime, that you just left. afterwards, some go on as teachers, others travels to different worlds, where the lessons are much different than planet Earth. every soul is different, and every soul, travels their own path, of knowledge, so much more happens, but this I give, to the readers, how wonderful LOVE and GOD really is, SOO much more, than humans know, living here. did I also forget to tell you, the wonderful reunion, of pets, all the love we gave on earth, they wait, as well as family members, for our return home. which is our true home. we are the sons and daughter of GOD, and his love is what makes the universe sing, and all that is……….

  5. I am really curious about what alien civilizations are like. Do they, did they have the same challenges as humanity? Do they know about us?

    Also, other things as such as are they hominid or look totally different? And do they have 2 genders like us? What is their culture like?

    Maybe you can do a Truth someday on alien civilizations. (^_^)

    1. It’s on the list. To answer the question the problems are different, violence and cruelty in all forms seem to be humanities greatest weakness. I have been told of cultures that are never at war with each other but have horrible issues with what we would call Narcotics (There actually bugs over there). It is extreme, They just accept deadly overdoses as a way of life, as if ok? When I brought that up. The spirits pointed out Al Assad poisoning all of his own people and the world doing very little about it, as if they found that equally absurd. What is a clear theme, is a weak flawed culture/species evolving into an advanced wiser one.

  6. Hello
    My question is can our loved ones hear what we say when we speak to them? I talk to them (past family members) but don’t feel anyone near. I am not psychic so maybe don’t have enough, or any, sensitivity to feel a loved one close.

    1. Chris, spirits hear all our thoughts and spoken words, as well as angels, guides and GOD. why don’t you ask some of them to appear in your dreams, as a visit? send out those thoughts, for a least a couple of days, and see what happens, also, ask, that you can remember your dreams, as you wake up! the stronger the love bond, that you have with another, the easiler it is for them to be seen and FELT.

      1. Allen
        What a lovely answer.
        I will send out those thoughts.
        This ‘truth’ and comments have given an insight into what some people think about but never gets to ask or get answers to so thanks to both yourself and Eric.

  7. Allen Tropila – thank you for your insights – very interesting.

    Eric, I have heard it’s almost like a big reunion party when we die and see our loved ones again. I wonder though, do we also the ones see who disappointed us or betrayed us in this life? If so, I wonder what that’s like.

    Thank you in advance for an answer, and thank you for your blog and Truths. I really enjoy your work. –cafe

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