Truth 24

Where does the honorable knight from our past live in the 21st century?

Who we are is a solid foundation from lifetime to lifetime. Our personalities, our gifts, our passions and flaws carry over in each lifetime. However the centuries give us completely different experiences. I have had so many lives as a seer, prophet, witch, shaman, psychic,.. the name changes and experiences change depending on the time.

As a seer in the Oracle of Delphi, we were so admired and treated with such stature but it was also very isolating. However I would learn that no man or woman should be seen as God like, which is how so many viewed us.
As a shaman I would live a simple humble life, a tribal leader who spoke of what was coming. It was liberating, free, humble, however my influence was limited to the tribe and nothing more.
Oh the 16th century. How dark that time was for people like me. A constant fear, a constant looking over ones shoulder, with the inquisition always keeping their eye on us. People like us literally burned alive. Everything we did was seen as an abomination.
The Tennessee prophet however successful also had problems with a community that found me alien or insane and treated me as such. I lived a poor life and even though both this lifetime and Delphi left a historical mark, We could not have more starkly different lives.
Finally bringing me to now, one of the most interesting circumstances. Society has a farce like attitude towards what I do which is new, equated as charlatans, however my ability to create all of you my fans in huge unimaginable numbers has never been more free to do and at a speed that has never happened before. I don’t ever recall having an audience of 7 million? Not one that large so quickly.

Each of us have our gifts. Each century has treated those gifts differently. The doctor in the 15th century has a very different life from that of now. The opposite is true for the Knight who fights for the righteous. How about Actors? Hunters? Personalities have a similar fate. The bold liberated outspoken woman in the 17th century has a very different life than that of the 21st.

But that’s the point. Time is our greatest teacher. We might not be welcome in some of the centuries while others treat us like a king. All of them teach us something new. All of them provide experiences that mold and fine tune our talents. I am stronger now with my gifts than I have ever been in the past, what this century does with that is anyone’s guess.

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  1. So is there time that passes in between lives or is it like instant switch from death into the next life? I once pondered a theory that maybe after death we are given a choice (like shown different lives available, seeing how they know the future) of which life we will enter next. Maybe it was my way of trying to find satisfaction with the life I was living, that I had in fact chose to live it. Lol

  2. Wow…that’s so cool and fascinating! So it shaped as who we are in over time….I wonder how often we come to earth? This is very intriguing. Thanks for sharing. Great humble to hear that from you.

  3. Has anyone here ever been hypnotically regressed back to their past life/lives? Was wondering if it was legit or not.

    1. Trevor, IT IS quite a experience! you do learn so very much of yourself, by going thru the experience. just, do your homework, and pick someone, you do trust, and has a long history, of doing past life regressions! but, you must come to it, with a open mind, and not thru fear or hatred. SOO many books on the subject, in the last 50 years.

    2. I have Trevor.
      It was very enlightening & gave me a glimpse into the phenomena of Karma.

      Not always wonderful & joyous.

      I re-saw/re-experienced (not graphically of painfully though in the here & now) being raped & asphyxiated when in female form. The perpetrator was my husband, The soul that occupied that man then is my mother now. FTR our relationship today is loving & unremarkable by the latter 20century standards I was raised in. But I’ve witnessed my mother’s subtle feeling of frustration at times, lamenting the power & autonomy of what she perceives men have & take for granted (I stress that’s her perception not mine)

      I also saw while in male form, a strong fraternal relationship that involved a lot of decision making tension, not necessarily negative tension, with a close male peer then who today is my business partner & co-owner of our small company.

      I also experienced committing suicide via ingesting rat poison.

      The regression method I used was a trance like hypnosis/mediation under the care of a psychic practitioner. I was fully conscious & aware of the here & now. It was like watching a video in my head with mild physical sensations of the above described.

    3. I don’t believe in past lives. More than 1 person can’t be Cleopatra…

      I thank Mr. Eric for sharing his beliefs. Everyone has the right to decide what they believe.

  4. Hi Eric, it must be really thrilling to know these rich past lives you lived!
    The Oracle of Delphi had huge respect from everyone! nothing important could happen without to take a consultation there! People from other distant countries came too for advice according to historical information.
    I can only imagine how important lives you have lived!

    One question please, i read once that all the old Greek Gods were actually huge energy fields… after the destruction of Atlantis all these fields were lost. Do you know anything about it?

    It is so interesting to know that every time we reborn we come with our old abilities and we exercise them in different times!

    Is it possible that our soul incarnates at the same time in multiple timelines? It is said that this happens even for old timelines…

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. hey Eric. thank you very much, for sharing, some of your past lives! this is my 48th, and last lifetime, coming to earth! very happy about it. you should have mentioned, your lifetime in Egypt, during the old period, we where high priests, but not a lifetime, to be proud of! I also, was a hopi medicine woman, and I was hung in salem, for being a witch. for those who don’t know, we write OUR OWN charts, on what we will learn and experience, before coming back into each life! other lifetimes, were also spent on other planets, where each planet, has its own lessons! NO ONE, is forced to come back to ANY planet to learn, GOD, thru his love, gives each of us, the choices that we do make! however, we do pick our parents, friends, life experiences, problems, trageties, etc, in order to learn and grow, as a soul! the otherside is our true home, not here, but most don’t remember, until it is time to go home again… all of us, do make a difference for good, BUT, this is our own choice, GOD, does allow bad to exisit. on earth, because, this is the planet, where you have a duality mixture, of good and bad, ALL NEEDED, to grow as souls.. for those that do not believe, that is quite ok! you are walking your own path, and in time, you will catch up and excel! People, need to realize, HOW GREAT, GODs LOVE is for us! as a result, he lets all souls, learn and experience, what they need to, NO judgement, LOVE, is that building block, that makes all of us, ALL planets, and ALL universes.! thank you Eric, for walking your path, and helping others, along the way…

  6. Reincarnation has always interested me. I don’t know if everyone has a past life or not, but it’s cool to imagine what they might have been.

  7. Are people’s lifetimes always as consistent as yours are? For instance, you’re always a psychic.

    1. The lives I have seem to fall in three categories. Someone connected to Spirit, or a leader (mayor, senator, general) and finally a farmer. So I am not always connected to spirit, but I would say a good part of my existence. Yes but it’s important to understand that it’s not always about career. For instance my mother’s journey is mastering motherhood. It is her mastery that now has her taking care of orphans. But historically that’s not a job.

      1. hey eric, the lifetimes, we pick out for ourselves, are lifetimes, that will teach the person, information and experience, of issues, that the soul needs more help in, karma, plays a small part in the life choice, unless you really cause a lot of damage to some one, that WASNT AGREED on, by the two parties involved Remember, souls, learn from each other, by both being involved together, for bad or good. what most people, don’t realize, and it is a hard concept, to know, is we write in our charts, very bad things, that happen to us, as well as very good things! WE DONT remember our contract, while we are on Earth, only do we get back that information, when we return home and become spirits again….also, we DO become spirit guides, helpers to humans on earth, in between lives. thru GODS love, you can have two lifetimes, or a hundred of lifetimes, to come back and learn on Earth or other planets, THIS CHOICE, is yours, YOU decide what is best for your soul, that is apart of GODs LOVE for all his children. now, everyone, is traveling their own path, and each path, almost always leeds to growth, for the souls. the dark souls, are enough think entirely, but GOD DOES give them leeyway. in lifetimes, to change into good, but that is once again up to the soul. there is so much more, than ALL of us will ever know…EVEN the Ancient Ones, the ancient souls, ARE STILL learning, as learning NEVER ends. hopefully, this is helpful, to your readers, some might not understand this now, other will. BUT in time, each soul, travels and learn the lessons and information, that is needed for them………

  8. I was shown my past lives during dream episodes. A short ‘video’ would play and a narrator would add brief comments. Then it would fade to black and another video would play.

    Out of those they showed me I remember these: A big game hunter in Africa (Ford Buckmaster was his name); a chariot-riding black leader in Africa who was missing both arms at the elbow; a concentration camp guard (narrator: “You did a lot of bad things, but you drew the line at this..” – they didnt show me what ‘this’ was); a man who lived in a cottage-farm with his family and two big dogs circa 16th century
    overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the area of Greece; a black slave in the south who walked through tall grass up to a white man sitting on the porch of his mansion, and stabbed him in the face on his wedding day in an act of revenge; a cabin boy dancing for sailors in the 18th century ( the narrator said: “One of your supposedly ‘normal’ lifetimes..”); sitting in front of an old hut cleaning vegetables with another old lady (who was my current life’s mother); a very content old Chinese man with almost no possessions basking in the warm morning sun at the door of his one-room shack with a muddy street before him; a blind 1 year old baby sitting in the back seat of a car when his mother pulled into an intersection, and we were both killed by another car (it was a sunny day in the middle of no-where when another car came unexpectedly barreling into the intersection).

    In one instance they showed me two lives and then asked me which one was the better one: 1. A life as a young boy in the old west who lived with his grandparents whom he loved very, very much. One night about 4 bad guys came in the log cabin, and shot my grandparents dead. Bent on revenge I gave chase and in the early morning hours caught up with them in a steep ravine. They were waiting for me and in a hail of bullets I spun my horse around and took off running.

    2. A life as a guy who loved throwing a wrench into the works. Whatever it was, he would intentionally try to mess it up. Once I was roughly thrown up against a cop car while being arrested and they kicked me straight in the sensitive area. I fell into the back seat of the car and with a slight smile admonished the cops by saying ‘Uh shouldn’t be doing that..”

    I answered the guide and said well, the first life was better. They asked “Why..?” I said because I loved my grandparents so very, very much. They said “No, the second life was the better of the two, because in the second life you didn’t seek revenge”.

    I’m male this time but I was shown many lives as a female – none of whom were very attractive.

    At one point they said that my lives were in 3 categories. Lives of living, lives of despair and lives of cruelty. My current life would be a life of despair.

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