New Orleans Hotel Collapse

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the victims of this tragedy.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 3-11-19 I had a visual of a building that was completely crushed. Either it collapsed or an earthquake took place.

8 thoughts on “New Orleans Hotel Collapse

  1. Wow that’s horrible! Praying for those families who’ve lost loved ones, for those hurt and for everyone’s safety in the nearby area. It sounds like there’s rain in the forecast which may make the building even more unstable.

  2. Oh no!
    I’ve been avoiding the news media for the sake of my mental health. I had no idea this happened. I pray everyone receives the help God provides.

    1. When the news isn’t covering politics, it’s usually always covering death and destruction of some kind; rarely any positive news covered in the news. Pretty depressing stuff all around.

  3. A 4.5 EQ hit N. California near “Pleasant Hill”
    This was near Pleasant Hill which is similar to “Pleasantville” that comes up in the 3-28-19 Notes and 2-15-19 World Predictions
    This references the Seattle and Boston shootings.

    In looking at other predictions, especially the “Iran Tanker” post on 10/11/19 that came to fruition, those predictions lead me to the 3-19-17 and 3-11-19 notes of a shooting attack on Boston…stadium…college..sacred holiday (All Souls Day 11-1-19?). The Florida hurricane is brought up as well. Just wondering if recent events that coming to fruition are warning us of soon to come events that could be much larger in scale. Take care Eric and SWC and I hope all are well and safe!

  4. Swc
    oh This is tragic ..prayers for workers and loved ones truly vexed for them ..
    having many building site workers in family it brings the risk to reality sorry for all involved ..

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