World Predictions 9-3-19

“Table yourself Eric.. the Earthquake is coming soon.”

That implies a California earthquake is around the corner. We have the moderate 6.1 earthquake prediction and the large destructive earthquake in Northern California.

I had a thought.

On August 26th they marked the 27th big and bold, I assumed they were marking the New Zealand Attack. But what if they were reminding me of an old prediction that never happened. The prediction below was a prediction about a Florida hurricane, that was marked with the 27th, they also showed 9. It was predicted to be huge. The last part of the prediction talks about the government failing to deliver.

If I am correct the concern is they also predicted another hurricane that would climb up the east coast in October that would do excessive damage.



We also feel that this prediction has happened, with the fires in Brazil burning both jungles and farmland.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 8-16-19 I had a visual I was standing on green pastures. There was a farmer in the background with a cow. At a distance was a massive cloud of black smoke rising from the ground. It was so huge and oddly pure black.

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    1. If and only if we see a very poor reaction from our government, then the prediction lines up, and this 2nd storm is expected, but not for Florida, the second one climbs up the east coast like Sandy.

    2. There are some flaws to my assumptions, the prediction made it sound like it would affect Florida, it really didn’t, and it was supposed to happen back to back, yet We have a good months gap.

  1. Eric. I have a bad feeling that another hurricane will strike Florida, and another, will bury New York, under water! Thank you Everyone, for the prayers! they Really do work! Dorian could have been much more damaging to Florida, but, people, working TOGETHER, in Prayers, REally do make a difference! also, the next four months, will be damage control in Washington! Everyone, Please pray, that our government and ITS People, remain stable, and make descisions, that will help so many others, and that it will not set off a change of reactions, world wide! please feel better Eric!

    1. I really don’t believe New York City will be buried in water this year or decades from now.
      Though I still feel that no matter how much we pray away, the mega Cat 6 is set in stone and eventually will happen in my lifetime.

      Then again, prayers did get rid of those near misses and ones that matched that prediction, but never formed into a Cat 1.

      I’m still holding out hope that next will be less damaging and that mega one never happen.

      1. thank you Anonymous, for your comment. I guess you didn’t see the news reports, when a lot of subways in New York, was underwater, most of New York was built up, from the riverbed , climate changes, are now speeding up, the icesheets are now melting at a massive rate, had you watched the news, a hurricane that stays in the same place for days, will produce massive amounts of water, and since the northeast, is filled with a lot of cement and concret everywhere, their is no place for the water to go. plus, having had visions, for almost 57 years now, I do indeed trust the information I receive. now, the power of prayer, and the GROUP energy of people united, does indeed change outcomes. we haven’t even talked about earthquakes and the like, that will push water, in the decades, to come, the map of America will be so much more different than it is today, weather you believe or not. the food riots of the 2020″S, will be from the weather changes, happening now, and the policys of our elected leaders……………….I would love to wish away, what I see and know, but, weather someone believes or not, it will happen regardsless thank you.

        1. Hopefully we’ll be able to adapt once climate change rears it’s ugly head. I already had plans to move to the Great Lakes once Florida goes underwater.
          Though I had hear about other people like you having similar visions, but each one had different outcomes; both positive and negatives. I’m hoping for better outcomes for the worst future scenarios. I still can fathom how it’ll be that bad so quickly.

        2. “most of New York” was not “built up, from the riverbed.”
          Some parts of Lower Manhattan were built on landfill. But most of Manhattan was not, and NYC consists of five boroughs, not just Manhattan.

        3. Cheers allen & anonymous,

          Also hurricanes can be damaging when they’re half-way through their life or even a “corpse”.

          A hurricane can only form when the water surface temp is 26C (79F) hence they’re born in the tropics. Once its incarnate above this warm water, if it travels pole-ward into higher latitudes & cooler waters it will begin to diminish & die.

          Trouble is, if it was a doozey cat 5+ to start with, & it travels up the east coast, as it “cools” & starts “dying” it can still be a whopper when it’s half its original strength, i.e. a cat 2. And even when its dead & a rain depression; this is when mega-flood-rains fall like its last blood!

          I hope your autumn kicks in sharply; we should pray for cool/cold conditions to continue, this is the best bet to slow these monsters down & stop new ones manifesting in their wake.

          I live in AU & we haven’t had a hurricane or cyclone as we call them, travel “living-strength” pole-ward into lower subtropical or temperature regions & strike land,(that’s southernly down here) with catastrophic winds, for over 64 years.

          That said, plenty of half-dead ones & “ex” ones have packed wallops & caused major flooding destruction & some deaths, almost triennially.

          But they have been known to “live” as far south & strike Melbourne & Cook Strait between the two main islands of NZ! (That’s about New York-ish, US/Canada border latitudinally)

          I share your sentiments Allen. With global warming, these tropical storms could well “enjoy sustenance” over ever increasing water temps at ever increasing latitudes.

          food riots…..? I smell droughts, lost farm land/wild-fires & trade wars?

          I see Europe as particularly vulnerable to that! small land areas in relation to large populations. …..yes pray!

  2. I was thinking that the hurricane was Michael which hit last year in October.

  3. When the Spirits say “Take yourself Eric” and that made me extremely nervous. Please leave Eric. Leave…staying is not the option. Stay with someone you may know outside of Calif. In your old predicted that 500 will die..remember that? Please leave. I didn’t forget that a d every year it didn’t happen. It could be this is it.

    Praying taking your Spirits words seriously. Praying for Calif.

    One more thing….Dream psychic Brian Ladd said in Calif expecting 9 point something will happen this fall or winter. Please leave. May God watch over Calif.

    1. I’m confident that Brian Ladd’s prediction for that big CA quake is to hit on Xmas eve. Or maybe Xmas day. But I know it’s one of the two, and I know he said San Francisco area. I remember it because I have family in San Fran, but they always go out of town for Xmas so I was relieved by that thought. I’m also a quake nerd so I don’t forget a prediction about a mega quake! I recall Eric’s predictions about a big, damaging quake in northern CA as well. I definitely thought of the similarities between the two.

      Also, when I read “Table yourself Eric”, I thought of quake preparedness- drop, cover, and hold on. A typical reaction would be to get under a table for protection.

      1. It was bugging me, so I went and found Brian Ladd’s prediction I mentioned above. His prediction is a 9.1 in San Fran on Xmas eve 2019. He even notes the time of the EQ. I can’t vouch for his overall accuracy. I’ve followed him here and there for maybe a year or so. Some things he’s been freakishly spot on about, especially missing persons. Not sure about quake predictions.

    2. Table.. I took it to represent the actions taken with a quake, also keep in mind we watch over a lot of little children so getting under a table would be their first act.

  4. Dorian is very similar to the 2nd hurricane in the back-to-back October hurricane predictions; however, Dorian is only the first major hurricane this year and not the 2nd of back-to-back hurricanes, which makes me think the October prediction could still be for October. Also, Dorian’s slow pace will make flooding worse than normal.

    1. Very good points. Maybe Dorian was #1 and #2 comes in October. That would all fit.

      1. LM – You could be right because what are the chances that another hurricane just a month later travels in such an odd path as Dorian has? It’s certainly possible yet seems very unlikely. I mean Dorian’s path is about as close as you can get to the 2nd hurricane’s path in the October prediction from last year. Guess will see in October.

  5. There’s been serval larger earthquakes off the coast of Oregon this last week. And today there was a 5.9 off the coast of southern Oregon. Very close to California border.

  6. theres an old prediction talking about this timeframe now of new zealand affected by large quake and the 25 lost to it. 25 related to 25 heads of parliment. so if this big 9.0 quake does occur east of wellington it would definatly affect government. and failing to deliver due to this event. frankie macdonald who predicted kaikora quake just put out a new video on youtube 4 days ago of another big quake for new zealand about to occur.

  7. Eric,
    Ref:::WORLD PREDICTIONS 8-16-19 I had a visual I was standing on green pastures. There was a farmer in the background with a cow. At a distance was a massive cloud of black smoke rising from the ground. It was so huge and oddly pure black.

    Black Plumes of smoke..stretching for miles..
    BREAKING NEWS: Freight train with 16 cars derails and erupts into furious flames along tracks in Illinois as black plumes of smoke are seen stretching for miles

    🔷A Union Pacific train in Dupo, Illinois derailed around 12.45pm on Tuesday
    🔷At least 16 train cars derailed then a massive fire broke out
    🔷Harrowing video from the scene show plumes of black smoke rising from the tracks and stretching for miles
    🔷Dupo Police announced evacuations for the area around 1.15pm and several homes in the area were cleared
    🔷Union Pacific released a statement saying the the train was being built for departure when it derailed at the rail yard
    🔷The derailment caused a tank containing a flammable liquid called methyl isobutyl ketone – a solvent for manufacturing paints and chemicals – to catch fire
    🔷Authorities said they are not aware of any injuries at the moment

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