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We are playing with the overall look and presentation of the blog. As Spirit plans to make radical changes to their work I figure it’s time to alter the blog itself.

The purpose of the changes is to make the site easier for new readers. It is also to make it easier to set up a personal reading with me. However in making the changes for some odd reason the ads with WordPress have increased? I am unclear why? I would love to eliminate all ads on this site but that requires some donation power to operate this site.. thoughts? What is the overall thoughts of the new look? I can keep looking for something better.

Testimonials page! I have added a page that allows individuals to read testimonials over personal readings and experiences. I am asking all of you my fans to leave a reply under the Testimonials page : Please don’t leave the testimonials here. Share all of the different experiences you have had with Readings, conversations with our Spirits here, and your overall experiences here on this blog.

It’s Spirits changes that I am most excited about, I am very interested to see their new changes. Those changes are coming around the corner.

For personal readings with Eric anywhere in the world contact Bea for all the details click on

18 responses to “Blog changes”

  1. Nicole Avatar

    Is there a way to set it to be able to read the beginning of the post (at least a few sentences) before you click in? (Maybe you can on desktop but you can’t on phones). I really liked to be able to that on the old one because I don’t always remember which I’ve already read strictly from the name (especially when the names are dates, etc), but with a couple of sentences in the preview I can tell if it’s new or not. Much more user friendly!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will see.

  2. Psychic Chris Avatar

    The new look is very slow to load after clicking on a prediction – definitely not the connection as other websites load perfectly.

  3. Shay Avatar

    Looks good, miss the keyword search option though.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s at the very top it looks like a green magnifying glass

  4. Shay Avatar

    Scratch that its pulling up very well now.

  5.  Avatar

    prefiero la a nterior, ahora no encuentro la preediccion diaria

  6. rhona2 Avatar

    i agree with Nicole overall user friendly but a few lines at beginning of prediction would make it easier to know if its the one we want to click and read ..
    good luck Eric .

    1. Olivia Avatar

      I find it’s easier. For me there’s less ads. The older version had ads between all your posts and before the comment section. And I was unable to go the comments without the leave a reply thing popping up between every few comments, it was making it very hard. I’m not having those problems anymore.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  7. cafenoirwithcream Avatar

    I really like the new look, especially the use of the colors black and green. The font is a good size and style as it makes the blog easy to read. Easy to load on my laptop. Great job so far!

    Truths need to be updated to show through Truth 21, but I am sure the blog is a work in progress.

    Most other sites do Paypal for donations for one-time or monthly for any amount.

    I look forward to the new plans by you and Spirits. Thank you for all your hard work. Take care.

  8. LLG26 Avatar

    Eric I think the overall look is pretty good. I see there is still the keyword search option at the top right of the heading… I am also very excited about the changes your Spirits are planning and I just wanted to say thanks to Spirits for helping humanity through all of our evolution…thanks to Eric for all the work he does keeping up with all of these predictions.
    I feel like Eric and his blog have helped me with my personal spiritual journey. I think his guides have helped me also. Very grateful and looking forward to reading many more predictions here in this new format!!!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


      1. Mike Avatar

        Having come to this site for years now I am so happy to see a layout change. It is much easier to look at in a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. Keep going with this new layout

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  9. jules104 Avatar

    I love the new changes to the site Eric (I actually don’t have any ads now but I’m using Firefox as my browser) and can’t wait to see the new changes that Spirit is bringing soon. Great job and Thank You for all of your and Beas dedication.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    2. LM Avatar

      I don’t see any ads either, but I’m also using Firefox with AdBlock. Overall I think the new layout looks good. I’m appreciative of all you do, Eric.

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