CNN Exclusive Photos of Migrant Children at Texas Border Station

This prediction has happened.

Whether illegal or not children should never be treated this way. As someone who takes care of foster children it enrages even more, and in my own nation, we are better than this. Where has our decency gone?

Predictions 6-27-18  I had a visual of someone secretly taking pictures. “Switching.. exposing.. truth.. the public rages.”

This message could be related to the children migrants at the US border.


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  1. Unfortunately I don’t see much public rage like the prediction states. To be fair, I don’t think public rage over this would do much of anything anyways at this current time.

  2. will America, ever return, where we are the beacon of truth and hope for the world? where our actions, teaches all nations, how to be better and to treat each other with respect, compassion, and honesty? now, Eric, you know why, so many of us, want to go home sooner, the past looks like it will be repeated again,…………..

    1. No, you weren’t. Americans think they were but even your own allies never view you as the beacon of anything.

    2. It does seem like we are stepping back in the past. Even some of these comments here just seem to find the suffering of children acceptable because how dare they want a better life in the great and mighty US of A. What were they thinking. (Sarcasm)

    3. From South Africa:
      I’m sorry to say the USA”s reputation has been going down hill for more than a decade.
      Recently… eh, not much to uphold.
      However, USA has been very entertaining in the last 2 years!!

      1. I have to add…
        It really doesn’t matter in recent times from whatever country you are, the challenges are much the same. The detail might be different but the basics remains the same. (Most unfortunately!)
        The motive it quite clear.
        USA is getting the brunt of it, but most other nations are going through some kind of related demoralising episode.
        Hopefully, all involved will be able to break through this very challenging period!

  3. These people should not be putting their children in such dangerous situations. Outrageous. I would never ever put my children in a known dangerous situation ie; traveling across country, some without their own parents, but either way, dangerous just the same. . That is child endangerment among other things. Why is it only the USA problem. This is illegal any way you look at it. . These poor children and what their parents pur them thru is disgusting.

    1. Anonymous — Wow. What a misinformed and ignorant comment. The reason why these parents are putting their children in such dangerous situations – i.e., traveling across the country – is because the violence and death in their countries is an even more dangerous situation.

      And to say you would never do the same with your children is irrelevant since you’re never going to be in their situation. And no, sending your kids by themselves to the US isn’t “child endangerment” when the alternative for them is staying and dying in their country due to gang violence. “Why is it only the USA problem?” — what a predictably selfish, small-minded and ignorant American response.

      Lol, the reason why it’s “only a USA problem” is because it’s a problem created by the USA after years of exploiting these poorer countries for their resources, funding armed militia death squads and deporting our American-born gang MS-13 to their countries. The fact that you, as a parent, consider sending their kids here to be worse than our gov’t treating these kids in this way is just sick.

  4. These aren’t Americans..they’re Mexican Nationals. If you don’t want your kids sleeping on the ground don’t bring them up to the border..duh. If the Democrats would stop chasing the President around, and extend the 20 day loop-hole to 180 days, these kids wouldn’t even be here.

    I’m more enraged by the 72,000 American fentanyl deaths in 2017 (carried across the border by the Mexican adults).

    Ask the kid would she rather be safe in her bed back in Mexico, or sleeping on the ground in America. I’m pretty sure I’d know what the answer would be.

    1. Flicker – I sure hope you don’t profess to be a Christian because your lack of decency and compassion for those lesser than you certainly doesn’t represent the values of Christ. And these aren’t “Americans” or “Mexican Nationals,” they’re freaking human beings. Work on being a better, more evolved human being. Thx.

    2. Flicker,
      Part of the problem is that these kids wouldn’t be safe back in their beds in Mexico. The reason parents are bringing their kids here is because they’re fleeing situations that are much worse. There’s a lot of political and economic unrest, and in Mexico’s case, serious issues with gangs.

      No parent would make the choice to take their kid here unless the alternative was more dangerous.

    3. It shouldn’t matter who they are, they are human beings that should be treated with some level of compassion and decency. I do hope one day you wear their shoes, and sleep under a rock as they do so that compassion can grab a hold of you, this way maybe you can join the majority of us in understanding the plight of these children. I mean that as a good thing,

      1. Hi Eric, -yes, it’s so important to show kindness and compassion towards ANY children,they are the innocent bystanders within this all…

        it’s bizarre how judgemental these ” what would Jesus say ” people are??
        the very Jesus was a radical being….

        there are endless street children roaming this earth, nobody seems to care about them…
        specially in South America…

        I’ve seen it all first hand…
        thank you for caring…

    4. Flick Actually if you are paying attention to any news stations, the majority of these people are not Mexican at all. They are from several other poverty stricken countries. All they want is a better life for themselves and their families. Exactly what most all the human race wants!

    5. Flicker, are you aware most of the fentanyl coming to the US is by mail from China, those guys cook up the most potent stuff…yet safely delivered by the USPS…
      no questions asked…

      you have bought into the trump mantra re how the drugs find their way into the US…do some research re this matter…

    6. well… you make wars everywhere! most of the people who died in Aegean see to come to Greece are people who fled from the war zone you have created!!
      I really want to see what you’re going to do if the same happens to you! plus all this i think that if you’re american nobody will accept you!

  5. I have become much more skeptical in the last several years. This photo from CNN means nothing to me. The silver liners are space blankets that campers use to stay warm at night. We don’t know when or where the picture was taken and CNN cannot be trusted. It could have been taken last year or the year before. It could have even been taken in Mexico. Remember, CNN is the illustrious news channel that was inciting violence in St Louis when they broadcast ‘protesters and riots’ when there were only 6-8 people in the streets and Wolf Blitzer told to stand closer together for photographic effect. Several months ago they published a photo of ‘imprisoned children’ behind a chain link fence. But all they had to do was walk 3 feet to the end of the fence and walk around it. They were not imprisoned.

    But, if the parents don’t want to be separated from their children, they should not enter illegally with them. People in my local area are arrested several times a year for leaving children and dogs in a hot car. Why should an illegal alien be treated any differently?

    The people that enter illegally with children are not good people. They are surrounded by drug traffickers, pedophiles and gang members. No one that loves their children would ever consider introducing them to this kind of environment. The adults should be charged with human
    trafficking and endangering a child, among other considerations. And the children should be turned over to their respective embassies and returned home immediately.

    1. Raymond – “No one that loves their children would ever consider introducing them to this kind of environment.” – Typical ignorant American comment. They’re introducing them to this kind of environment because the alternative environment is death. Those that love their children would consider introducing them to this kind of environment when the alternative is worse, yet you don’t know or understand this because you clearly haven’t been in their shoes.

      “The adults should be charged with human trafficking and endangering a child” – Yet another ignorant comment because you’re already jumping to conclusions, due to your ignorance, by assuming that these adults are traffickers and not family members. Typical American.

      “And the children should be turned over to their respective embassies and returned home immediately.” — “Returned home immediately”… to be murdered by US-born gangs like MS-13 like the rest that have been immediately returned. How nice of you. And yet you geniuses still wonder why they’re fleeing to the US.

      1. Thanks Eric I agree…not all Americans are ignorant about what is going on here and what the bigger agenda is.
        And the individuals who are to blame for what is happening, will be brought to Justice. That I am sure of.

      2. I think un- informed would be a better choice of words Greg. You are just being outright Rude.

    2. The people who enter illegally are fleeing worse situations back home. They’re trying to help their kids by getting them here.

      Also, most of the illegals are not drug-traffickers and pedophiles–there are probably a few, but most illegals are just ordinary people trying to get their kids out of even worse situations.

      Trump likes to make it sound like we’re being ‘invaded’ by armies of druggies and gang-members, but that’s an oversimplification, and propaganda. Most of these migrants are just normal people.

      1. Sara, yes, -the US economy would take a nosedive if all the illegal immigrants left all of a sudden, -it’s kind of pathetic when trump employs /has employed so many illegal immigrants to work at his numerous resorts….he and his family are taking full advantage of the nameless immigrant, -cheap labor….

  6. Raymond — These photos aren’t from CNN but from a source who sent them to CNN who has access to the facility and was disturbed by the conditions over the weekend; Customs and Border Protection has also confirmed the images are of the McAllen border station.

    “The people that enter illegally with children are not good people. They are surrounded by drug traffickers, pedophiles and gang members.” — Perfect example of a racist xenophobe who’s brainwashed by right wing fake news as he makes sweepingly ignorant generalizations about people he has never met before nor cares to meet. You have no decency sir.

  7. Eric,
    This is probably the wrong place to post these questions, but anyway,
    1: What do you see happening regarding tensions with Iran right now?
    2: Are there any updates on the predictions regarding a terrorist attack?

    1. I am going to post something soon about our meeting, but to answer you, unfortunately right now they are not taking any questions at all. They are completely focused on mastering this new system of predictions that happen very soon. Sorry

  8. Allen I might suggest turning off the tv/news, so as to not be constantly bombarded by what’s happening in our government/world right now. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay informed with what’s happening in the world but for some it’s just gotten to be too draining mentally and emotionally. Do not glue yourself to the news right now. Get updates every so often, then turn it off or watch something that you find uplifting, get outdoors if possible. Go for a walk, enjoy nature. My opinion along with many others about what’s going on right now. It’s called psychological warfare. Look it up under what Hitler and the Nazis did. There is a lot of rhetoric and propaganda being pushed onto the public right now. Do not watch it 24/7. Eric is right with things being all topsy turvy. If you want to find out more about what’s really going on then get on YouTube and search for reputable psychics but even there be careful with who you watch and the info you are receiving. I’ve found obvious fake psychics pushing someone’s agenda. A few I can recommend to you are, “David Johnson Psychic”, “Jenn Lynn”, ”Milou Polycarpe”, “Tarot Politics + Rosie Psychic Investigator”, she is also on Patreon and I highly recommend her (though there are a lot, she doesn’t put all of her videos on YouTube, but all are found on her Patreon site). There is “Linda G”, and “Psychic Violeta” also, but I found them a bit vague, though still reputable. They are all free on YouTube and basically picking up on the same things Eric and his Spirits are.
    Also, most importantly, if you are feeling hopeless, do things to empower yourself by writing your Senators and Congressmen/women. Sign petitions that you align yourself with, join peaceful protests. Know that you are not helpless when it comes to changing the world around you for the better. Yes we are going through some really rough times right now, but know this won’t last forever. “We The People” will go on to build an even better United States of America.

    1. thank you jules. i try to limit what i read and see, but, because i was born a sensitive and a pyschic, i pick information up, right thru the tv, and i do FEEL other peoples energies, from, the people that post here, as well, but, i dont like labels,… everyone has the abilities, but, they came at a price, meaning, if you are a sensitive, you pick up so much info, that you dont want to know about, and you see the cause and effect, as well. i am 57, lived thru so very much, what botheres me the most, is how CRUEL alot of people are, and how they are so involved in them selves only, with little care for others. alot of the stuff, from the last two years, is only building,into the worst, yet to come. we can only pray, that Americas next civil war, does not happen, as it will be SO very much worst than 1865, with foreign troops, on Americas soil. ERIC, will, down the road, talk about the weather, that will touch EVERYONE, with massive changes, and a coming Depression, is in the works, down the road. THESE, will have to united ALL Americas, as they wouldnt have a choice. but, this reality, doesnt have to happen, but it will, for not enough of people are waking up, even though, it is nice to think so… I try not to put down here, what i have seen, felt, and experienced of the future events, as some are different, than what ERICs sight, is menting, at the moment. Future, events, can be changed, but only when massive amount of people see ahead. but the weather and the civil war, does not look, that it can be stopped….. on a other note, a whole massive amount of people, are going home, this is a joyful event, as this is our true home, not planet earth. i try not to comment, to much on this site, as the average person here. will not understand, and I dont want to confuse people, who arent ready, in their belief systems, to expand further. hoping, my comments here, helps you understand, WHY i posted, what i did. thank you JULES, for caring, and for ERIC, to wake people up from their sleep, as their is SO much more to the spirit world, and our HOLY FATHER and MOTHER, than what the majority of people know about……….

  9. Xenophobia and racism is at a high point right now in America, so I’m not surprised by the lack of decency and empathy shown towards those fleeing other countries for help. Our president holds rallies where he and his supporters laugh when one of them says we should just shoot them. There’s also racist neo-fascist pro-Trump militias at the border rounding up migrants and saying we should gas them like Hitler gassed the Jews.

    1. I know, I don’t see how someone could make a joke about shooting migrants, or how other people could laugh at that.

      One thing I notice is that Trump, and many alt-right sites really try to scare people.
      For example, they’ll imply people who disagree with Trump are all in the “deep state”, they make it sound like most migrants are drug-sellers and gangsters, instead of the ordinary people most of them are, and they make the push for better gun-control laws sound like liberals are going to go house to house and take guns from law-abiding owners.
      And Trump covers his bases by saying any media not supportive to him is “fake news”, he’s encouraging his supporters to only believe what he wants them to.
      Trump tells so many lies, the rest of the media have to literally fact-check his words to try to prevent viewers from mistaking some of this stuff as fact.

      Some of those websites do a good job of making it sound like liberals are crazed socialists out to destroy Christians and America, but none of that is true.
      I feel sorry for the people who only read those sites, because they are being scared to death by these stories, and worked into a frenzy, and they don’t even know it. Their real fears and concerns are being used against them to make them think anyone besides Trump is a wacko-liberal, and that the only way for America to survive is to follow Trump.

      Hitler used similar scare-tactics to make Germans think Jews and Gypsies and homosexuals were destroying Germany, and to convince Germans to follow him. It’s sad and scary to see Trump using similar scare-tactics on Americans now.

      I don’t mean to put down Trump supporters, I just worry that they’re only being shown one extreme viewpoint and nothing else. It’s so easy to get caught up in fear and hate, to believe the news sites that say liberals want to invade your house, take your guns, and force socialism on you, but that isn’t what liberals support at all.

      Liberals and conservatives need to be able to talk and work things out, but it’s made even harder when people like Trump completely misrepresent what’s going on and what the other side wants. I think liberals and conservatives have some basic similarities: they all are fed up with political corruption, they all want their kids to be healthy and safe, they all want the country to be safe.
      Aside from the extremists, most Americans are ordinary folks who just want everything to be okay. Unfortunately, the extremists are very good at promoting an us vs. them fight.

    2. Ann, yes , it’s a sad statement re what’s taking place in the US 2019….
      I’ve always felt the very history is cyclical, -ie, the history keeps on repeating ??

      this very scenario with trump and his cronies remind me of Germany in the thirties…

  10. Eric I agree, we are better than this. The majority of these people are basically refugees fleeing their countries for a better life, only to be revictimized when they arrive at our border. I feel, when exposed, that this will be one of the biggest stains on America. And unfortunately, (or not as it will uncover the truth of the matter), I think this is only the beginning of what will be coming out of these so called detention centers and camps.

      1. It’s sad to see the comments here that endorse or dismiss such horrible treatment, repeat partisan-political scripts and try to blame and vilify our fellow human beings.

        1. Yes Ed we’ll put, it’s too bad some cannot put the labeling down and acknowledge we are talking about other fellow human beings.. children that should be taken care of no matter what their background is.

      2. Eric, -before trump was ” elected ” I started getting visions of Hitler, wide awake the early am hours, -I knew something bad was brewing…

        here we are , in 2019

    1. They are not being victimized, they are criminals. And that is how they are treated, the same as any American Citizen. I have no problems with anyone immigrating to the U.S. But they need to fill out the paperwork and wait in line like everyone else. People are screened to make sure that they do not have a criminal background and can support themselves, among other requirements.

      It’s not a big deal, just fill out the paperwork. It’s not difficult.

      1. Raymond, -such a hard statement , -“they are criminals “, -where is the compassion towards the less fortunate ones, the very poor ??

        these people from South and Central America cannot wait in line for years since they are escaping the violence in their countries RIGHT NOW…

        these rural immigrant people have no way of filling out any proper paperwork…
        majority of them do only speak Spanish…

        have YOU personally ever traveled in any of the South American countries so you could see the poverty first hand ??

  11. Eric,

    Country Singer Thomas Rhett will be performing at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma,WA this weekend.I know you said a shooting happens around the 18th.

    Carrie Underwood will be performing the following weekend with 3 acts.

    1. This is one of Eric’s predictions that may fit ( I also remember that there are 2 shooting back to back in another prediction)

      “I had a visual of individuals with cowboy hats on in the background. A shooting spree had taken place. In the visual someone had a pink shirt and mentioned the tragedy on Friday. A young girl was dead on the ground. Then the visual shifted as if changing subjects, there was this massive darkness in the background, “The shooter kills randomly.. so much blood spilled.”
      Pleasant Ville.. Mount Pleasant.
      Get the gun!.. Hero.. Tackle
      I had a visual of guns hidden in a bathroom.
      I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.”
      I had a visual of the United States, then the visual shifted to show Florida, then Spirit zeroed in on a region of Florida. Again!.. Another tragic shooting.. the youth enraged.. this day the heart torn. I had a visual of flowers and gifts being put down.
      “So many people.. so many shot” I had a visual of three bags of bullets.
      I had a visual of a large stage, that had three different bands playing.
      In the visual the stage looked like it was outside, or a stadium that was open. In some ways it looked like a fairgrounds. The three bands gave a clue to the event.
      Washington.. around Seattle.. then oddly they added Pleasantville or Pleasant place.
      I had a visual of a man with glasses and strange clothing, a miss match of clothing, someone screamed out “Why?” and the man pointed to his head implying a mental condition.

      2.. 17

      Sunday.. Monday..

  12. These children belong in their own country. Do not bring them here for any reason. We do not have any more resources left to aid others. We cannot even take care of our own. Most of these children are used by people to enter our country illegally. This must end.

  13. The last two years I’ve had a bad feeling about a lot of things in the US going into a downward spiral and I was worried for a while as I saw things get worse and worse. I now realize even if things get worse for a while longer the tide is turning now. The truth will come out such as these pictures to show how ugly the current Trump administration is…they really don’t care about these people, even children who are innocent and simply following their parents or other adults to what is supposed to be a safe haven from murder and violence. They are only in the government business to enrich themselves and keep their rich donors happy. They are wrecking the economy right now, but I’m not worried since as the truth comes out in the long run we will be a better country. We will make laws to prevent a lot of these problems in the future. The truth will come out now and it can’t be stopped. So it will feel like a civil war for a while, since so many people drank the bitter hate-filled drink Trump served them and they accepted all his lies and are blind to his narcissistic mental illness…a mental illness that means he lies with the utmost ease because in his mind he is the smartest and best president ever…when the truth comes out he will be known as the worst president. Someone who has lost his way because of greed and false pride. The tariff situation is making world economies unstable and now we are all connected like never before. We can’t be isolationist, it isn’t really possible anymore. Trump started a financial war with China and they are betting on him losing office in 2020. They can afford to wait for him to be gone so they can negotiate with someone else. They don’t care if their own people suffer, they basically have total control over everything there, they can wait for the tide to turn. Our economy seems strong now but it really is a house of cards. I am not sure how bad it will get, I trust Eric when he says we will have a recession and not a depression, but I feel things will feel worse for those Americans who are just barely financially making it now. Not only is the whole world financially interconnected, each human is connected energetically and so those of you who say, “Sorry immigrants, no help for you here!” are basically telling the universe not to save you if you need help in some way. You are showing your fear-based thoughts as ugly energies spewing hate all over the US…so please reconsider what you are saying…

    1. I could take some of these children and give them a decent environment. I have a four bedroom home in which I live alone. I am in walking distance of a grade school and could provide food, clothing, their own bathroom which means decent hygiene. I am a retired nurse of forty-five years and could at least help a little. I would ask other people to do the same. Glenis M Withell. 281 835 6329

  14. Trump admin love to talk about Christian values, however their actions represent the opposite of Christ. Thankfully some courts still have some humanity left, even this admin is packing them at a record pace with the worst, most far right inhumane judges they can find:

    “A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected an appeal by the Trump admin and upheld an order requiring immigration authorities to provide minors with adequate food, water, bedding, toothbrushes and soap.”

  15. Exclusive: Customs and Border Protection Gains an Extra Layer of Secrecy

    The memo, which was signed by CBP’s Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan and dated January 31, places CBP under the same designation as highly secretive intelligence and law enforcement agencies like the FBI and Secret Service. This grants CBP greater secrecy by exempting certain records from disclosure to the public.

    1. I don’t know about that title. China’s treatment of people is very concerning. We don’t have people in the US that just disappear, never to be heard of again.

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