New Mexico Militia Planned to Assassinate Obama

This prediction has happened.

World Predictions for 2019 Obama.. An attempted attack against the former president that will fail.

17 thoughts on “New Mexico Militia Planned to Assassinate Obama

  1. Thank God he didn’t succeed. I want Obama and his regime to stick around to face criminal charges.

    1. Can’t seem to find a prediction about that, however there are predictions about Trump resigning and his regime being the most corrupt we’ve seen in a long time. Time will tell. Stay tuned.

      1. And none of those predictions have come true. Look at the political leaning of those psychics making those predictions and you see they are all democrats

      2. However, it looks like the tables are turning towards former White House Admin. And others.

    2. Aiden — Not true. Just look in the archives at all of the Trump predictions that have already happened and you’ll notice a consistent pattern of predictions coming true. Also, these predictions don’t happen all at once; they take time. And Eric’s not political, he’s just repeating what Spirit is telling and showing him.

      Anonymous — There is a prediction about the former administration listening in on Trump, however there’s no prediction – at least not yet – about them facing criminal charges.

    1. GOD bless, that this never happened! Obama, still have much more to accomplish. what a wonderful person, who had humality and compassion, for people! So wished, people in goverment, now, had this..

    2. Tom — No. The only thing that stopped this from happening was that they were caught.

  2. Im just curious can your spirit predict when the antichrist will come before jesus?

  3. Pretty disturbing to see video of these same far right white supremist militias assisting CBP at the border, even though CBP still deny it. Not surprising though since law enforcement and military in the US does have far right fascist tendencies.

    1. The militia, United Constitutional Patriots, was kicked off the area where they were first camping. They’re still near the border though, video streaming their efforts to detain immigrants

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