Egypt Train Crash

This very tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the speedy recovery of those victims in Egypt.

I was waiting for more details to ensure this is the prediction. The train crash happened at the end of the month but the impression given was Asia.

World Predictions 1-8-19 I had a visual I was looking down a city, then it showed a black fog sitting next to train tracks. “Train destruction.. 52.. such a horrible event” Then I saw the number 7 30

It sounds like a horrible train crash, 730 could be a reference to the end of the month like the 30th or it could be a message of an accident within a month.


11 thoughts on “Egypt Train Crash

    • I think you are misunderstanding how we work here. I freely admit it is a flawed prediction. They said there would be a train crash at the end of the month, that has happened, but we are off on location. One could debate the 47 injured to the 52, but what I am not going to do is hide and brush under the rug our errors, I share this work as it is, mistakes and all.

      • Eric SOS russia warned usa that a strong earthquake Magnitude 9 will strike usa in 2 weeks SOS and be safe

      • Sorry some scientists told putin that a strong earthquake magnitude 9.0 will happen in 2 weeks inside usa i think this is the yellowstone volcano isnt it

    • On the 3rd January 2018 I received this message from my Guidance as I was preparing the predictions for that year:
      “Our Messages to those gifted ones amongst you this past few years have been wanting to say the least. Predictions that were foretold didn’t even come close in some cases, while other major event were seemingly completely missed. This included Donald Trump’s election: We had Hillary Clinton as President, but with a most difficult of Presidencies, ending with her having to leave office because of ill health.
      This is primarily because the Liar energy has enveloped the world and will continue on into this coming year. However, the Truth energy will begin to grow again so that predictions will begin to become more reliable and accurate.
      What we are giving you, at this time, is the best on offer, considering said circumstances.
      So to those reading any psychic prediction this year need to understand that even the best of Channellers will have a low rating of accuracy.
      The best We can suggest to you all is, survive the best you can through this troubled time until the later months of 2019 when the new energy begins to break down the Liar’s domain. Let Peace and Good Will always be your standard of living.”

  1. hi Eric
    I don’t know what’s happening to me?
    i’m having these very vivid dreams lately and these premonitions
    I had this dream last night where I saw this giant spider like the ones you mention
    I was entering a mall area and the spider wanted to get in
    then i was at an outdoor food court next to the mall
    it was a nice warm sunny day
    I looked back at the whole dream for clues
    the day before Greek Orthodox Easter was mentioned April 27th
    a broken down car being rocked back and forth by several men (car bomb?)
    the son of an actor walked by the broken car (California?)
    I was wearing no pants just a long tee shirt that covered my private parts
    nobody seem to notice me
    but I noticed my lack of clothing
    can you please add some insight to my dream?



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