New Jersey Airport Fire

This prediction has happened.

World Predictions 1-25-19 I had a visual I was looking down at an airport, the planes where parked and I saw planes taking off. Then I had a visual of an airplane in the sky then there was smoke everywhere.

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  1. Panos chronopoulos Avatar
    Panos chronopoulos

    Here’s another greek prophecy about WW3
    ► The First War was the one that already took place between Russia and Georgia. Russia will later accept another challenge – an attack on Georgia, and this time Russia will destroy it completely. Sadly, the losses of the civilian population of Georgia will be terrifying. As the Russians will fight in Georgia, the Ukrainians will be instigated by the Americans and will create intense challenges against them. Turkey then will allow American ships and aircraft to cross the Straits of Hellespont and its national airspace to strike the Russians. Then the countdown will begin for the Turks. The Russians will soon conquer the Ukrainians and will be enthusiastically received in the cities. Above Ukraine and the black sea will fight for the first time (air combat) Americans and Russians and overwhelming Russians will prevail. Turkey will have a dictatorship and the Kurds will uprise. It will be followed by global financial turmoil, cessation of payments, collapse of one economy after another, popular uprisings with economic demands and a refusal to engage Europeans.

    1. Panos chronopoulos Avatar
      Panos chronopoulos

      This the part 1 more parts are coming

  2. petemedium Avatar

    There have been six quakes registering between 3 and 4.5 in the last 24 hours at an area called Petrolia California.

  3. sue Avatar

    ten earth quakes strike Northern California in 24 hours

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      really? can I have the link to where you heard that. thanks

  4. Betty Avatar

    Hello Eric, found this interesting articles about Aliens from a Harvard’s top astronomer—-and-he-doesnt-care-what-his-colleagues-think/ar-BBTaWxw?ocid=spartandhp
    As well as another article about magnetic north pole moving and how it will affect our climate and literally everything.

    This prediction might be linked but I do remember there was one you mentioned aliens but cant find it.

    The End? December 21, 2012
    You have several doomsday dates, 12/21, Nostradamus and “the comet running” as well as 2060 which is Newtons calculated date. I have asked them several times to shed light on the information and the spiritual realm continue to say nothing happens. This Century has three massive changes: First Climate Change in regards to the consumption of land by the ocean, second massive war and finally the fall of a certain church. Yes, massive shifts for one small Century especially when all of these subjects have held on for thousands of years unchanged. This Century brings more change then the last few millennium and is a reflection of our new advances as a species colliding with our old ways. Perhaps that’s really what the prophets were talking about all along, a new path is required. But nothing comes to an end. From what I can tell it just does not happen. In asking when humanity ends they simply answered by saying is some distant time after humanity has explored the far-reaching stars it finds new planets to live on which drastically alter the culture, physical look, and historical connections to that very old ancestor called humanity.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


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