World Prediction: Mass Shooting

“So many people.. so many shot” I had a visual of three bags of bullets.

I had a visual of a large stage, that had three different bands playing.

In the visual the stage looked like it was outside, or a stadium that was open. In some ways it looked like a fairgrounds. The three bands gave a clue to the event.

Washington.. around Seattle.. then oddly they added Pleasantville or Pleasant place.

I had a visual of a man with glasses and strange clothing, a miss match of clothing, someone screamed out “Why?” and the man pointed to his head implying a mental condition.

2.. 17

Sunday.. Monday..

After mentioning Sunday / Monday we talked about the coming earthquake, so this message is either for the mass shooting or the earthquake

Large earthquake.. around 3.. (or 30).. in North California.

Previous Prediction: Prediction: Shooting Spree

Mass shooting.. Washington.. at 6.. music competition.

While receiving the information Spirit said 17, and sang the song “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, your always a day away.”

The message above was given last night. A few days before they gave another message that may or may not be related.

Music festival.. Audrey or Andrea.. Peter.. recluse mass murderer.. Ontario.. so much death.. dawn-label.. ran into hospital.. he is just not wanted.. butcher

I had a visual of a young man covered in blood.

I had a visual of Spirit pointing to the Northwest corner of the US.

I had a visual of 100, then 101.

This prediction might be related to older messages: 

This is not a drill.. concert.. shooting.. rock.”

I am asking for everyone’s help, please help me research any concerts, music festivals, college or school events with music, in or around the 17th. Which bands are playing and where? Is there a local fair or event on the 17th? I believe its either in or around Seattle. I am unclear what Pleasantville means. If I can narrow this down to a specific event then I plan to share this prediction with authorities in the hopes to make a difference. We must make efforts to alter this nightmare from happening.

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  1. Does the 3 bags of bullets and 3 different bands mean a coordinated attack against 3 different targets? Or were all the bands at the same location?

    There are towns called Pleasantville in New York, New Jersey, Iowa and one in Nova Scotia, Canada.

    1. There’s also a town called Washington in NJ, with a road called Pleasant Valley Road. There is a Washington Avenue in both NY and NJ, and a N. Washington Street in Pleasantville, Iowa.

  2. This is at a fairground and has 3 stages.
    What Makes The PMF So Special?
    Saturday, July 13, the Pleasantville Music Festival will once again rock. Thousands of friends, families and lovers of live, world-class rock, setting out their chairs, blankets and tents, going up to the stage and dancing.

    Food and drink, a beer & wine garden for the adults, fun activities to keep the kids happy, and a zero-waste program to keep the Earth happy. Plus stuff to buy, charities to learn about, and a warm, positive backyard vibe.

    All combined with world-class headliners, breakout stars and local artists you need to know, hand-picked and brought to our stages by dedicated music fans.

    It’s New York’s Backyard Jam.

    It all happens right here on Parkway Field in beautiful Pleasantville, New York in the heart of Westchester County.

  3. There is a city called Mount Pleasant about 40 miles NW of Seattle.

    There are two publicized music festivals scheduled in state of WA for February:
    1) Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering
    February 15 – 17; Downtown Ellensburg, WA. 7 stages with national, regional, & local
    talent. (country & variety music)
    2) Women of Wisdom Conference; North Seattle College; Seattle, WA
    February 16 – 17
    1 stage; with national talent. Music will be alternative, world, new age, folk, & variety.
    Also….”group activities of music and movement”,

  4. Pleasant Hill is an unincorporated community in Cowlitz County, Washington, south of the city of Castle Rock. Pleasant Hill is located along or near Pleasant Hill Road between Castle Rock and Ostrander. The northern end of Pleasant Hill community is part of the Castle Rock School District, while the southern end is part of the Kelso School District.

    Pleasant Hill, Washington
    Unincorporated community
    Pleasant Hill is located in Washington (state)Pleasant HillPleasant Hill
    Location in the state of Washington

    1. I believe there was an older prediction with the word “rock” in it…which I took to mean rock n roll, but maybe that’s not it at all. Just a thought.

  5. Thanks, Vicks.
    Fyi for EIc….that unincorporated community is located about 80 miles south & slightly west of Seattle area.
    Additionally, I could not find any information on college musical activities…or town, city, or high school music festivals….(even on the college, city, or high school sites). Nothing except those on the website that lists Music Festivals.
    And….in the northwest area, in addition to the two that I previously mentioned, there are 10 more….in the states of WA, OR, and ID….but the earliest of those I did not mention is in Idaho in March in Boise from the 20th to the 24th. The rest are all June thru August. Unless….there is something not yet listed.

  6. I had a dream a while back, which I shared, that was concerning a young man that had been in a marching band. He was shooting due to an unrequited love/humiliation event. This marching band had performed in France and that trip had something to do with the beginning of his plan. I will do some searching again on marching band events.

    1. I wonder if Pleasantville refers to the film or an actual town with that name?

  7. I found the previous comment for prediction 11-3-18
    I had a dream of a disturbed young man whom was part of a High School Marching band trip to France. He was plotting an evil act even then, and I gathered that this was a years past trip. It could be nothing, but I also had the active shooter dream a while back and while I assumed it was a carnival or fair…there was stadium seating. The people were belted in, which is why I thought it was a carnival. I’ve been lurking in marching band reddits looking for anyone who seems to be unhinged, but getting nothing. Ohio State University has a very talented marching band that performs at many events. It may be way too out there, but I worry that if I don’t mention it that I will miss a chance to prevent something awful.

    1. Just read that Washington, DC’s Nations St. Patricks day parade is cancelled, but the parade will march in the NYC parade instead. Lack of funding for security was stated as the reason for cancellation.

  8. SWC
    You have all dine great research .
    Jill in particular I think as New York has been mentioned in various ways in other predictions and as if type this the song New York City is playing ..” I guess the Lord must be in NY city ”
    is the line that caught my ear as I was reading your post Jill.
    I’M SENDING much love and light to this young man and the event where ever it is..
    Hopefully it can be thwarted and the authorities are well vigilant .
    Blessings and stay safe people .

  9. Eric,

    I live 45 minutes from Seattle.

    KISS will be here Feb 2
    Justin Timberlake will be here Feb 10th and 11th

  10. Eric,

    There is play in Gresham,Oregon about 6 hours from Seattle called “Bang Bang Your Dead” on Feb 21st at the Barlow Theater.

    Didn’t one of your predictions say some on stage ?

  11. Concerts, recitals, live music, etc would be really hard to narrow down in the Greater Seattle area. There are lots of theaters, arenas, nightclubs, jazz clubs, Indian casinos, multiple colleges …would be easier to narrow down if we had more clues 😕
    I was thinking about Justin Timberlake as well, that will be in the Tacoma Dome.

  12. OZ follower, I’m not familiar with locations but my research found (1) Pleasantville High is closed all of the following week after 17th. No activities mentioned for 17th. (2) Ossining Public Library – Budarz Theater : A Special Multi-Media Jazz Concert featuring Ted Daniel. “Speeches” 2pm, no Tickets needed, presentation includes excerpts from 4 American icons addressing issues of Civil and Human Rights denied to American Citizens of African Descent ? 4 American Icons : Frederick Douglas, Ida B. Wells, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. (3) J BOOG Concert 17th Feb (4) Boogie T.OUR FT. Boogie TRIO Concert 17th Feb.

  13. “This is not a drill.. concert.. shooting.. rock.”
    Rock Of Ages in Seattle (Feb 1 – 24; The 5th Avenue Theatre)

    “Mass shooting.. Washington.. at 6.. music competition.”
    Sound Off! 2019 Semifinals 1 (Sat, Feb 9)
    Sound Off! 2019 Semifinals 2 (Sat, Feb 16)
    Sound Off! 2019 Semifinals 3 (Sat, Feb 23)

  14. Hi Eric, the description of the perpetrator made me think of Elton John…don’t know why, but I googled and Elton John is doing concerts as a final tour. Did you know that his intro to America album was called “ Madman across the Water?” ( He grew up in Britain). Ask spirit about the Elton John concerts, please – I see California and Denver, but not Seattle area in his itinerary.

  15. “Music festival.. Audrey or Andrea.. Peter.. recluse mass murderer.. Ontario.. so much death.. dawn-label.. ran into hospital.. he is just not wanted.. butcher”

    Does this mean the shooter’s name is “Peter” and is from “Ontario”? Can’t come up with a guess for “Audrey or Andrea.”

    1. The rapper Drakes real name is Audrey and he’s from Toronto.
      I will check if he has any shows coming up.

    1. Jules 104 Swc
      I’m wondering now with the mix of shooting and quake if Andrea/ Audrey might be Andreas
      Fault ..though you would expect San in front of that ..maybe spirits just said Andreas..
      Thoughts ?

      1. Rhona I think you could be on to something. I was just going over old predictions and was wondering if the Spirits pointing to the Northwest has to do with an earthquake instead of a shooting spree. Maybe the old Vancouver prediction?

  16. While receiving the information Spirit said 17, and sang the song “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, your always a day away.

    That’s a lyric from the Musical Annie….. could be a clue

      1. Very interesting… the musical “Annie” appears to have ended it’s run at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle at the end of Dec 2018, but the new show about to start is the hit the venue is the musical “Rock of Ages”, which runs from Feb 1 to Feb 24, 2019.

  17. Eric,SWC,
    Investigation started..
    Event details

    Explosion in Netherlands on January 28 2019 08:41 AM (UTC).

    An explosion in the Hague, The Netherlands, caused the front of a building to collapse, said the city’s fire department. Several homes collapsed in the incident and surrounding homes became unstable. Three people have been taken out from the rubble and at least one more is still inside the houses, said the fire department. Nine people have been injured in the explosion, of which seven have been sent to hospital, the fire department added. The city’s aviation police tweeted that the explosion may have been a gas explosion. RTL News reported that residents from other houses around Jan van der Heijden Street have been evacuated since the entire block of houses could potentially collapse. The cause of the explosion is unclear at this time.

  18. My first thought, being a retro gal, there late 60’s rock band The Monkees had a song called “Pleasant Valley Sunday”. The remaining band just played in Seattle on 1/17/19, but they have no future appearances mid Feb. Most outdoor multi-stage venues only have music fests in the summer/fall. If we are looking at February only, I can’t see how it could possibly be at an outdoor stage in Northwestern US or southern Ontario, unless we are also looking farther south?

    Seattle’s Tacoma Dome has one of my fave rockers Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band playing on Sat Feb 9, 2019, but still, just one large indoor arena stage.

    The only “pleasant” concert not previously mentioned for February 2019 is in Michigan where 70’s classic rock bands The Guess Who and Grand Funk Railroad are playing on 1 indoor concert stage at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, Mount Pleasant, MI on Sat Feb 16, 2019. In the same town back in Sept 2018, there was a 3-stage Pleasant Town Music & Art Festival, but no posting yet for 2019.

  19. Eric could the part where Spirit is pointing to the Northwest corner of the US and a visual of numbers 100 and 101 be related to the famous “Highway 101” or “Route 101” or the “Pacific Coast Highway”…which goes all the way along the Coast of WA, OR, and CA? CA 101 splits off with 101 going inland and Highway 1 running along the West Coast after Eureka, CA. That was my first thought but I was under the impression that it had to do with a shooting spree. Could it have to do with an earthquake instead?

  20. This event popped up in my feed and it was interesting since the concert is called C2C or Country to Country and it is 3 different headlining bands on 3 different stages playing from March 8-10 F-Sunday in London, Dublin and Glasgow with each band rotating and headlining a different stage each of the three nights. The stadiums are the O2 arenas in at least London and Dublin.

  21. Eric,

    Dierks Bentley will be preforming tomorrow in Seattle.Not sure who the opening acts are.

  22. Prediction “Mass shooting.. Washington.. at 6.. music competition.”

    If music competition may still be a factor, the “Battle of the Bands” will be running at 6 Hard Rock Cafes across the globe including Seattle on March 28, 2019, (in addition to Nashville US, Sydney AU, Moscow RU, Curitiba BR and Glasgow GB). At each venue, 4 selected local bands compete live. The best 2 bands from each become the 12 semi-finalists to compete for online votes. Then the top 3 bands will compete live at Hard Rock New York on June 21, 2019.
    It’s not outdoor fairgrounds nor Feb 17, but it’s a major rock competition in Seattle with 3 finalists live on one stage later in June.

  23. For the prediction “Mass Shooting”
    Aubrey = Rapper Even Drakes real name is Aubrey Drake Graham
    Andre = Rapper Dr. Dre’s real name is Andre Romelle Young

    There are 2 concerts = Rock of Ages, scheduled for 17 Feb
    @ The 5th Avenue Theatre
    1308 Fifth Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
    Can’t see either of “Aubrey or Andre” listed at Rock of Ages Concert on 17 Feb ?

  24. Hey. I’m in the Seattle area of Washington and there’s a Pleasantville in Dupont. Dupont is in Pierce County which is in the Seattle-metropolition area that I live in (which is areas like Everett, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kent, etc.) We also always have different fairs and musical festivals here we go to alot. We have a Wintergrass Musical Festival until the 20th of February. Rock Of Ages is downtown February 1 – 24th. Kremwerk Five Year Anniversary Weekend is full of music and drag (which holds the possibility of hate crimes) There’s so many music events in the area this February, please take a look at this and read all the events and musical artists that’ll be there

  25. KISS will be at the Mariners baseball field arena in Seattle (now named The Mobile Field) singing on the 16th of February. So it would be outside. Thought of this because I remember you mentioning heavy rock and they sing heavy rock and heavy metal. There was a former member who’s name is Peter Criss, since you mentioned the name Peter.

  26. Eric, this “Paradiso Festival” occurs every mid June in Northwest Washington at the Gorge Ampitheater. It looks similar to what a ranch would look like (open grass range). This particular event specifically has “three stages” which they mention in this link. This is outdoors and very open. The people dress up a lot. I’ll add a promo video next. Could the 6 be for June?

  27. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::I had a visual of a young man covered in blood.

    Norway 🇳🇴
    Event details

    Serious public security incident in Norway on March 19 2019 11:48 AM (UTC).

    A pupil armed with a knife has injured a teacher and three other staff at a school in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. The victims were all employees of Brynseng School, in the east of the city, and they were rushed to hospital with minor injuries. The attacker, who is a student in the school, has been apprehended by police but the motive behind the incident was not immediately clear. A spokesperson for Oslo police department said an investigation had been launched and officers were speaking to witnesses. “It is a very young boy who is arrested. I can’t say anything more about the grade level. He was arrested inside the school,” Sven Christian Lie said, Nettavisen reports. The police also revealed that pupils may have witnessed the incident but no children were harmed.

  28. Hi Eric, what does the time frame 3 or 30 indicate for the earthquake ? Thank you so much in advance for your help and time.

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