World Predictions 1-15-19

I had a visual of the number 2, then it shifted to show a lion walking the halls of the Capitol. “He is arriving soon”

Then I had a visual of a list of names, two of the names were crossed out.

Then I heard a crack or break of bones, (breakdown?)

“Are you concerned about the American people? Hey I am going over there.”

In the past a lion has been used to describe someone with integrity, honor, strength, and tenacity. The impression given with the names crossed out was two individuals are quitting. They would be key individuals.

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  1. Cody Avatar

    Wasn’t there a prediction about a Secret Service agent breaking his silence to the public? Just a wild guess though, probably wrong.

    1. Cody Avatar

      The “Hey I am going over there” response to the question of “Are you concerned about the American people” had be dying because it sounds very Terminator-like.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It seemed in the visual, that someone was questioning whether or not they had concerns over the treatment of what I assume is the federal employees, and then the person left for what I assume was a trip. It was odd.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There was, but from an interpretation it could be someone in government service being secretive.

  2. Rose Avatar

    It means a Democrat/s with morals who puts American citizens lives first not their party is crossing over to support the wall.

    1. Sara Avatar

      This is just my opinion, I just wanted to say that it like if the choice is either support the wall, or allow unsafe migration. Democrats do want border security. It’s just that there are other, better ways to keep our borders safe without the wall, and I personally feel Trump needs to end the shutdown and negotiate on what other options–besides the wall–the country can do.

      I’ve noticed Trump has a tendency to tell his supporters “Democrats don’t care about border security, they’d let in everybody, we’d have gangsters and terrorists”, but that’s not true. Democrats and many Republicans have worked on other plans to keep the border safe…he just doesn’t seem to want to listen to anything besides his wall idea.

      I’m worried that Trump is fueling his supporters’ fears by making the choices sound so dire: either build the wall, or have an invasion. But there are other ways to help secure America that need to be given a closer look. Rest assured, you can support border security without having to accept Trump’s wall idea.

      I agree that protecting our borders is important, especially when dealing with terrorism and drug cartels.You have every right to be concerned about security. Keep in mind, many experts have said the wall won’t be effective, and there are other options.

      People aren’t rejecting Trump’s plan because they don’t want border security…they’re rejecting it because it’s not a good plan, and because he’s basically using the shutdown to try and force it through.

      Again, just my opinion, but I wanted to explain better why people are so angry at Trump–that it’s not from a lack of caring about safety, because we all care about that. We just have different ideas about what works and what won’t.

      1. Sara Avatar

        That should read, “It’s not like the choice is either support the wall, or allow unsafe migration.” Me and my bad typing!

    2. Richard Williams Avatar
      Richard Williams

      Isn’t it more likely that some Republicans with morals–one hopes there are still some–decide they have had enough and finally put the good of the country ahead of the Republican Party and the minority of the country it represents?

      1. anonymomus Avatar

        Richard Williams…you are being as offensive as those you are hoping to denigrate.

      2. cat Avatar

        Hello Eric and SWC!
        Richard Williams, I totally agree and thank you for sharing your comment. 🙂 You are not being offensive at all, your post is polite and well written. Nothing derogatory at all.
        As a poster said below and I agree, I think the ‘Lion’ that is referenced is Robert Mueller.
        Mr. Mueller is a TRUE American Patriot and the characteristics of Integrity Honor Strength and Tenacity can be directly attributed to Robert Mueller III. 🙂 He definitely possesses ALL of those characteristics and more!

  3. allen Avatar

    does this mean, that all the information gathered, will start to be shared with members of the capital? it is SOO bad, that it will take many years, before all the information, is shared with the American people. many many people, will be in shock, because soo many people, are quilty, in so many areas of government…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t think they mentioned that. In previous predictions the scandal that comes out of the Mueller findings is all financial

  4. Kristina Avatar

    Maybe the Lion is Mueller, I think he is a Leo

    1. Luna Tic Avatar
      Luna Tic

      Or maybe Barak Obama, he is a Leo as well.

  5. Rob Avatar

    I’m thinking is the Mueller report is coming out

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Or part of it.

      1. Shaylee Avatar

        The lion roared!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I believe your right.

  6.  Avatar

    Sounds like 2 people who work in the White House

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s my guess.

  7. LLG26 Avatar

    That is encouraging news. Someone with integrity and honor needs to step up and get everyone’s attention. The wall thing seems like a tool being used divide the US people further and without any concern as to who the shutdown hurts.
    I know some federal employees who are furloughed now who are on the middle pay scale and have other financial issues as well right now. It is impossible to know what to do when there is no clue when the shutdown may end so they have to assume worse case scenario and try to plan for that. Imagine you have a had a loved one die recently and you have funeral expenses or a husband with major health issues and you have been paying for a nurses aide to help out with care of a loved one and then the shutdown happens? Right now that and worse is happening to some of these furloughed employees. Those two examples I gave are friends of mine. They are wonderful women who have been hit with financial hardships they couldn’t have planned for and then the shutdown happens to make things even more stressful.
    I don’t know who the Lion is that is coming but blessings on that person…

    1. Sara Avatar

      I, too, know people who face serious issues if the shutdown drags on. It’s so frustrating that innocent people are being given such stress, especially because so many have suffered enough already in their lives.

      It really should be Trump and Congress who don’t get paid, since they’re the ones causing it.

      1. Fredda Avatar

        I agree Sara it should be Trump and Congress who won’t get their pay. Not the innocent hard working people. But also, and especially McConnell!!! That guy has the power to end this ridiculous shutdown but refuses to. He won’t even allow any bipartisan bills go to the Senate for a vote!! He is such a lowlife. The richest man in the Senate. “Representing” people from the one of the poorest States!!
        He should be ashamed!

      2. cat Avatar

        Sara and Fredda, you are so right! trump, mcconnell and Congress should NOT get paid.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I agree, none of them should get paid until the shutdown is over.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s possible that the lion is not a person but tone. A hopeful shift towards being more honorable. Though congress being honorable is one huge stretch

  8. Ann Avatar

    Michael Cohen is going to the Capitol to testify before heading off to prison. Maybe it’s him.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You mean the lion, I don’t see Cohen as someone with integrity and honor. But that’s just my opinion

  9. petemedium Avatar

    The lion usually indicated Britain. Could it be a highly regarded member of the Royal Family calls on Trump, possibly with some news that will throwing Trump off balance?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They usually show a crown for Britain. It was odd to see the lion walking through the capitals hall

  10. Sara Avatar

    I don’t mean to sound too vindictive about politicians….but I think Trump, Congress, all of them should go without pay for as long as the shutdown lasts. I suspect they’d be much more willing to talk then.

    1. anomymous Avatar

      Trump has not taken any pay, he has donated his pay since the start of him being in office.

      1. Ann Avatar

        anomymous — False. Trump’s lying when he says he works without a presidential salary because the U.S. Constitution won’t allow him to do that. Article II, Section 1 says that the president will receive “compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during that period for which he shall have been elected.” And just like past presidents, he donates a portion of his salary to charitable events.

      2. Cody Avatar

        anomymous, Trump wouldn’t need his salary anyways since he’s been violating the law by violating the emoluments clause and cashing in on the presidency ever since he’s been in office.

      3. Amy Avatar

        Cody – A federal watchdog group estimates that Trump had over 1,400 conflicts of
        interests during his first two years in office.

    2. Anne Avatar

      I think all those vacationing in Puerto Rico, should go without pay as well as they fail to negotiate at all.

      1. Ann Avatar

        Incorrect. This wasn’t a scheduled vacation trip to Puerto Rico; it was a convention and a summit hosted by the Latino Victory Fund and brought about by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that had been planned many months before this unnecessary Trump shutdown. The convention’s purpose was to showcase the island’s needs as it slowly recovers from 2017’s Hurricane Maria.

        Was a lawmaker filmed on the beach during this event/convention? Sure. But the purpose of going to PR was to attend this convention that brought awareness to the situation in PR, and it had been scheduled long before this unnecessary shutdown that happened before Dems had control of the House and brought on by McConnell.

  11. Peggy9cats Avatar

    I don’t believe trump accepts a salary. I don’t see why the dems can’t work with trump though, some border wall is important, even to strengthen what is there. Yes, there are other important modalities that can enhance security too..there is no valid reason why both parties cannot work together and put politics aside, for the good of the people they have pledged to represent! Trump has been at WH the complete holiday, where were the dems? ( vacation it seems). Dems know Trump will take blame the longer this draws on, so they refuse to budge, total political scam, the hell with the American people!

    1. Ann Avatar

      Peggy9cats — Trump’s lying when he says he works without a presidential salary because the U.S. Constitution won’t allow him to do that. Article II, Section 1 says that the president will receive “compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during that period for which he shall have been elected.” And just like past presidents, he donates a portion of his salary to charitable events.

      Dems and Repubs have been at the WH prior, during and after the holidays to negotiate but Trump just wants it his way or no way. Dems and Repubs already had a deal that they agreed on, it’s the president who’s the thorn in their side. And I’m glad Trump’s stuck at the WH because it’s saving the tax dollars he would be wasting on his excessive golfing and back and forth trips to Mar-a-Lago

      1. Fredda Avatar

        Ann you are right that Trump refuses to agree to any compromise. Their hasvactuslly been st least, I think, 3 bipartisan approved bills. But McConnel refuses to put them before the Senate for a vote because he knows it/they will pass. He doesn’t belong there. He doesn’t work for the people!! And to all the people saying that the democrats don’t work with trump, that is simply not true. He refuses to accept anything but his 5.7 billion(the amount keeps getting higher)when he has been told and shown that other things would be more effective for border security and more cost effective. Do what is the real reason for this stubborn refusal of Trumps to not compromise? I have my ideas, but won’t say right now. I just hope and pray for the people who are really suffering because of all this ridiculousness. We desperately need compassion and unity.
        Peace and love to everyone. 🙏🏼

      2. Anne Avatar

        Whats your point Ann? He still donates his salary.

    2. tracypaints44 Avatar

      Democrats are working hard to reopen the government. They’ve already passed legislation to open the government that has support in the Senate, and could be passed there but McConnell won’t let it come to a vote. He says it’s because Trump would veto, though it’s likely they have the votes to override the veto, so that’s clearly not his agenda. McConnell is as complicit as Trump in keeping the government shut down, not the Democrats

  12.  Avatar

    It would be really appreciated if people would keep their politics and their opinions on Facebook and not bring it here. This isn’t the appropriate place to for such comments.

    1. Anne Avatar

      I agree!

    2. Fredda Avatar

      Anonymous,I agree. And I am guilty of commenting on politics some. Unfortunately that is the climate we are living in today. But we should concentrate more on sending light and prayers to help avert the tragedies that Eric predicts, instead of the all consuming political problems we are living through.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I totally agree!

  13. Yvette Avatar

    perhaps two Republican senators will switch parties.

    1. chime18 Avatar

      It may well be a long shutdown. Trump has virtually said that the shutdown will carry on until he gets his wall. Pride will stop him from backing down and pride is now pacing the halls of the Capitol. The only way he will get the wall is for them to vote for it and the only way that will happen is for a few Dems to break ranks and vote with the Reps.

  14. LLG26 Avatar

    Broken bone could mean “fracture”. One of the meanings of fracture is to split or “divide an organization or society”. Perhaps the shutdown will cause the republican party to split as some republican senators get pressure from businesses–who fear the economic destabilization and possible downgrade of the US credit rating–and outcry from their constituents to end the shutdown.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I took it as a break in the system, perhaps the federal employees go on a full fledged strike, but you have a point and could be right.

      1. LLG26 Avatar

        I don’t know…I like your interpretation now that you’ve explained it more.

    2. Hope Avatar

      Republican party? Are you sure? There is an article printed today regarding the democrat freshman class….some of them want to break off from Nancy P and give Trump his wall…..hmmmm
      The Lion in the hallway of the Capitol could be Trump headed toward the State of The Union address, which Nancy is trying to pospone…..get the popcorn out! Its gonna be an interesting year!
      PS.. i saw this meme today about Congress….comparing it to 2 passesngers arguing over a bar tab on the Titanic……sounds about right!

      1. petemedium Avatar

        ““Why don’t we do something today?” suggested Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.). “Let’s just go over there.”
        Hours later, the group marched from an impromptu, outdoor news conference to McConnell’s Capitol office, with reporters and cameras in tow.”

        Eric, could this be what was meant by Spirit’s ““Are you concerned about the American people? Hey I am going over there.”

  15. Amy Avatar

    Sounds to me that ‘It’s Mueller Time!’ is fast approaching (February?). Wondering who these two key individuals could be.

    1. Anne Avatar

      Might surprise you and be the actual culprits, Prior to 2016.

      1. Amy Avatar

        I doubt it. Nothing surprises me anymore with this administration.

  16. Rmf Avatar

    Eric, I understand why you don’t like posting anything political. Many People on this thread are very divisive and some insulting, on both sides. I would hope that people here would be more companionate and bipartisan. Our leaders are very divided and there actions and speeches trickle down to the rest of us. Please let’s rise above their childish behavior. Let’s tolerate many different points of view. The more diverse we are the stronger we are!! God has put 7 billion of us on this planet. That’s 7 billion different ideas and opinions.

  17. texasbelle4732 Avatar

    IMHO, we have a Deep State in place manipulating BOTH sides. Trump isn’t part of that Deep State. I communicate with God on a regular basis and ask for guidance, protection for our country and the same for our President. We are in the current situation because GOD has NOT been a part of our daily routine for a LONG TIME. BTW, the lion has been a Trump symbol used by his supporters since he first announced his run for office.

  18. chime18 Avatar

    Eric I’ve noticed something about that ad that pops up. When it pops up and I login I stay logged in and have to logout. If I login when it’s not around then I am automatically logged out as soon as I have posted. It might not be relevant but that’s the way it seems to happen for me.

  19. Cody Avatar

    Dem Senators Bob Menendez & Jack Reed are now telling Trump they want immediate access to interpreters present at all his interactions with Putin, including at the Helsinki summit. Maybe it’s a reference to the interpreters testifying before Congress? I believe there were two in total from all of the meetings – where Trump confiscated the interpreters’ notes and told them not to tell anyone what they had interpreted between him and Putin, including his own staff.

  20. lossie2020 Avatar

    “He is arriving soon”. The loin is walking in halls of the Capitol. Sounds familiar that the lion is the peacemaker who is the Christ our Savior. He will arrive very soon. That’d be amazing awesome if it’s God and Christ arriving soon to take the matter into their hands.

  21. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, could the bones breaking be literal? Betsy Devi’s broke her bones in a recent bike accident.

  22. jules104 Avatar

    I think Mueller is definetly the Lion!

  23. tempestmm326 Avatar

    Something strange just happened i
    went to type something in the search box but typed incorrectly and somehow
    ended up on this post from 10-3-2017
    Terror attack northeast which
    also mentions 911 and bomb and building burning.
    Just thought i would mention it. Maybe it happened for a reason.
    🌷 mari

  24. tempestmm326 Avatar

    sorry. I accidently posted last comments to this prediction when
    i could swear i was in the 1-12-19
    reply box.
    Also a bit strange. My Last post actually appliies to 1-12-19. Bomb. 911
    Mari 🌷

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Mari that is strange.

  25. jules104 Avatar

    Eric this prediction reminded me of this older prediction from 03/19/2018…
    “Our Father is Coming”

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Thank you
      I mentioned perhaps it’s God or Christ is arriving soon. Lion is the Christ.

  26. Doris Starks Avatar
    Doris Starks

    I believe this is the ‘Lion of Judah’ as referred to in the Old and New Testaments. He is also known as Jesus Christ. He is the ‘Root of David’. We can only imagine how grieved He is over the holding of children and wage earners as hostages.

  27. Jen Avatar

    Mueller! Mueller is the lion who is coming soon. Crossing 2 more people off the list, I immediately thought the opposite of people leaving the admin – but 2 people at the top going down. Two foreign assets in the White House, treason, Trump and Kushner

  28. Jen Avatar

    I really feel it’s Nancy Pelosi, even though the lion is referred to as male “he” . It’s fantastic that she’s speaker.

  29. Lia Avatar

    I googled Lion Presidents and came across on Wikipedia a description of a book entitled, American Lion: President Andrew Jackson In The White House. From what I know, Trump views him as a hero – even has his portrait in the Oval Office I think. Here is the link.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the information, that interesting information about Jackson

  30. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    Trump just tried to murder Nancy Pelosi.

    1. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
      Nathan Fleischman

      Not personally. He was trying to get someone else to do it on his behalf by leaking itineraries.

      1. Trina Avatar

        Wow 🙀

  31. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::Are you concerned about the American people? Hey I am going over there.”

    Offers to break Korea deadlock
    Jimmy Carter..
    SAN FRANCISCO — Former President Jimmy Carter — who once brokered a nuclear agreement with Kim Jong Un’s grandfather in the 1990s — is offering to travel to North Korea to try and break President Donald Trump’s deadlock with the North Korean dictator.

    The offer was described to POLITICO by Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), who met with the former president in Atlanta on Thursday.

  32. Cody Avatar

    “‘I guess I’m the Meryl Streep of generals’: Mattis jokes about Trump calling him overrated”

    1. Cody Avatar

      “Still, Mattis’ levity didn’t completely drown out his silence in retirement. Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) quote-tweeted a video of Mattis at the dinner and urged him to speak up.”

      “‘You are not a TV personality,’ Schatz wrote. ‘Tell us what you think. Tell us what you know. The Republic depends on people like you speaking clearly, quickly, forcefully. All hands on deck.’”

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