Trumps National Address

Every part of this prediction has happened except one, from the swing to the government freezing. Trump addressed the nation on the 8th not the 7th.

Predictions 3-25-17 Q 34  7..the government freezes..  he is going to address the nation.. Trump is no more.. the leaves fall.. there is going to be a great swing in government..

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  1. When you say, “Trump is no more…the leaves fall,” are you saying Trump will be out of office by Autumn?

    1. In previous predictions leaves falling represent a slow gradual end. Sounds like Mueller is around the corner, I am starting to believe 12 might be a date not a month.

  2. Some kid at my school just said he was gonna “shoot up the school”. Eric, did your prediction have a location by any chance, like in south carolina at a high school 🙁

      1. Ok, i hope it not, the school i go to a school where someone shooting up the school has sadly become a joke:(

    1. Best to alert the authorities Brandon. It will be too late after something happens. (Not that I’m saying it will or anything but better safe than very, very sorry). Also time for them to stop saying it as a joke. It’s a serious matter and if it becomes a joke then a threat may one day be ignored when it’s real.

  3. One thing I find very disturbing about Trump’s refusal to discuss anything else except the border wall, is that he’s ignoring security experts. Many have outright said a wall is ineffective.

    Members of Congress in both parties have been talking about other ways to keep the borders secure, but Trump’s so hooked on the idea of that wall, he’s ignoring other suggestions that might actually help border security.

    He needs to stop pushing for the wall, and work with Congress to come up with alternative plans for border security. I’m not letting the Democrats off for the shutdown either, but they’ve made more of an effort to reach some kind of deal to at least get things open again–Trump is flatly refusing everything that doesn’t fit with all his demands.
    And he recently slammed a table and stormed out of another meeting.

    It distresses me that more Trump supporters don’t acknowledge he has serious issues.

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful of Trump-supporters at all….I just wish they would look at Trump’s behavior more, because they would be speaking out if it had been Obama slamming tables, Obama sending out bizarre tweets about believing Putin, or Obama pulling us out of Syria when many experts still warn ISIS is not completely defeated and could stage a comeback if we leave too soon.

    Republicans need to realize that they can still support their party without supporting Trump. Trump is not a good Republican, the party’s values and opinions go back from way before him….each party is bigger than one man.

    Two of my grandparents were Republicans, and I love them both very much. They wouldn’t have supported anyone–Republican or Democrat–who acts like this. They’d be very disappointed that many in their party are standing behind Donald Trump.

    But all this doesn’t mean I think Democrats are perfect either…they’re not. The Democratic party also needs to rethink who they support and how they’ll help get things done.
    Really, I think both parties are having an identity crisis right now, that corrupt parts of each party are being made obvious and, people are realizing they need to be fixed. Both parties need to learn to be civil and compromise.

    1. Even if you were to accept everything Trump says about the “crisis,” it’d be like if your house was on fire and your solution was to begin to build a fire station. What does a wall that would take a decade at least to build have to do with what’s happening at this very moment? And Trump didn’t consider wall funding to be a “national emergency” that needed urgent funding during those two years when he and the GOP had control of the House and Senate; it only became an overnight national emergency when Dems took control of the House in January and Trump realized he might not get his wall from Dems.

      If it was an urgent national emergency – which it’s not – there wouldn’t be a shutdown that’s heading into Day 20(Saturday will make it the longest in US history) anfd Trump wouldn’t be telling us that the shutdown will go on for months or even years until he gets his wall funding. It also should be noted that McConnell won’t allow a vote in the Senate because he knows enough Repubs would vote with Dems to pass it and that Trump would veto it and further hurt him and Repubs.

      1. First you have to stop believing everything you hear in the media. Trunp slamming the table is highly unlikely. He prefers to meet in public, but Pellosi and her side kick Schumer refuse, and then tell Tall Tales after a meeting. Truth be known, Pelosi is the Hot Head. Yes, im a Trump suppirter, and if you set aside Trumps rough edges, he has brought alot of good to this country. People need to look back at ALL the past Presidents/ Vice Presidents, Senators, etc. in the past 20 years and take a look at their oppinion on “The Wall” and border security. Nothing has changed, except the Trump haters. Hes not asking for anymore then past Presidents. No one has come up with a better definitive solution yet. If they had a better solution, then why havent they implemented it in the past 20 years. Because its all talk no action. Now we have a President who is willing to take a stand for this country and follow thru on what others in the past promised but failed to do to control illegal immigrstion and everyone wants to throw their 2 cents in now. They wouldnt be dealing with the issues of illegals being detained, if they werent allowed here to begin with. Go thru the proper chsnneks the same way others have for DECADES. What makes the people swarming thru our boarders better then the people who wait … how would you like to have been waiting 5 plus years to process your citizenship and then have hundreds of other people fast tracked ahead of you, given public assistance, housing, meducal etc while you work to maje your way here.

      2. Anne,
        Respectfully, I disagree that Trump has brought good to the country. Yes, illegal immigration is a serious problem, and there should be a way to help the illegals access the legal ways of entering the country. Experts have outright said a border wall won’t help.
        Trump has ignored advisors on this, and he has ignored advisors who warned him that pulling out of Syria will embolden ISIS remnants. He has ignored the advice of people who know about these issues, to do what he wants.

  4. Eric I had a realization while exercising today. A few years ago you posted a unique statement you had received from spirit that a great light was coming from far away and that it would be a gift to humanity. With the more recent messages from spirit saying our father is coming to spread light/ miracles do you think those are one in the same?

  5. Eric, the prediction, the government freezes, could that refer to this shutdown? Even though the Democrats only control one leg of the government, the are in effect freezing the government now by not supporting trump. Trump is also aiding to the freeze by not negotiating regarding the wall. Could now be the beginning of the swing?

    1. I took the old prediction as a list of unfolding events, Democrats swing back to power, government freezes (shutdown), Trump makes address, all of which has happened.

  6. And one more thing i would like to point out. . The division in this country has risen to a level i have never seen.. if you think this occurred in November 2016, when Trump won, you are sorely wrong. Obama spent his 8 years dividing this country. This uproar is from the hatred created by Obama and his Administration and Followers. If you all are Not concerned about protecting our borders and want ti turn a blind eye to the reality of this HUGE problem, then let them move in with you. Be a good neighbor. Everyone has an excuse for why they don’t like Trump. I had just as many reasons why i didnt csre for Obama, or the Clintons etc but you didnt see the Republicsns acting like the sky is falling. Republucs need to stop being passive, and trampled by the Left. It has been going on far too long.. Reb try to be polite, politically correct, accomodating, and the Dems are turning our country upside down.

    1. You’re right that the division in this country didn’t start with Trump–both parties have demonized each other to the point where name-calling is acceptable.

      As for the border issues, more does needs to be done to secure it and verify who comes though….but there are better ways to do that than a border wall. Democrats and Republicans both agree more needs to be done, it isn’t as if Democrats want all-open-borders.

      Trump makes it sound like it’s either build the wall or let everyone in unchecked, but there are other options, other ways to increase security without the wall; more funding for border guards, more patrols, ways to check the ID’s of immigrants and make sure they are who they say they are, better equipment, etc.
      But Trump is dismissing any idea that doesn’t have his wall, and refusing to even discuss these other ideas is putting America at risk.

      You’re right that Democrats are really scared of Trump, but there are serious problems he is causing which are the reasons why. For one thing, his tendency to ignore all his advisors and do what he wants isn’t the attitude of a leader of a democracy, it’s a bullying, dictatorial approach. It is putting us and our allies at risk in Syria, if we pull out too soon and ISIS makes a resurgence. If ISIS has a comeback, it won’t just affect the Middle East–a stronger ISIS would arrange more attacks abroad.

      Trump has repeatedly made derogatory comments about different races, and about women.
      He’s even put down his own supporters, during the campaign he said he was so well-liked that he could kill someone and his supporters would still vote for him. That’s not sane behavior, it’s twisted. If Obama or Clinton made that remark, it would frighten you, wouldn’t it? It’s just as scary coming from Trump.

      He has thrown out climate-change accords. Whether someone believes in climate change or not, it makes common sense to at least treat it as a real threat, and the measures were beneficial to the environment anyway. Pulling us out of these accords is bad for the health of not just nature, but anyone who breathes in toxic air or faces rising sea levels in their towns.

      Trump’s foreign policy isn’t helping either. He’s said he trusts Putin–a dictator–more than American agencies. He’s been chummy with Kim Jong Un, despite violations of missile and nuclear agreements.

      When he was first elected, I was upset, but to be honest, I, too thought people were being a little hysterical. But the longer his presidency has gone on, the more I’ve seen he doesn’t understand basic things, he’s trusting enemies while slighting allies, he’s acted like a dictator, he’s using the shutdown to force his wall through–even though he could open the government and negotiate for the wall separately.

      Granted, I don’t think we should panic. But any president of any party, who ignores his advisors and puts Americans at risk is scary. He lies so much in his speeches news stations have to fact-check him to help viewers see that he’s using misinformation. One of his arguments for the border wall was it’ll seriously hamper drug-selling….but most drugs come through legal points-of-entry, and a wall would do nothing to stop those.

      People are afraid of Trump for good reasons. Many of the things he’s said and done are dictatorial, dismissive, and based on his gut, not the facts.

      Anne, I’m not saying all this to argue. I just wanted to explain why many of us are so afraid of Trump. I genuinely worry about his mental state, because he seems to believe that what he thinks is more true than reality.
      And I wanted to explain that things aren’t as clear-cut as Trump makes them sound. As I pointed out, it isn’t either support the wall, or support un-vetted migration. There are other border-security methods that both parties would support. Likewise, there are more middle-ground things people in both parties have suggested for other issues.

      Unfortunately, due to the rhetoric on all sides, people assume the worst. Many Republicans view Democrats as socialists who don’t care about national security, and many Democrats view Republicans as racist bigots who don’t care about gun violence. But these are extremists in each party.

      Most Democrats and Republicans are ordinary, decent people whose views aren’t as extreme as the leaders. We only hear about the extremists all the time, but most Republicans and Democrats have more in common with each other than with the extremist politicians in the same party.
      Sorry for the long post, everyone, I’ll try to hold off on doing it again.

      1. I wish there was a “like” button for comments made. Thank you, Sara, for your commentary.

      2. Thank you Sara, you have stated the problem very well. The existing political system needs a lot of updating to deal with today’s challenges. Our elected representatives must work together, negotiating with respect and civility to fix what is broken. We are all in this together.

      3. Hi, Eric. There are no options for liking comments on your blog. In order to have likes for comments, you need to go in and enable that option for people to use.

      4. Eric, a button to “like” or “agree” with a post would be excellent. We all welcome and respect other viewpoints. But when we feel a comment is too negative, we could indicate so without being confrontational. Thank you for what you do.

        1. I am actually looking into it now, I believe I would have to get an entirely different format to make it possible, however I have asked WordPress to see if there is a way around that because under my administration tools I can like a comment so why can’t you?

    2. Thank you. All I see is hatred for Trump on most all these political predictions. I also support Trump and agree with you. Watching everyone say Trump is reason for this division infuriates me. Democrats now admit to paying protesters who have been violent. Anyone who supports Trump isnt safe to wear anything in support of him and Democrats calling for people to push back at Republicans and kicking them out of restaurants and more. Repeare doing none of that. When I read Democrats taking over my heart dropped. Democrats want illegals for votes and cheap labor. Thank you for speaking up.

      1. I understand and agree, but I report what Spirit says and these predictions are happening. Our goal is not to bash the current president but to practice making political predictions so that in a decade when the time is right I can warn the world of the next Hitler, a future leader that will be beloved as a savior. We need that practice, that slow move towards accuracy, we have plenty of mistakes, political predictions are more difficult because it is a matter of opinion, facts become grey, but if we can master accuracy we might just convince people not to follow this future monster.

  7. eric it is a shame, that people have to express their opinions, with so much hate. I, for one, will be very happy, when this bad part of American government and its people, will finally be over. it will take, 10 years after, before all the truth, finally comes out, for the average American. regardless, PLEASE, keep posting, what the spirts have to say, regardless, on how anyone takes the truth, or their opinions, regarding your posts. we all need to respect everyones opinions, and the people behind them. this is one, bad part of the computer age, sometimes, I wish we did not have the computer, as it can be used for good and evil. thank you for all you do, and continue to let spirits speak the truth regardless……..

    1. Amen, Alan. I’ve been following Eric’s blog since early 2012. Spirit has the vantage point of seeing and knowing things that we can’t always see. I’m thankful to Them for sharing their knowledge with Eric and with Eric in turn, sharing it with us, no matter what it may be. I have great respect and gratitude for that. So, thank you Eric and Spirit for all you do to help Mankind. You’re much appreciated.

  8. Anne, I agree with you and there are many that do. Trump is far from perfect as we all know, but I believe he is trying to protect the people of this country- Most of the democrats are the party of resistance, collusion (ie Hilary and Russia) and division. We NEED strong boarders, not at all right for people we do not know their intentions, are just pouring in illegally! Most sane people would agree, but the Trump haters such as the msm etc, will never agree. We send millions if not more to these countries, its about time they use it to help their own people. I am not heartless, but how can we take in the whole world, our systems will collapse…what about our homeless, our veterans, our citizens? We are and have always been a very generous nation, but enough is enough!

  9. Also, Obama, Clinton, Schumer and other prominent democrats, have advocated for strong border security, including physical barriers…they are recorded as saying so, why is it different now?!

  10. Regarding the number 7 and the mention of it in past predictions regarding Trump. Cohen will testify publicly before congress on Feb 7.

  11. Even though I do support Trump at this time, I really do wish everyone, regardless of politics, happiness and peace. I hope we can all come together and that our country will be less divided. We are one nation under God, may He protect us all.

  12. The National Academy of Sciences examined numerous academic studies on crime rates by immigrants and concluded they are less likely than the native-born population to commit crimes. It also concluded that neighborhoods with greater concentrations of immigrants have lower rates of crime and violence than comparable nonimmigrant neighborhoods. Overall, crime rates fell in the U.S. as the size of the unauthorized immigrant population rose in the past two decades.

    Trump, to Border Patrol in TX: “Never so many apprehensions, ever, in our history.”
    FACT: Border apprehensions are at their lowest level since the early 1970s.

    FACT: Apprehensions of people trying to cross the southern border peaked most recently at 1.6 million in 2000 and have been in decline since, partly because of technology upgrades, tougher penalties post-9/11, a decline in migration rates from Mexico and a sharp rise in the number of Border Patrol officers.

    FACT: There are far more cases of travelers overstaying their visas than southwest border apprehensions.

    FACT: DHS data shows that most individuals on the terrorist watch list — a different statistic than encounters with known or suspected terrorists — attempt to enter by air.

    FACT: While 90% of the heroin sold in the United States comes from Mexico, virtually all of it comes through legal points of entry though.

    Trump argued for the wall by claiming that sectors with barriers have seen a big reduction in border apprehensions.
    FACT: numbers are down everywhere along the border — in sectors with barriers or fencing, and in sectors without them. From 2000 to 2017, southwest border apprehensions declined 81.5 percent overall.

    Trump, visiting the border, said he never said Mexico is going to send the U.S. money for the wall.
    FACT: Trump also claimed 212 times that Mexico would pay for the wall during his campaign.

    Trump claimed that all of the 8 failed wall prototypes (including steel slats) – that he’s wanting us to pay for – was designed by a previous administration.
    FACT: Trump approved those very failed prototypes; it was deployed in 2017 and he visited them multiple times in 2017 and 2018. You never heard about the results though because the prototypes failed.

    1. Thank you, Cody, for taking the time to present all those FACTS. I appreciate that.
      A hundred thumbs up!

    2. Thanks Cody,
      Facts are facts, opinions are not facts. Spirit speaks factually. Thanks Eric! Peace!

  13. Sad just over the “walls”. My relatives and friends in oklahoma are affected by trump’s selfish decision. Hopefully they will not lose their homes.

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