Truth 19: The Foundation P2

The ‘Foundation’ is one of a handful of reasons why we exist.

I have heard that familiar line that we will always have the darkness with the light. There will always be good and evil in and endless struggle. I want to tell you now what a farce that is. I cannot emphasize enough the grand noble creatures we will become. It’s only in the next 150 years that we achieve world peace. We will learn to control the weather. Humanity will learn how to contain and manipulate its cell structure eliminating old age and an array of diseases that come with that. We will consume knowledge in the future, imagine that, if you need to know math or science, from equations to calculus, we consume it like food, and in a matter of days the knowledge simply becomes apart of ourselves. But the one message that sums up how far we go was a visual, a few thousand years in the future. In the visual I was staring at a strange unfamiliar planet. A massive iradescent structure shaped like an umbrella, cupped the planet like a glove to a ball. At the center of the structure was an epic size base of operations. I asked Spirit what this structure was and they responded by saying it was a communication device that allowed people to communicate with others who were in another galaxy. Let that sink in, in only a few thousand years we move beyond our own galaxy and are now trekking in another. So imagine how grand it becomes in one hundred thousand years, a million years? War, racism, oppression, inequality are tomorrow’s ash in a fire that burns today. All of this, both present and future is ours to own. We built this future society. We are the ones that wallow in the racism and inequality of today only to replace it with peace and unity tomorrow and we alone are responsible for everything that is and will be. We haven’t realized it yet, but we will. We will come to understand that when we work as one humanity, when we unite under one cause we can wipe away racism, starvation, and war. We will build that together. This will be your creation through the countless lives you have. We live each life moving closer to what we were meant to be, noble creatures. Each time evolving as a society and as individuals. Each life is shared with the loved ones we had in previous lives, and the foundation of love grows stronger and stronger with each passing moment. In death we return home to the everlasting heaven. We rest, breaking away from the struggles of life. We share our time with what gave birth to us, our creator. Then when we have rested enough we come back for another life, a new family, a new first kiss, the opportunity to fall in love again but we share these new experiences with those we have loved in countless previous lives. Each time with a new scene, perhaps a different role, a different culture, tasting the endless variables of existence, while allowing the foundation of love between us to grow stronger and stronger. Some have asked why not just live in heaven all the time. My response is you would never evolve, you would never grow, you would never have the opportunity to build the humanity of tomorrow but most importantly you would never build an unbreakable bond with those you love now. A bond built over countless centuries of lifetimes. Heaven is perfection. There is no want, no struggles, no need. All is provided and all is in a perfect state. So understand that our lives allow us to create something special that is completely ours. We own what have built. We created this legacy that will be shared with others. We are evolving as souls, slowly bettering our craft, our wisdom and strength in love. I can see the appeal of simply existing in heaven, not ever having to suffer or have sorrow. But I say why not have both heaven and our inevitable evolution.

So love one another, treat each other better than we would expect to be treated. Show endless compassion. Forgive and be kind. Help one another with righteous hands. Because that leads us down that path of a very new humanity. A humanity that has finally grown up. It’s love that goes to the heart of why we exist. It is our foundation.

Share our knowledge with others. Change comes through awareness.

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  1. Raymond Avatar

    Wow, so in 150 years we swallow pills to gain knowledge, no more illness and we can communicate with other galaxies.

    Who would we communicate with? Would it be governments speaking to other worlds? Or would it be available to average citizens speaking to ‘people’ on other worlds, learning about their culture like a pen pal? Imagine the roaming charges on your cell phone plan…

    I wonder if you will be able to swallow several pills to be specialists on several areas such as Engineering, History, Philosophy or Literature or if you are restricted to one or two ?

    It seems like it is a lifestyle beyond comprehension, but I guess our world would be just a foreign to someone from 1869.

    Thanks for your blog.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      To clarify only world peace comes in 150 years, the other predictions range in timing, control of the weather for instance was predicted for the 26th century. The communication device is like a portal of communication. So yes anyone could use it. Try and imagine looking through a door, you can’t pass trough it but on the other side is a place that is a galaxy away. So individuals can communicate and have a conversation right where the portal is.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s not really a pill, to be honest they don’t have pills anymore in that future. It was a very strange substance, the consumption of this knowledge has its limits. It could only be used of fact base subjects, anything with an opinion added to it would have to be learned the old fashion way. So math for instance would work but social studies would not. What is clear is everyone in the future is far more intelligent than we are now.

      1. amir Avatar

        hi eric i am very greatfull of your knowlege but the most important question that bothered me the whole time is why god created us for himself? u said we are here to learn and be but why? god is not needy of anything god is the absolute power and energy and hundred percent don not needed us to be created and already knows the man he created going to be a evil spirit or a good one so why he created a subjet for us to find an answer

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          He didn’t. The creator is not a being of any need. The creator, created power he is not beholden to it, he created energy, he created life, the creator is not searching for an answer, he is the answer.

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I think Amir its important not to equate this being to us in any way. The creator is beyond us. To assume we are like him is unfortunately hubris. This universe is not about us.

        3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          We are imperfect creatures, designed that way. We were designed to be able to grow and develop. To become “pollinators”. Caretakers of the universe. Which won’t happen for a very, very long time, but we have a role to fulfill, a role the universe has designed for us. We are apart of a massive system of life but make no mistake our creator is a being well beyond us. He created all of that, there is no way we compare to all those stars and galaxies.

  2. Patti Avatar

    What a lovely future to imagine. Thank you very much Eric. It is the first thing I read this morning. I hope a perfect Sunday follows.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, that brightens my day to think my work has such a connection for you.

  3. Donna Avatar

    Wow Eric, another mind blowing post..I wonder why we dont remember our past lives then? How can we build on lives we do not remember? Why dont we just remember them? I do remember parts of some life, and had abilities as a kid, like I already knew how to read as a very very little child, and I mean high school level or better. Was this left over ability? So are some of our talents or skills come over in some people in this life? And then some do not remember? Like musical prodigies for an example? Thank you for this amazing post Eric

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s actually the topic for upcoming Truths, why don’t we remember? Yes our talents carry over, one thing I learned very quickly about my past lives is that I have been connected to Spirit for a very long time, there are so many lives I have had doing work like this in one way or another. To give an example of what would be carried over is when I was the “Tennessee Prophet” I pushed spirits message on other people, I truly believed everyone should know, and that lead to the community putting me in a mental hospital. In this lifetime I have unconsciously presented my work in such a way that I would not push their message on anyone. I have set it up to where if people are interested they can come to the site or set up a reading. But if they aren’t interested that’s fine too.

      1. Donna Avatar

        Yes, I think I have had many also, nobody fantastic and in my last one I was a male and not nice! But, I do remembet at about 1 or maybe under looking down at my arm, and asking myself in my mind, what am I doing in this baby’s body? Then looking in the mirror and I had one of those big talc puffs that squirt out talc in my hand which when i looked in the mirror, i remember talc powder flying all over because i squeezed it hard because I was so shocked about WHAT i saw in the mirror! ITS like i did remember for that instant. So no king of england reincarnation, just some plain old guy lol. I understand I have learned in this life to be nice and love your family, but I too am way over protective of kids etc, but learning to let go as its my issue pf getting unreasonably fearful. Strange how all this works, but what you are saying makes total sense to me! Thanks for the work you do! I appreciate you!

    2. Raymond Avatar

      That is a good point. Angels say we are not permitted to remember our past lives so we can learn lessons independently. But, if we could remember our past lives and be aware of our life’s path, then we would make fewer mistakes and reach a higher vibration. It makes sense to me.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Through meditation and my connection I do remember a range of my own past lives. I will say the more I remember the more tolerant and compassionate I become. Remembering them takes you out of the bubble of who you are now.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Also our relationships carry over. A couple I know had a past life together, as a young couple they died during the 1800s Japan tsunami. Because of that they are extremely protective to a fault. Any action that might lead to danger makes them over react in a panic.

  4. Alicia Avatar

    This calms and comforts me and gives me hope. Thank you

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  5. allen Avatar

    thank you eric for this post! but, everyone needs to remember, that GOD, gives everyone, freedom of choice and action, so, what we do today, does effect our tomorrows and future lives. there, has been so many other societies, from earth’s past, that where so much more advanced, than we are now, BUT the bad choices and decisions, that they mayde then, killed off ,and set back, society and its people, many many hundreds of years. nothing, is ever set in stone, the fabric of earth time, and the decisions, society makes now and in the future, can and will, effect, what you see so far in the future…..the act of GOD, giving all humans, free will ,and what humans, do with this, will determine all future events. if I may, I also want to add, that the massive amount of weather changes, now and in the future, will change the whole earth and its people, this has happened in the past, and is starting to happen now, this is a very big deal, on how society and its people, build up, once again, thank you , and everyone else, for this website, and how much, we all can learn from each other, for the common good

  6. Jill Avatar

    Eric, do you see other species, like elephants and apes, still existing in this future world and not in zoos but in their natural habitat? Or have humans killed everything off by then, which is my ultimate fear. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I can’t speak to the specific animal like the elephant, but yes there are plenty of animals around

  7. Ann Avatar

    You hear about these cases of reincarnation where as soon as the child is old enough to talk he or she begins speaking of who and what they did in a past life and where they lived, as if they’re body is possessed – not necessarily in a bad way, though some are traumatic – however as they grow up they speak less and less about it and They eventually become their individual independent selves as if they are no longer being controlled by that past life or as if that past life soul has left that body. What is your explanation for that? Does the past life soul just have more control over the current soul that is just born and up until they reach about puberty?

    1. petemedium Avatar

      I won’t answer your query, and will leave that for Eric. But you have triggered a memory. Back in the mid eighties, in deep meditation and while I was querying a matter, Spirit informed me that the reason we were seeing a more ‘aggressive’ or ‘masculine’ female attitude was because many of the men who died during both the first and second world wars, had reincarnated before the end of the Pisces age, so as to experience that age ahead of the now commenced Aquarian age. Being as it was such a quick reincarnation, many of them still had the ‘male’ attitude, which gradually receded as the grew older.

  8. Vicks Avatar

    Wow Eric,
    Such beautiful wonderful words, filled my heart with unimaginable happiness and joy and gave me a renewed sense of sharing this humanity with everyone with compassion and love and forgiveness.
    I look forward to the future, as your words showered my soul with renewed hope.
    I thank God for your gift!
    Happy New Year to you and your wonderful Mom Bea.
    I pray that this year you will be showered in good health and great happiness and prosperity!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you that is very nice.

  9. jules104 Avatar

    Eric thank you for another great Truth!🙏🏻❤️
    I’m curious if you know whether or not in other galaxies and on other planets are there beings that are growing and reincarnating like those of us here on planet Earth? Or are some of us reincarnating to other galaxies and planets and vice versa? Do we move around or just reincarnate here on Earth or in our own galaxy? Is it only we humans who need to be refined? I hope that made sense. Thank You

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t know, however in the spiritual place there are clearly beings, far more advanced then we are, very old beings that make us look like babies.

      1. Raymond Avatar

        That is a good question. How come we always hear stories of people reincarnating, that lived previous lives as a soldier in WW2, a sailor in the 1800’s etc….but never hear anyone saying that they lived a previous life as a gray alien on Zeta Reticuli ?

  10. Jimmy Avatar

    Thank you for this Truth Eric. It was indeed a beautiful thing to read. I was wondering if you had a time-frame for healing of people? I have known many to suffer physically in this lifetime, and I am not exempt from this – as I understand it, you and your Mom have experienced the same…

    I pray nightly for us all to have healing, as I cannot imagine a more amazing thing, than for everyone to suddenly wake up one day, free from their pain. The gratitude and joy would be so immense, it would touch each and every soul here on Earth.

  11. Cassandra Apollo Avatar
    Cassandra Apollo

    Thank you Eric!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  12. JS Avatar

    Eric, that was a beautiful post. I heard it as 2 different things. The later words did sound as I expect Heaven would be described, but maybe I misunderstood, but to think of this world as being devoid of struggle confuses me, because without struggle, there is no change. No improvement. Jesus told us that the poor will always be among us. How could that be if this world were like Heaven? I love the idea of world peace, and everyone getting along, but for that to happen would remove the pressure that can turn us to diamonds. I have been told that I am here for the 47th time. So still working on getting it right! My tiny unevolved brain cannot comprehend a world where all the evil that currently exists is no longer there, but it does sound wonderful. Thank you for the post.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The struggles are just different. Colonization, exploration, having excessive power but should we? Its evil that’s on its way out right now. Then there is also the new relationship, the new understanding of what is out there in space.

  13. Varakai Avatar

    Will humanity regress again at some point?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I did not pick that up. However in the distant future there is a lot of colonization, its possible that they might regress, but thats not the whole of humanity. There is a period in the near future where there is a global famine that puts a hold on growth.

  14. KB Avatar

    Gratitude to you, Eric.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  15. Anon Avatar

    You should update your truth section till this part. You have only done it till 14

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